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Suzuki S40 Boulevard - Specs, Features, Background Performance & More

Suzuki S40 Boulevard - Specs, Features, Background Performance & More

It’s been more than 30 years since Suzuki Boulevard S40 motorcycles graced retail floors. Due to their lightweight 652 cc engine, the bikes were easy to handle. Reliable and stylish, the bike was competitively priced to successfully attract Suzuki’s target audience. With its thick rear tire, robust suspension system, maintenance-free shaft drive, well-built braking system, and excellent maneuverability, this bike became one of the most popular entry-level cruisers. Even today, the demand for this bike is surging. If you are looking to buy your first cruiser-style motorcycle, then look no further than the Suzuki Boulevard S40.

Here is a quick review of the Suzuki Boulevard S40 to help you determine if you should buy this bike. Read on to find out the necessary information, including the background, detailed specifications, prominent features, engine configuration, price, colors, and aftermarket Suzuki parts designed for the Suzuki Boulevard S40 lineup.

1. A Brief History of Suzuki Boulevard S40

Suzuki began the production of Suzuki Boulevard S40 motorcycles in 1986. At the time of launch, these lightweight cruisers were named the Suzuki LS650 Savage. In 2005, these bikes were designated as the Boulevard S40. Over the years, the bike has seen changes in the speed transmission system, color scheme, and style.

1.1 Suzuki LS650 Savage 1986-2004

Year Colors & Other Features
1986 The LS650FG model had flat handlebars while the LS650 PG model had pull-back handlebars.
Both models were available in red & black.
1987 The LS650Fh model was available in blue.
The LS650PH model was available in black, red, or blue.
1988 The motorcycle was available in blue or maroon.
The tail light of the 1988 model was moved forward.
1989-2004 Not available in the U.S.
1995 The available colors included black or maroon.
In 1995, the fuel-mounted speedometer was added to the cruisers.
1996 The available colors included yellow or maroon.
1997 The available colors included orange or black
A new arrow style “savage” emblem was added to the fuel tank.
1998 The colors were the same as the previous year. In 1998 models, a shiny, silver LS650 emblem was added to the side covers.
1999 The 1999 models were available only in black.
The side covers were redesigned and featured a beautiful gold/silver LS650 emblem.
2000 Two new colors were introduced: green and yellow.
2001 Available colors: black, silver.
The fuel tank featured a new winged “savage” emblem.
2002 Available colors: Pearl Novelty Black
Metallic Sonic Silver
2003 Available colors: Pearl Novelty Black
Metallic Surf Green
2004 Available colors: Plum Purple Metallic
Variable Silver

1.2 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S40

In 2005, the Suzuki LS650 was rebranded as the Boulevard S40. The chassis and engine on both bikes remained the same. However, Suzuki played around with the emblem design and paint job of the motorcycles.

Distinct Features 2005 Suzuki S40
Base Price  $4,399
Colors Black
Engine 652 cc
Torque 50 Nm
Dry Weight 160 kg

1.3 2006 Suzuki Boulevard S40

In 2006, the Boulevard S40 was introduced in the following colors:

Distinct Features 2006 Suzuki S40
Base Price $4,399
Colors Black

1.4 2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40

The 2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40 bikes had beautiful tank lines and chopper styling cues. The emblem and color scheme of this year’s model made the cruiser a huge hit.

Distinct Features 2007 Suzuki S40
Base Price $4,399
Colors Black

1.5 2008 Suzuki Boulevard S40

Along with classic colors, the cylinders and frame of the 2008 Boulevard S40 bikes received a luxurious black finish that gave this bike a sophisticated look.

Distinct Features 2008 Suzuki S40
Base Price $4,399
Colors Black

1.6 2009 Suzuki Boulevard S40

In 2009, Suzuki introduced two-tone paint jobs for its Boulevard S40 cruisers.

Distinct Features 2009 Suzuki S40
Base Price $4,599
Colors Black

1.7 2010 Suzuki Boulevard S40

No new changes were introduced to the 2010 Suzuki Boulevard S40 motorcycles. Even the price of the 2010 models remained the same. Most riders opted to customize their bikes with aftermarket Suzuki parts.

Distinct Features 2010 Suzuki S40
Base Price $4,599
Colors Black

1.8 2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40

The 2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40 bikes had a striking color scheme. The engine configuration was the same but the fresh colors revived the bike.

Distinct Features 2011 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,099
Colors Pearl Mirage White/Metallic Veil Silver
Metallic Fox Orange/Glass Sparkle Black

1.9 2012 Suzuki Boulevard S40

In 2012, the Boulevard S40 bikes featured two distinct color combinations:

Distinct Features 2012 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,399
Colors Black/Orange
White/ Silver

1.10 2013 Suzuki Boulevard S40

In 2013, Suzuki introduced the following colors for its Boulevard S40 lineup.

Distinct Features 2013 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,699
Colors Pearl Mirage White/Metallic Veil Silver
Metallic Fox Orange/Glass Sparkle Black

1.11 2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40

The color schemes for the 2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40 models include the following:

Distinct Features 2014 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,699
Colors Pearl Mirage White/Metallic Veil Silver
Metallic Fox Orange/Glass Sparkle Black

1.12 2015 Suzuki Boulevard S40

The price and colors of the 2015 Suzuki S40 Boulevard models include the following:

Distinct Features 2015 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,499
Colors Candy Daring Red
Pearl Moon Stone Gray

1.13 2016 Suzuki Boulevard S40

The 2016 Suzuki Boulevard S40 bikes had the classic thumper-chopper style and unique paint.

Distinct Features 2016 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,499
Colors Metallic Triton Blue
Pearl Glacier White

1.14 2017 Suzuki Boulevard S40

The 2017 Boulevard S40 bikes were launched in the following colors:

Distinct Features 2017 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,699
Colors Metallic Triton Blue
Pearl Glacier White

1.15 2018 Suzuki Boulevard S40

In 2018, Suzuki introduced a striking silver paint and a unique purple hue for its Boulevard S40 lineup.

Distinct Features 2018 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,749
Colors Metallic Mystic Silver
Pearl Splendor Violet

1.16 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40

In 2019, several more elegant color schemes were launched for the Suzuki Boulevard S40 bike manufactured this year.

Distinct Features 2019 Suzuki S40
Base Price $5,799
Colors Metallic Oort Gray
Metallic Triton Blue

1.17 Suzuki Boulevard S40 Lineup: What Changed Over the Years?

Here is a quick overview of what changed over the years other than the cruiser’s name.

1986-2004 2005-2019
Designated as LS650 Savage Designated as S40 Boulevard
Monotone paint Two-tone paint
Four-speed transmission (till 1993) Five-speed transmission
Seat was 26inches above the ground Seat is 27.6 inches above the ground
Overall height of the bike: 45.3 in Overall height was reduced to 43.5 in
Overall width of the bike: 30.5 in Overall width was reduced to 28.3 in
Tested quarter-mile time: 15.3 seconds at 81.1 mph Tested quarter-mile time: 16.35 seconds at 77.2 mph
Avg. recorded mileage: 55 mpg Avg. recorded mileage: 52.9 mpg
The “savage” emblem on the fuel tank A classic “Boulevard” emblem on the fuel tank
Side covers had an “LS650” emblem Side covers have S40 emblem
Metallic accents More blacked-out frame, less use of chrome

2. Suzuki Boulevard S40 at First Glance

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Styling

More than 30 years ago, Suzuki entered the cruiser market with the launch of its LS650 Savage cruiser, the Boulevard S40 motorcycle of today. At first glance, the bike has a simple retro chopper design and a single-cylinder engine. The powerful engine and robust half-duplex cradle were given the blacked-out treatment and a hint of chrome. The blacked-out parts of the bike include an upper fork clamp, headlight nacelle, tall drag-style handlebars, and rear fenders. The black rims of the wheel augment the blacked-out chopper look. The use of stainless steel on the spoked wheels looks striking against the black rims.

The narrow front wheel, stylish livery, and lustrous paint with subtle graphics give this bike a timeless look.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Front Fork and Rear Suspension

The telescopic 140 mm front fork is blacked out and provides wheel travel of 5.5 inches for a comfortable ride. The rear suspension is a swingarm with twin shocks and a five-way adjustable preload system. The rear suspension offers wheel travel of 3.1 inches and easily supports the weight of two riders. The front and rear suspensions work together to ensure adequate stability and control of the bike.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Fuel Tank

The peanut-shaped fuel tank of the Suzuki Boulevard S40 bikes can hold up to 2.8 gallons of fuel. The fuel capacity of the tanks allows comfortable long urban rides and daily commutes. The classic emblem and the gorgeous paint on the front and rear fenders and decorated side covers enhance the aesthetic of the fuel tank.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Tank-Mounted Instruments

The easy-to-read speedometer of the Suzuki Boulevard S40 cruisers is tank-mounted. Quickly look down to make sure that you are riding under the speed limit.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Engine

The blacked-out engine of the Suzuki S40 Boulevard is air-cooled, four-stroke, and sports a single-cylinder with four valves. The cylinder head and cooling fins of the engine are visible and add to the powerful look of the bike. The four-valve configuration in the single-overhead cams (SOHC) setup reflects the reliable engineering of the bike. The Suzuki S40’s engine has a high-mass crankshaft that helps produce strong low-end torque and linear power for comfortable, hour-long cruising. The bike features an electric starter to activate the engine almost immediately even in cold weather. The engine has a simple retro-style exhaust that produces a distinct exhaust note.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Handling

In 2005, the four-speed transmission was updated to a five-speed transmission. The updated transmission system and the low-maintenance belt drive allowed for smoother gear shifts. The wet, multi-plate manual clutch supplies uninterrupted power to the transmission system. The front and rear forks keep the bike stable, while the 58.3-inch wheelbase and 5.8-inch trail offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Wheels

The narrow 100/90 x 19 front and wide 140/80 x 15 rear tube-type tires complement the chopper-style frame of the bike. They provide excellent traction and improve the stability of the bike.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Brakes

The hydraulic 265 mm single disc front brake and rear drum brakes provide confidence-boosting stopping power.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Seat & Riding Comfort

The low-slung 27.6-inch high rider seat allows for a comfortable hour-long ride. If you ride longer than that, you may find the seat inadequate in terms of comfort. The forward footpegs and tall handlebars offer a comfortable riding position, but unfortunately, the comfort is short-lived, making this bike unsuitable for interstate tours and exploration trips.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Accessories

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 is not equipped with factory-installed accessories. However, a wide range of custom accessories is available to enhance the look of the bike. These include crash bars, saddlebags, custom seats, luggage racks, handlebars, fairings, and sissy bars. These accessories can be easily bought online from well-reputed and economical brands such as VikingBags.

Suzuki Boulevard S40 Warranty

For the 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40 models, the motorcycle company is offering a 12-month unlimited mileage limited warranty.

3. Suzuki Boulevard S40: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 The Suzuki Boulevard S40 Top Speed

The lightweight Suzuki Boulevard S40 has a top speed of 85 mph.

3.2 Is Suzuki Boulevard S40 Carbureted or Fuel Injected?

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 engine is carbureted. The fuel injection system features a special Mikuni BS 40 single carburetor.

3.3 What is the Price of the Suzuki Boulevard S40?

The 2019 model of Suzuki Boulevard S40 is priced at $5,799. However, the price is variable and depends on the location.

3.4 How Much Horsepower Does the Suzuki Boulevard S40 Engine Have?

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 has a horsepower of 30.0 hp at 5500 rpm. The 625 cc engine also generates a low-end torque of 45 Nm at 3000 rpm.

3.5 How Many Miles Per Gallon Does the Suzuki Boulevard S40 Get?

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 offers a fuel mileage of 52.9 mpg.

4. Detailed Specifications (Suzuki S40 Boulevard)

General Information

Year Model Name
1986-2004 Suzuki LS650 Savage
2005-2019 Suzuki S40 Boulevard

4.1 Dimensions

Length 85.8 in
Width 28.3 in
Height 43.5 in
Wheelbase 58.3 in
Ground Clearance 5.3 in
Seat Height 27.6 in
Dry Weight 352 lbs
Curb Weight 381 lbs
Rake 35°
Trail 5.8 in
Fuel Capacity 2.8 gal (reserve 2.5 l)
Fuel Economy 50 mpg

4.2 Chassis

Type Semi-double cradle steel
Front Suspension, travel Telescopic fork, 140 mm, coil spring, oil damped, 5.5 in of wheel travel
Rear Suspension, travel Swingarm with twin shock, coil spring, oil damped (adjustable five-way spring preload), 3.1 in of wheel travel
Front Tire Size 100/90-19 M/C (57H), tube type
Rear Tire Size 140/80-15 M/C (67H), tube type
Front Brake Single disc, 265 mm, one-piston caliper
Rear Brake Drum brake

4.3 Engine

Type Four-stroke, air-cooled
Bore & Stroke 94.0 mm x 94.0 mm
Displacement 652 cc
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Lubrication Wet sump
Valve Train Chain-driven SOHC, four valves per cylinder
Fuel System/ Induction Carbureted, Mikuni BS 40, single

4.4 Performance

Maximum Power 30.0 hp at 5500 rpm
Maximum Torque 45 Nm at 3000 rpm
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) 6.98 sec
Top Speed 85 mph

4.5 Drive Train

Clutch Wet, multi-plate, cable-operated
Transmission Five-speed constant mesh
Final Drive Belt
Primary Reduction 1.810
Final Reduction 2.956
Gear Ratio 1st 2.333
Gear Ratio 2nd 1.578
Gear Ratio 3rd 1.142
Gear Ratio 4th 0.956
Gear Ratio 5th 0.884

4.6 Electrical

Ignition Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Alternator Three-phase A.C generator
Battery Capacity 12V-14Ah
Starter Electric
Spark Plug NGK DPR8EA-9 or X24EPR-UP

4.7 Others

Colors Metallic Oort Gray No.3
Metallic Triton Blue
Base Price $5,799
Warranty 12-month unlimited mileage limited warranty
Longer coverage periods with other benefits available through Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP)

5. Aftermarket Parts & Modification Options for Suzuki Boulevard S40

Suzuki Boulevard S40 is an affordable ride and a great purchase if considering its technical specifications and style features. However, it is not a comfortable tourer, and when compared to the latest, more lavish cruisers, the need for customization arises. Here’s how you can mindfully customize your bike for improved comfort without wasting a single cent.

The bike is quite comfortable for short riders with its 27.6-inch high saddle, forward footpegs, and tall handlebars. However, the low-slungseat doesn’t allow three to four hours of consistent travel. If you want to travel long-distance, then replace the in-built saddle with a more comfortable one to increase riding comfort and prolong your riding time. The custom passenger seat, backrest, and sissy bars for Suzuki serve the same purpose. Furthermore, adjusting handlebar height by installing custom handlebars would lower the center of gravity, allowing you to handle the bike without much difficulty. This in turn would alleviate the stress/pressure on your arms, nerves, and back.

For a more contemporary look, install a pair of leather saddlebags and luggage racks. The saddlebags would allow you to carry your luggage around the city and on long motorcycle trips safely and in style.

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