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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Chief Roadmaster

Appropriately named due to being an ideal vehicle for long-distance roadtrips, the Indian Chief Roadmaster has a large and wide frame to allow for maximum comfort when seated. Although built with a reliable ABS system, turn signals, and headlight to better ensure safety when navigating winding roads, it can help to have extra equipment attached to expand your motorcycle’s available functions. Indian Chief Roadmaster fairings provide additional protection for the vehicle and yourself while complementing your motorcycle’s look. If you are in need of equipment that is cheap yet reliable, you can find the fairings you need here at Viking Bags.

Features & Design of Indian Chief Roadmaster Fairings

Chief Roadmaster fairings are comprised mainly of ABS plastic, a long-lasting and weather-resistant material that forms a protective surface over the handlebars, headlight, and front chassis. The windshield fitted on top is made from a thin layer of acrylic or plexiglass, forming an angled shield around your head to protect you from being struck by wind, rain, or debris. Giving off a cool and edgy vibe, the Indian Chief Roadmaster fairings comes in a glossy black finish. However, if you prefer different colors, styles, and patterns, it is possible to paint over the surface of the fairings. When you are affixing the fairings to the motorcycle fork, the fairings are connected using the steel clamps, as well as being provided with a universal bracket kit and installation guide.

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