Honda Adventure Touring Saddlebags & Luggage Bags

Honda Adventure Touring Saddlebags & Luggage Bags

If you want to carry lots of bulky and heavy cargo on your Honda model on long-distance tours across highways and in wilderness areas, consider getting Honda ADV Touring bags. This category differs from baggage for cruisers, street, and dirt bikes due to their more durable exterior, larger storage space, and bulkier size. Though they may look a lot like standard motorcycle luggage, you will find Honda ADV Touring bags more reliable if you plan to go on a camping trip, travel windy mountain roads, or travel between states. To understand what makes Honda ADV Touring luggage unique, read about their designs, features, and categories below. 

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All our leather saddlebags and hard bags are lockable and come included with a pair of keys.


We offer saddlebags for each kind of rider. From our 2024 quick-disconnect series to time-tested hard bags, choose the one that fits your riding style.


Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

Viking Honda ADV Touring Luggage Designs & Features

Most Viking Bags Honda ADV Touring bags come in a solid black scheme with only a few variations of muted colors that create an aesthetically pleasing contrast with your motorcycle’s chassis. They can come as small, medium, or large; with the multiple size options, you can pick the bag with the preferred storage capacity. The smaller saddlebags have less storage capacity but are easier to mount and will cause less of an imbalance in weight. The medium panniers can double as handheld bags, built with straps, buckles, or locks to keep your belongings secure. The large gear bags can carry the most weight and be taken with you on hikes like backpacks.

Viking Bags Honda ADV Touring luggage is made from durable materials, either only or blends of Viking leather, canvas, polyester, and Cordura fabric. These textiles have powerful seam strength, making them hard to tear even when filled to maximum capacity. Their interior has either layers, zippers, or tight lids to help keep out rain and prevent your belongings from becoming soaked. Depending on the Honda ADV Touring luggage, they can come with several interior or exterior pockets with zippers, straps, or buckles to provide extra storage capacity.

Using the installation guides provided with the Honda ADV touring bags, you can install these luggage bags on the motorcycle’s sides, fenders, fuel tank, sissy bar, seat, luggage rack, and handlebars

Viking Honda ADV Touring Luggage Categories

  • Honda ADV Touring saddlebags always come in pairs and are mounted along the sides of the rear end. Soft saddlebags can be compressed and have more flexibility, allowing you to fit in more belongings. Hard saddlebags have a sturdier exterior, making them difficult to damage and better protect your stuff.
  • Honda ADV Touring tank bags have a slip-resistant bottom that keeps them from slipping off the surface of the fuel tank even when you secure the mounting straps. The top has a transparent pocket where you can place your phone in case you need to access a GPS when you are on the road. 
  • Honda ADV Touring tail bags also come with a slip-resistant bottom to keep them secure on the narrow shape of the tail. The fabric is built to be waterproof and fire-resistant to help keep your belongings safe from the rain and the exhaust pipes. 
  • Honda ADV Touring accessories bags can help carry your other baggage, like duffel bags, and can be mounted onto almost any luggage rack mounting system. 
  • Honda ADV Touring backpacks can be slung on sissy bars or carried on your back when riding. They have mesh pockets along the sides that allow you to insert water bottles when hiking. 
  • Honda ADV Touring roll bags often are placed above the rear fender, allowing you to put away any accessories or belongings that cannot fit anywhere else. They are often used to store sleeping bags or similar camping gear. 
  • Honda ADV Touring seat bags are slung over behind the rider’s seat, with the weight of your cargo keeping the bags and straps in place. 
  • Honda ADV Touring fender bags are portable baggage that can be laid flat against the fenders and wrapped tight using their built-in mounting straps.
  • Honda ADV Touring handlebar bags are small rectangular luggage strapped to the center of the handlebars, allowing easy access and storage of smaller belongings. 
  • Honda ADV Touring tool bags are small carry-ons that help transport your small, simple hand-held tools such as the screwdriver, hammer, etc. 
  • Honda ADV Touring dry bags are cylindrical gear bags with two layers and long zippered pockets along the top for you to store your extra belongings. 
  • Honda ADV Touring panniers are the larger wedge-shaped luggage bags that offer the most storage, carrying, and weight capacities among all the touring bag categories.

Viking Honda ADV Touring Luggage By Model 

At Viking Bags, you can find Honda Africa Twin ES bags, Honda Africa Twin bags, Honda CB 500F bags, Honda CB 500X bags, Honda CB 500 R bags, Honda CRF450L bags, Honda NC 750 bags, Honda VFR 1200 X bags, and Honda XR650L bags.

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