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2024 Indian Challenger Elite: Detailed Technical Specifications and Upgrades

2024 Indian Challenger Elite: Detailed Technical Specifications and Upgrades

1. Overview

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The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite has been named the “Ultimate American Bagger” by the brand as it proudly carries the large and wide fairing with tons of standard infotainment features and equipment mounted to it and lockable hard saddlebags which are considered essentials in a bagger motorcycle.

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite is the second most expensive motorcycle in the Indian lineup after the Indian Pursuit Elite with a base price of $38,499. Being the Elite version, it features the most premium styling elements and high-end equipment. This bike is a limited edition model and only 325 units will be produced for the global motorcycle markets.

Continue reading this article to learn about the detailed technical specifications, features, standard equipment, and upgrades for the 2024 year model of the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite.

2. Upgrades for the 2024 Model

Upgrades for the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite Model
Electronically Controlled Rear Suspension One of the major upgrades in the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite is the electronically controlled and adjustable FOX Monoshock Absorber, providing wheel travel of 4.5 inches. The suspension setup and technology on this bike allow riders to engage in a more relaxing and exciting riding experience.
Custom-Style Premium Paint Job Indian Motorcycle has experimented with its Elite lineup and used custom color schemes to provide these elite baggers with a high-end look. The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite has received charcoal candy with a black candy color scheme, along with dark red rims and red accents.
Perfectly-Stitched Custom-Style Seat The 2024 model also boasts a custom-style perforated seat with a stitched Indian logo in red color for an exclusive style and comfort.
A Fully Upgraded and Loud PowerBand Audio System The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite also receives a standard and completely redesigned audio system for loud and more refined audio. The PowerBand audio system comprises 16 speakers, amplifiers, nine-band equalizer for a premium touring experience.

3. Detailed Technical Specifications: 2024 Indian Challenger Elite

2024 Indian Challenger Elite Detailed Technical Specs
Basic Info
Maker Indian Motorcycle – Top American Cruisers, Baggers, and Touring Bike Manufacturer
Year Model 2024
Motorcycle Type Performance Bagger
Market Category High-end; Heavyweight Custom-Style Factory Bagger
Introduced in 2018
Warranty Two Years Factory Limited Warranty; Unlimited Miles
Color Options Charcoal Candy / Black Candy
Base MSRP $38,499
Displacement 1,768 cc / 108 cu in
Engine Type PowerPlus V-Twin Engine
Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Cylinders Two
Stroke 3.799 in / 96.5 mm
Bore 4.251 in / 108 mm
Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Fuel Delivery System Closed-Loop Electronic Fuel Injection System with 52 mm Dual Bore
Exhaust System Split Dual Exhaust Pipes with Resonator
Peak Horsepower 122 hp
Peak Torque 128 ft-lbs at 3,800 rpm
Top Speed 125 mph (2023 model)
Fuel Mileage 41 mpg (Estimated)
Final Drive Belt Final Drive
Gearbox Six-Speed
Clutch Wet Multi-Plate and Assist Clutch
Frame Lightweight Cast Aluminum Frame
Front 320 mm Dual Disc Brake with Four-Piston Radial Caliper and Semi-Floating Rotor
Rear 298 mm Single Disc Brake with Dual-Piston Caliper and Floating Rotor
Front 19-inch x 3.5-inch Precision Cut Five-Spoke Wheel
Rear 16-inch x 5-inch Precision Cut Wheel
Front Metzeler Cruisetec 130/60B19 66H
Rear Metzeler Cruisetec 180/60R16 80H
Front 43 mm Upside-Down Telescopic Front Fork
Front Wheel Travel 130 mm / 5.1 in
Rear Electronically Controlled Hydraulically Adjustable Fox Single Shock Absorber
Rear Wheel Travel 114 mm / 4.5 in
Seat Height 672 mm / 26.5 in
Ground Clearance 137 mm / 5.4 in
Width 990 mm / 39 in
Length 2,501 mm / 98.5 in
Height 1,429 mm / 56.2 in
Wheelbase 1,668 mm / 65.7 in
Fuel Tank Capacity 6 gal
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) 628 kg / 1,385 lbs
Trail 150 mm / 5.9 in
Rake 25°
Lean Angle 31°
Dry Weight 365 kg / 804 lbs
Wet Weight 381 kg / 839 lbs
Standard Equipment
Fairing Chassis-Mounted Sharknose-Style Wide
Windscreen Fairing-Mounted Adjustable Flare Windscreen
Hard Saddlebags Remote-Locking Hard Saddlebags
Storage Capacity (Saddlebags) 18.6 gal
Rider Floorboards
Passenger Floorboards Adjustable
Crash Bars
Heated Grips
Position Fairing-Mounted
Speedometer Analog
Tachometer Analog
Fuel Gauge
Gear Position
LED Telltale Indicators 15
Low Engine Oil Pressure
Low Fuel Level
Low Tire Pressure
Display 7-inch Touchscreen
Powered By Ride Command
Apply CarPlay
Trip Meters
Ride Information
Vehicle Data
Bluetooth Connectivity
Air Temperature
Audio System 400 Watt
Charging Port 12V
Lights All-LED Lighting
Adaptive LED Headlamp
Pathfinder S Driving Lights
Tech Package
Cruise Control
Traction Control
Torque Control
Smart Lean Technology
Rear Cylinder Deactivation
Selectable Ride Modes

4. Craftmanship & Aesthetics

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite stands out from the rest of the bagger lineup and previous models due to its astonishingly handpicked color choices and accents. This elite performance bagger’s most stand-out feature is the custom-style premium paint job. On top of the base black candy paint job, it receives the charcoal metallic and red stripes and accents. The front and rear rims have also received the dark red paint job. This bike will be produced in limited numbers to make sure it receives perfect treatment and premium craftsmanship for bold and striking aesthetics. Design and build-wise, the rest of the Indian Challenger Elite is the same as the Indian Challenger. It is a high-end custom-style performance bagger with the iconic Challenger-style large fairing, comfortable step-up perforated seat, highly pulled-back handlebars, hard saddlebags, and a sinister blacked-out appearance. The uniqueness of this bike lies in the perfection of its finishing and supreme build quality. Being a limited edition model, the production number is also mentioned on the gas tank.

5. Performance Figures

Being a performance bagger that is more oriented towards sportier and quick performance, the Indian Challenger Elite houses a large-displacement V-Twin engine. The 1,768 cc PowerPlus V-Twin engine is the most exclusive and preeminent feature of this bike which guarantees 122 hp of incredible horsepower and 126 ft-lbs of tremendous torque long-mile traveling. The Indian Challenger Elite not only boasts a premium design and styling elements, but it is also one of the most practical and performance-wise incredible baggers. This bike is estimated to go at a top speed of around 125 mph despite being one of the heaviest in the category.

The Indian Challenger Elite has several distinctive elements that make it unique from the conventional-style baggers. Firstly, the bike is designed to promote a sporty performance with an ideal weight distribution to make it go fast and quickly on open roads. All these performance elements and power figures make it a performance bagger and this is why it is widely used in the most esteemed American bagger racing event, the King of Baggers. To keep up with its refined touring abilities, the Indian Challenger Elite is capable of providing a decent fuel mileage of 41 mpg. With a belt final drive and assist clutch, the rider can enjoy a plush riding experience thanks to the light clutch pull, smooth gear shifting, and quieter power transfer to the rear wheel through the belt drive.

6. Spectacular Handling

Regardless of its bulky and humongous stature, the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite sits lower to the ground, ensuring a low center of gravity and better handling. The most striking element of this bagger is its leaning capabilities which is totally against the bagger's nature as they are usually difficult to move and maneuver, particularly at slow speeds. With the Indian Challenger Elite., you feel more upright and confident while leaning on this bike and turning corners at both high and slow speeds.

7. Electronically Adjustable FOX Rear Shock Absorber

The most notable feature that the Indian Challenger Elite is equipped with is the electronically adjustable FOX rear shock absorber that can be easily tuned through the touchscreen. The settings allow you to enter your weight, the passenger’s weight, and the luggage you are carrying on your bike to automatically calibrate and adjust the rear suspension setting to suit the ride condition.

8. Adjustable Windscreen and Air Vents

To add to its exclusive nature, the latest Challenger Elite comes with an adjustable windshield to suit your riding style and preferences. The tinted windshield blocks the incoming wind for distraction-free riding and is rigid enough to survive extreme conditions.

The large shark nose-style chassis-mounted fairing also has adjustable air vents for cooling off in hot weather conditions and for better airflow.

9. Supreme Comfort Level

Despite its extreme performance capabilities and powerful nature, the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite makes you feel the most comfortable when you are riding it. There are several top-end elements, including a comfortable step-up saddle, forward-mounted rider floorboards, and low-rise pulled-back handlebars which promote an extremely comfortable seating position. The rider can ride for hours without getting fatigued thanks to the upright back posture, comfortable arm position, and spacious legroom.

10. The Bottom Line

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite is not for all as it is a limited-edition premium Indian bagger with custom styling and high-end features. It is made to compete with the Harley Davidson CVO models. The idea to produce factory-made custom-style bikes with premium fit and finish, top-end styling features, and exclusive paint jobs like the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite is to target the luxurious and expensive American touring bike market. These bikes are produced in limited numbers as it takes a lot of effort, precision, and perfection to build these baggers. Despite its top-notch fit and finish and premium aesthetic appeal, the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite can beat almost any top-end bagger available in the market when it comes to performance.

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