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2024 Indian Roadmaster Technical Specs, First Look, and Upgrades

2024 Indian Roadmaster Technical Specs, First Look, and Upgrades

Indian Motorcycle is a popular all-American motorcycle brand, having decades of experience in manufacturing artfully designed American cruisers, baggers, and luxury tourers. Indian Motorcycle first added the exclusive Elite model to its Roadmaster lineup in 2018. Last year, Indian opted out of the release of the 2023 Roadmaster Elite model, and it was speculated that the model year 2024 will also not see its launch. 

However, the Indian Motorcycle has brought back the Roadmaster Elite with unique badging, a tweaked engine for greater torque production, and a premium tri-tone paint scheme. The special finish of this top-of-the-line bike distinguishes it from the other Elite models. This year, the steep price tag of $41,999 has also attracted attention, starting a new debate about whether this dressed-to-the-summit, exclusive motorcycle is worth the hype and price tag. After all, for many, it is just a two-wheeler with the new paint job, stylish badging, a torquey power plant, touring accessories, and a high-end entertainment package. This article brings you all the information about the all-new, limited-edition, custom-style, 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite motorcycle, including detailed technical specs, performance figures, first look, and features, to help you determine whether the 2024 Elite model of the Indian Roadmaster makes for a worthwhile investment. 

1. 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite First Look

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite First Look
Photo Credit : Indian Motorcycle

The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite is a special edition bike with over 350 models distributed worldwide. To offer the potential owners a sense of personalization, Indian has designed premium and matchless badging and a sequentially numbered center console. The most profound feature of this motorcycle, which imparts a special custom look to this factory bagger, is its paint scheme. Offering a tri-tone paint scheme, candy finish, and hand-painted Gold graphics, the Roadmaster Elite is a piece of art, meticulously combining the aesthetics of the past with contemporary custom glamor.

In addition to the unique paint job that harkens back to the 1904 Indian motorcycle, premiering the manufacturer’s iconic Red paint scheme, the 2024 Roadmaster Elite’s center console also reminisces the 1904 Indian Camelback to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the vintage model, dazzling the onlookers.

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite First Look
Photo Credit : Indian Motorcycle

At the heart of this motorcycle lies the air-cooled and fuel-injected Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin engine, best known as the award-winning overachiever by Indian Motorcycle. For the 2024 model, the brand has restricted itself to cosmetic and technological upgrades. The 2024 Roadmaster Elite is better accessorized with safety features, infotainment, and touring accessories to offer an all-encompassing travel experience. Regardless, the new Roadmaster Elite is a treat for sore eyes. According to the brand’s Vice President, Aaron Jax:

“Our Elite models take the incredibly high bar we set for all of our products, and raise it even higher, offering something exclusive for the rider who wants to make sure their bike is a cut above anything else on the road. What I love about the new Roadmaster Elite, is how we’ve taken the historic Indian Motorcycle Red, and given it a tougher, meaner attitude with a black-out styling.”

(Aaron Jax)

Besides its dazzling paint job, other premium features of this model include polished rider and passenger headdress floorboards, stitched color-matched heated and cooled seats, gloss-black dashboard, a wide tinted windshield, and 10-spoke machined wheels. Auxiliary lighting for saddlebags and Pathfinder Adaptive lights for overall visibility make this bike a masterpiece for which the brand’s Director of Product Design has the following words:

“Our design team is always thrilled to work on the Elite models because we’re essentially given the keys to design our very own custom bike, but instead of just one, hundreds will be available around the world. With each new Elite model, we pull through custom bike trends to create something that’s not only current and relevant, but authentically aligns with the Indian Motorcycle brand and complements each model’s inherent DNA.”

(Ola Stenegard)

2. Upgrades for the 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite

Upgrades for the 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite
Photo Credit: Indian Motorcycle
Upgrades for the 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite
Indian Motorcycle Red Color  The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite brings back the iconic Indian Motorcycle Red paint scheme that debuted back in 1904.
Engine Head and Pushrod Covers  Received special paint finish and badges exclusive to the limited edition 2024 Elite model.
Torque Production Compared to the previous Roadmaster Elite model that generated 116.23 ft-lb of torque at 2,730 rpm, the new Roadmaster Elite produces 126 ft-lb of torque at 2,900 rpm.
Fairing  The 2024 Roadmaster Elite boasts a sleek fairing with a single headlight, giving the bike a more modern look.
Lighting  The 2024 Roadmaster Elite features Pathfinder Adaptive LED lights and beam adjustment, offering greater illumination for night-time visibility.
Fenders  For the 2024 model, the Indian Elite has jettisoned balanced fenders.
Wheels Though the 10-spoke machined wheels are not a new feature on Indian motorcycles, for the Roadmaster Elite, it is an upgrade.
Saddlebags Despite having 36.2 gallons of storage, the new Roadmaster Elite features sleeker saddlebags.
Brighter Lighting  The 2024 Roadmaster Elite features a Pathfinder Adaptive LED headlight and Pathfinder Auxiliary LED saddlebag lights for sharper styling, custom feel, and enhanced illumination that you can never go wrong with.
Heated and Cooled Seats  For the 2024 Roadmaster Elite, Indian Motorcycle has introduced both heated and cooled rider and passenger seats for the ultimate touring comfort in every season.
Remote Locked Luggage  The 2024 Roadmaster Elite offers a truly comfortable and secure experience with its remote-locked storage bags. The rider’s luggage can be stored and accessed with the press of a button on the key fob or console. 
Advanced Audio System The 2024 Roadmaster Elite takes the entertainment features to the next level with its sophisticated PowerBand Audio system with Bass Boost, offering 50% amplified sound. The audio system is fairing-mounted and comprises 12 speakers located in the saddlebags, trunk, and fairing. The UnderGlow lighting also adds to the bike’s custom-inspired appearance.

3. Detailed Technical Specifications: 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite

Indian Roadmaster Elite Detailed Technical Specs
General Info
Manufacturer Indian Motorcycle
(Owned by American Automotive Manufacturer Polaris Inc.)
Launched in  2018
Model Year  2024
Motorcycle Type  Luxury Touring Motorcycle
(American Bagger)
Motorcycle Class/Category  Heavyweight; Custom-Style Bagger
Starting At
Color Indian Motorcycle Red Candy, Dark Indian Motorcycle Red Candy, and Black Candy
Graphics Hand-Painted Championship Gold Pinstripes
No. of Color Options Single Tri-Tone Paint Scheme
Factory Warranty  Two Years
Unlimited Miles
Engine Type Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin
Displacement (cc) 1,890 cc (116 cu in)
Cooling System  Air Cooled
Bore  4.063 in
(103.2 mm)
Stroke 4.449 in
(113 mm)
Compression Ratio  11.01
Fuel System  Electronic Fuel Injection System
(Closed Loop Fuel Injection / 54 mm Bore)
Exhaust System  Split Dual Exhaust with Cross-Over
Performance Figures
Peak Horsepower N/A
Peak Torque 126 ft-lb
Torque RPM 2,900 rpm
Top Speed Approximately 110 mph
Transmission System
Clutch  Wet, Multi-Plate, Assist Clutch
Primary Drive  Gear Drive Wet Clutch
Final Drive  2.2:1
Transmission   Six-Speed
Gear Ratio (1st) 9.403 : 1
Gear Ratio (2nd) 6.411 : 1
Gear Ratio (3rd) 4.763 : 1
Gear Ratio (4th) 3.796 : 1
Gear Ratio (5th) 3.243 : 1
Gear Ratio (6th) 2.789 : 1
Front Brake Dual Disc; 300 mm Floating Rotor; Four Piston Caliper
Rear Brake  Single Disc; 300 mm Floating Rotor; Two Piston Caliper
Front Fork Tube Diameter  46 mm
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Front Wheel Travel 4.7 in (119 mm)
Rear Suspension Single Shock with Air Adjustment
Rear Wheel Travel  4.5 in (114 mm)
Front Tire Metzeler Cruisetec
130/60B19 66H
Rear Tire Metzeler Cruisetec
180/60R16 80H
Front Wheel 10-Spoke Contrast Cut
19 in x 3.5 in
Rear Wheel  10-Spoke Contrast Cut
16 in x 5 in
Length  102.1 in
(2593 mm) 
Width 40.2 in
(1,022 mm)
Height 55.7 in
(1415 mm)
Ground Clearance  5.5 in
(140 mm)
Seat Height  26.5 in
(673 mm)
Wheelbase 65.7 in
(1168 mm)
Trail 5.9  in
(150 mm)
Rake 25°
Lean Angle 31°
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.5 gal
(80.8 L)
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) 1,385 lbs
(628 kg)
Weight (As Shipped)  858 lbs
(389 kg)
Wet Weight (Running Order) 890 lbs
(403 kg)
Lighting  All LED
Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlamp, Tail Light, Brake Lights, Saddlebag Accents, Turn Signal Indicators
Audio System  600-Watt Powerband Audio
Bass Boost
UnderGlow Lighting
Instruments and Gauges
 Instrument Cluster Position Fairing-Mounted
Speedometer  Analog
Tachometer  Analog
Fuel Gauge
Current Gear 
 LED Telltale Indicators  15
Cruise Control Enabled Sign 
Cruise Control Set
High Beam
Check Engine
Turn Signal
Low Tire Pressure
Low Fuel 
Low Engine Oil Pressure
Security System
Low mph or km/h Unit Designation 
Standard Accessories/ Equipment
Touchscreen Display 
Power Windshield 
Driving Lights
Storage Capacity  32.6 gals
Seat  Premium Stitched H/C Seat
Heated Grips
Backlit Switch Cubes Highway Bars
Adjustable Passenger Floorboards
Hard Saddlebags and Trunk  Remote Locking
12 V Charging Port 
Tire Pressure Monitoring
Smart Phone Compatible Input 
Display  7-in Touchscreen
Powered by  RIDE COMMAND
RIDE COMMAND+ The 2024 Model year Roadmaster Elite includes a complimentary one-year trial of RIDE COMMAND+ (after which charges will apply)
RIDE COMMAND+ includes following features: 
1. Intuitive Destination Search
2. Vehicle Locator
3. Vehicle Health
Real-Time Clock
Ambient Air Temperature
Audio Information Display 
Bluetooth Status for Phone and Headset
Vehicle Status 
Tire Pressure
Oil Change 
Engine Hours
Vehicle Speed
Fuel Range 
Current RPM 
Ride Distance Covered 
Vehicle Moving Time
Vehicle Stop Time 
Altitude and Change in Altitude
Screen Brightness
Trip Meters
Ride Mode Selection 
Vehicle Trouble Code Readout 
Apple CarPlay Integration 
Tech Package
Selectable Ride Modes 
Cruise Control
Keyless Ignition 
Rear Cylinder Deactivation

4. 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite Engine and Chassis

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite Engine and Chassis
Photo Credit: Indian Motorcycle

From the technical perspective, the 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite is majorly unchanged. Powered by the fuel-injected, air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin engine with pushrod-driven valves, the motorcycle has the traditional large American bagger capacity with a special focus on a greater torque production, 126 lb-ft at 2,900 rpm, as opposed to peak horsepower. Due to the massive torque figures, the appeal of the Thunderstroke 116 engine for the gigantic Roadmaster Elite is self-explanatory. Being the heaviest of bikes currently available on the market, the Roadmaster Elite weighs 890 lbs/ 403 kg when fully fueled. Considering its weight, the bike is aimed at and perfected for straight-line comfort. The chassis is strong enough to be loaded with luggage and passenger for a long-distance trip.

5. 2024 Indian Roadmaster Tech Package and Accessories

2024 Indian Roadmaster Tech Package and Accessories
Photo Credit: Indian Motorcycle

For enhanced comfort and wind protection, the 2024 Roadmaster Elite model comes with an electronically adjustable windshield, a fork-mounted fairing, and adjustable lower fairing vents, allowing the rider to regulate the wind flow. The combined weather-proof, stock luggage system is remote locked in and tied into the keyless ignition and offers 36.2 gallons of storage capacity. Heated seats are now a common comfort feature on many premium baggers; however, cooled rider and passenger seats are a fairly less explored concept that the Roadmaster Elite has introduced this year. 

2024 Indian Roadmaster Tech Package and Accessories
Photo Credit: Indian Motorcycle

On the technological front, the 2024 Roadmaster Elite is furnished with an impressively elaborate 7” RIDE COMMAND infotainment system, which is touch-screen enabled and allows riders to control all the settings of the bike, use integrated navigation, connect the phone to the bike with the Apple CarPlay. With a 600-watt audio system, the Roadmaster Elite allows riders to enjoy their music playlists for an immersive listening experience. The audio system also includes AM/FM radio options. 

2024 Indian Roadmaster Tech Package and Accessories
Photo Credit: Indian Motorcycle

For riding assistance and optimal safety, the motorcycle features ABS, cruise control, and selectable riding modes, USB charging points, rear cylinder deactivation, and overall LED lighting, ensuring a tech-powered touring experience. 

6. 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite Price - Worth It?

The base model around, which the 2024 Roadmaster Elite is made of, is already a machine of significant comfort, power, and luxury. However, there is a huge difference in the price of these two bikes, primarily because of the luxurious paint, Elite branding, and graphics that only Roadmaster Elite flaunts. The 2024 base model of the Indian Roadmaster is available for US MSRP $32,999, while the Roadmaster Elite model starts at $41,999.

According to the brand, the designers have pulled inspiration from custom bikes of the past and present to come up with the tritone paint. Moreover, they claim to have partnered with the two most popular motorcycle custom paint shops: Gunslinger Custom Paint in Colorado and Custom Painted Vehicles in Wisconsin for the candy finish and hand-painted gold striping that according to the manufacturer each bike took over 24 hours to complete in terms of paintwork.

For many, the $41,999 price tag is not worth it; however, from the customization point of view, if riders select the base model and customize it using a virtual configurator with floorboards, armrests, sound system, heater, and cooled seats, windshield, audio system with Powerband and Bass Boost, Pathfinder adaptive lights, and a wheel upgrade, the price will spike closer to the Elite model, but they would still be missing out on the premium paintwork. Undoubtedly, the price is a little high, especially if the rider is looking to upgrade to a touring motorcycle after riding a standard naked bike for years.

With multiple options of touring motorcycles, such as the Honda Gold Wing and the BMW K1600 Grand America Option 719 Midnight motorcycle, that are dressed to the nines, have reversed, and are priced lower than the Indian Elite models. When compared to the Harley Davidson Road Glide CVO model, the Roadmaster Elite comes at a lower price; however, beating Harley at its own game is quite a challenge even if the motorcycle is offered at a lesser price.

7. Last Words

The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite being a special edition two-wheeler is not designed for the masses at large, and can only be owned by riders who are custom enthusiasts and enjoy collectibles. Made to compete with Harley’s King of Bagger CVO model, the Roadmaster Elite is an excellent attempt by the brand to revisit its roots and create something that aligns with the philosophy of the company while at the same contest in the race for modernity and sophistication. To ensure a top-notch finish on these bikes is a lot of work, and this is why these bikes are not produced in large numbers.

Riders who are Indian loyalists and would love to buy the 2024 Roadmaster Elite had it been affordable, can simply draw inspiration from the branding, graphics, and candy paint finish of the bike to achieve a similar custom look. Those looking to upgrade their Indian cruiser motorcycle on a tight budget can simply install premium Indian Roadmaster aftermarket parts and luggage for a similar comfortable feel and luxurious touring experience. 

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