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Pros & Cons of Wearing Temporary Tattoos

Pros & Cons of Wearing Temporary Tattoos

In the past, temporary tattoo stickers were popular among the youth. But nowadays, wearing temporary tattoos has also become a hobby for adults. Many tattoo enthusiasts love to create unique designs that can be used to make popular temporary tattoo companies. Temporary tattoos are quickly growing in popularity and may become the future of the tattoo industry.

1. What Are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are stickers made of special backing paper, ink transfer film, and silicone coating. During design printing, the backing paper holds the ink until it is applied to the skin. Temporary tattoos are printed imagery used to accessorize outfits or skin. Temporary tattoos are most popular among those who cannot wear permanent tattoos due to their medical conditions, religious prohibitions, and professions.

2. Pros of Wearing Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are dramatically increasing in demand due to their many benefits. Here is a quick list of the pros of temporary tattoos:

2.1 Ink Variety

Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos can be made using several types of ink. You can opt for traditional inks to make your tattoo look more realistic. A metallic shimmer can be added to the inks to make your temporary tattoo look shiny and glittery. Since a temporary tattoo is applied to the skin, pale colors, neutral hues, and white inks are not affected by the melanin in darker skin tones. Hence, people with different skin tones can wear tattoos in any color. It is possible to create unique temporary tattoos that are not available when getting a permanent tattoo.

2.2 Realistic Designs

If you purchase high-quality temporary tattoos from a well-reputed company, they should look almost as real as permanent tattoos. Other than experienced tattoo artists, no one would be able to tell the difference. Moreover, it is possible to make temporary tattoos in all styles, including Sailor Jerry, tribal symbols, religious, trash-polka, floral, motorcycle parts, watercolor, black and gray, illustrative, surreal, realism, or abstract tattoos.

2.3 DIY Tattoos

When it comes to temporary tattoos, you need not book appointments, wait long hours for a walk-in session, or visit tattoo shops for in-person consultations. You can purchase temporary tattoos online, apply them to your skin, and get them developed within 12-24 hours.

If you have tattoo transfer paper, advanced graphic designing skills, and an inkjet printer, you can also make temporary tattoos yourself. Use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or image manipulation software to tweak a pre-drawn design or create one yourself. Once the design is complete, print it onto tattoo transfer paper, and apply it on your skin when ready.

2.4 Eco-Friendly

Temporary tattoos are made of environmentally-friendly biodegradable materials, like paper, recyclable adhesive film, and vegan inks. This makes temporary tattoos sustainable and cruelty-free.

2.5 Quick & Simple Application

To apply temporary tattoos, you don’t have to sit still for hours. Use a damp cloth to moisten the area of your skin where you want to apply the tattoo, and then apply the tattoo sheet. Smooth the sheet a couple of times to ensure the ink fully presses against your skin, then wait for the tattoo to develop.

2.6 Zero Pain Levels

Temporary tattoos are not applied using skin-penetrating needles. They are directly applied to the skin and cause no pain. Keep in mind that people with sensitive skin have reported skin allergies, itching, redness, and slight discomfort, otherwise there is no pain involved.

2.7 Quick Removal Method

Temporary tattoos fade after a week or two. You can also remove them using alcohol wipes or oil-based remover. This method takes 10-30 seconds to remove a temporary tattoo.

2.8 Safe for Health

Almost all temporary tattoos are deemed safe if they are made from FDA-certified inks. Generally, all temporary tattoos are considered safe for children and adults who do not suffer from skin diseases.

2.9 Minimal Commitment

With an array of tattoo styles and designs available on the market, committing to a single design for the rest of your life can be extremely difficult. There is no guarantee that the design you are getting etched on your skin today would be as meaningful to you ten years from now.

Temporary tattoos allow you to wear a variety of tattoo designs and styles, providing room for change and experimentation.

2.10 Price

Large and unique temporary tattoos from top-notch tattoo brands can cost between $10 - $30. Almost all tattoo companies offer deals and discounts for their temporary tattoos. You can also purchase sets or bundles of temporary tattoos at wholesale rates to save money.

3. Cons of Wearing Temporary Tattoos

Listed below are the cons of wearing temporary tattoos:

3.1 Fade Easily

Temporary tattoos tend to fade a few days after application. A peeling tattoo can look unattractive and cause frustration.

3.2 Short-Lived & Frequent Purchases

No matter the quality of temporary tattoos, they never last longer than two weeks. If you like a particular design, you will have to apply it over and over.

This requires frequently purchasing temporary replacement tattoos which can accrue in costs over time.

3.3 Side Effects

People with highly-sensitive skin or who suffer from skin diseases like eczema, urticaria (hives), and rosacea should not wear temporary tattoos

4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 Who Should Wear Temporary Tattoos?

  1. Tattoo enthusiasts who do not want a permanent piece of body art.
  2. Anyone with low pain tolerance.
  3. Individuals who adorn decorative tattoos occasionally.
  4. People who cannot afford expensive permanent tattoos and tattoo removal services.
  5. Tattoo enthusiasts planning to get a permanent tattoo permanently who want to test different designs.

4.2 When to Wear Temporary Tattoos?

Like permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos help express creativity and style almost any time. However, certain temporary tattoos are better suited for certain occasions. For example, temporary gold foil face tattoos would be appropriate for parties and clubs. Meanwhile, darker-themed tattoos would look good for Halloween celebrations.

4.3 Where to Buy High-Quality Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos can be easily bought online in various styles and sizes.

The following tattoo companies sell high-quality temporary tattoos that look realistic and are applied gently to the skin:

4.4 How Can I Make My Temporary Tattoo Last Longer?

After application, you can seal your temporary tattoo with a liquid band-aid to make it last longer. Sealing your tattoo can help make it waterproof and scratch-proof.

4.5 Where on the Body Can I Place Temporary Tattoos?

You can place temporary tattoos almost anywhere on your body, including the hips, rib cage, shin, ankles, neck, and face.

5. Takeaway

With sophisticated designs and bright inks, more and more adults are getting temporary tattoos every day. If temporary tattoos suit your lifestyle, there is nothing stopping you from getting one.

For more information about temporary tattoos and design ideas, check out the following articles:

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