Suzuki Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Suzuki Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Many of the motorcycles owned by Suzuki are cruisers, racing bikes, off-road bikes, and street bikes. Each motorcycle category handles better in specific road environments, can achieve varying speeds, torques, and horsepower, and offers different storage capacities. Whether you need to go on a short trip to the grocery store or plan to go up the mountains on a camping trip, it helps to have reliable means of storage to carry your belongings. While most riders prefer to equip their vehicles with saddlebags or wear backpacks, installing the best Suzuki luggage racks will increase the available storage space.

As most Suzuki models fresh from the production line do not come with pre-installed luggage, it is sometimes prudent to invest in Suzuki aftermarket parts that make it possible to mount extra add-ons. Though not built with a complex design like most motorcycle parts, the best aftermarket Suzuki racks are functional and stylish. You can find the best Suzuki luggage racks on the market at Viking Bags.

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Suzuki Luggage Racks Design

Suzuki motorcycle luggage racks have stainless steel rectangular shapes with several equal-sized rungs spread apart at equal distances. Along the bottom are four short pegs that help attach them to the top of Tour-Pack lids. The Suzuki luggage racks are constructed with a copper base, while the rest of their structure is made from nickel and chrome. They can come in either a small or large size. The smaller Suzuki luggage racks have a length of 11.5 inches and a width of 13.2 inches. The rungs are shaped like large, flat blades with a wide surface area so you can rest your luggage flat on top. Because of the wide and thick shape of the rungs, there is narrow space between them. This makes it difficult for smaller luggage to fall through but also means there is less room to pull and tie the mounting straps.

The larger Suzuki luggage racks have a length of 20.5 inches and a width of 15 inches. The rungs are thinner rounded bars with less surface area, but they are close enough that you can rest medium and larger baggage without them falling through. The wide space between the rungs offers more room to position and secure multiple mounting straps.

Suzuki Motorcycle Luggage Racks Features

Luggage racks for Suzuki motorcycles can last for a long time due to the various metals used in their construction. The stainless steel is covered with a coating that makes the equipment resistant to rust, water damage, and denting. The tubing is lightweight, which helps makes the racks easy to lift and carry when mounting or dismounting. The welded joints help prevent dust and debris from damaging the exterior, making Suzuki luggage racks suited for almost any road environment and weather conditions.

Suzuki motorcycle luggage racks can carry a maximum weight of 10 lbs. This equipment’s simple design means they require less maintenance and can be cleaned quickly. You should find it easy to install a Suzuki luggage rack with the help of the installation guide and mounted hardware.

Why You Should Buy Luggage Racks for Suzuki Motorcycles

Viking Bags has the best Suzuki luggage racks due to their products being built with functionality, design, and price in mind. Each one is constructed with high-quality materials by expert engineers and designers. Plus, the Suzuki luggage racks will last for several years before you need to get a replacement. Finally, for those looking for new or replacement equipment on a budget, the Suzuki luggage racks come at low and affordable prices. You should be able to find Suzuki Boulevard luggage racks, Suzuki Marauder & Intruder luggage racks, and Suzuki Volusia luggage racks available at Viking Bags. Before you purchase, make sure that the equipment is compatible with the type of Suzuki model you own.

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