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This section covers Harley-Davidson motorcycle seats to help make it easier to browse our inventory. It is important to have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle seat so that there are fixed places where the rider and/or the passenger can be securely seated while the vehicle is in motion. Purchasing the most comfortable Harley-Davidson seat will help alleviate pressure on your bottom and keep you from constantly shifting when traveling over long distances.

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Most Comfortable Harley Seats By Model

At Viking Bags, you can acquire the ultimate Harley-Davidson seat designed for models such as Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Street, and Touring.

  • Harley-Davidson Sportster Seats: Because of the lower and lightweight design of Sportsters, the Harley seats for this model tend to have both a low seat height and low center of gravity to better handle clearing tight corners in urban areas.
  • Harley-Davidson Dyna Seats: Taking into consideration that Dyna models are highly customizable with their features, these Harley seats can also be adjusted in their size, style, and functionality to suit the needs of different riders.
  • Harley-Davidson Softail Seats: For Softails, these Harley seats provide extra relief thanks to being fitted above the rear and horizontal suspension systems that help improve performance and comfort while riding.
  • Harley-Davidson Street Seats: If you own a Street model, these Harley seats are elevated to a higher height to make sure there is clearance for the footrests and fairings when making tight turns in urban areas.
  • Harley-Davidson Touring Seats: Since Touring models are capable of handling cross-country trips and can run for several hours without stopping, these Harley seats are designed with padding thick yet soft enough to prevent sore bottoms.

Design of Harley Motorcycle Seats

  • Structure: Harley-Davidson seats have three components: the baseplate, seat foam, and seat cover. The baseplate is the foundation supporting the other parts plus the weight of the rider. The seat foam is the pad that cushions the rider’s bottom, being both soft yet durable. The cover encompasses the top of your Harley-Davidson seat, protecting it from debris and moisture.
  • Material: Most Harley-Davidson seats are made out of steel or fiberglass to serve as the foundation. The seat foam is composed of padded foam that contours around the rider’s bottom yet can handle the extra weight. The cover can be made either out of vinyl or leather depending on whether you favor comfort or toughness.
  • Stitch: The plain black thread is the basic version you get and serves as the standard for Harley-Davidson seats. But it is also possible to incorporate either a horizontal, vertical, or diamond stitch to give your motorcycle seat a stylish look.
  • Finish: To help protect the metallic elements of your Harley-Davidson seat from rust or damage, it will have a finish in either chrome, gloss, or matte.

Features of Harley-Davidson Seats for Motorcycles

  • Durability: Your Harley-Davidson seat is made from durable yet lightweight materials so that it can withstand heavy punishment over time yet can easily be mounted or removed within a few minutes.
  • Comfort: The padding in Harley-Davidson seat foam must fit your body’s measurements to ensure maximum comfort. Because riders differ in size, aspects of the Harley seat can be adjusted including shape, cushioning, and surface area.
  • Style: While you sit on your Harley-Davidson seat most of the time, you have the opportunity to show it off when it is parked. You can show off your sense of style by customizing the Harley seat’s stitch, design, and material.
  • Fitment: Depending on the Harley seat, it will either be a universal fit or a custom fit. Universal fit can be mounted onto almost any motorcycle thanks to its measurements fitting nearly every vehicle type and model. Custom fit has better customization, but can only be attached to a niche selection of vehicle types and models.

Types of Harley Motorcycle Seats

As you consider the type of Harley seat most compatible with the model you own, you should be able to choose from the following options: solo, 2-up, passenger, stock, and aftermarket.

  • Solo Seat for Harley-Davidson: Harley solo seats can only fit a single person. They are best for motorcyclists who prefer riding alone, but lack the space to seat another person.
  • 2-Up Seat for Harley-Davidson: Harley 2-up seats are longer and have the space to support two people. However, the design starts to thin out the farther back it goes. It is safe to carry another person due to having a built-in passenger seat.
  • Passenger Seat with Backrest for Harley-Davidson: Harley passenger seats are similar in design to solo Harley seats except that they come with a padded backrest to help keep the spine straight and provide back support for the passenger.
  • Stock Seat for Harley-Davidson: Harley stock seats are the default or standard versions included with a newly purchased motorcycle. It can be easily mounted or removed from your motorcycle since it fits the measurements of OEM parts.
  • Best Aftermarket Seats for Harley-Davidson: Harley aftermarket seats are the versions that can be modified to suit your preferences in terms of style, comfort, and design. It must still fit properly like a factory-made Harley seat.
  • Viking Bags is dedicated to providing the best Harley-Davidson seats as well as other motorcycle-related products to help satisfy our customers. This is why to ensure that your experience is flawless, we offer a return policy to keep everything fair.
  • If you find there is something wrong with your Harley seat, return it within 30 days to be given a full refund or get a different one in exchange. Please have fun looking for a Harley seat and remember to ride safely!
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