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How to Listen to Music While Riding Motorcycle

How to Listen to Music While Riding Motorcycle

Most motorcyclists enjoy listening to their favorite music while on the road. Listening to music on the road doesn’t have to be dangerous, just make sure you are aware of other sounds, like horns and sirens.

This article explains ways you can safely listen to music while riding a motorcycle.

1. Is it Safe to Listen to Music While Riding?

A great way to enjoy the sights and r connect with nature is by riding a motorbike while listening to music. Though most people are against listening to music while motorcycle riding, it can be done safely:

  • Keep the volume level moderate.
  • Do not use headphones or earbuds that completely block out background noise.
  • Make sure you can stop the music at any point while you are riding.

2. Best Ways to Listen to Music While Riding

Best Ways to Listen to Music While Riding

2.1 Bluetooth Helmet

Bluetooth Helmet

A common and simple option is a motorcycle helmet with a Bluetooth-integrated system. The built-in speakers can be connected to your smartphone utilizing Bluetooth technology. Using the intercom feature, you can also answer phone calls.

You won't need to be concerned about any earphones slipping out of your ears while riding since there are no cables.

Integrated Bluetooth helmet intercoms often include a few external controls you can quickly press to adjust the volume and change tracks. Another interesting feature of Bluetooth helmets is that they come with a GPS. By utilizing a Bluetooth helmet with a built-in GPS, you do not have to constantly keep checking your phone’s screen.

Choose the best Bluetooth motorbike helmet with built-in Bluetooth features if you want to enjoy your journey. You will be able to save time and effort by not having to constantly push buttons.

Always consider the size and access to features while looking for the finest Bluetooth motorbike helmet. Before purchasing your Bluetooth helmet speakers, make sure they have good sound quality.

2.2 Motorcycle Stereo System

While riding a motorcycle, you could instead use a motorcycle stereo system. Operating a stereo system is easy; you only need to install a few buttons on the handlebars.

Though some folks prefer this method, others find it annoying that everyone nearby can hear the music they are listening to.

When on the road, you just have to press a few switches near the handlebars to adjust the stereo system’s settings. If your motorbike lacks a pre-installed sound system or audio speaker, it is easy to set one up that can link to your phone.

A high-quality music system with an amplifier can help enhance sound quality and minimize distortion. They are built to be weather-resistant, whether during humid or rainy weather. This minimizes the concern that rain may damage your pricey audio equipment.

2.3 Earbuds

Earbuds are easy to use and the least complicated option.

Earbuds are limited to 100 decibels and are less likely to harm your eardrums. Additionally, they don't totally muffle the sounds around you, allowing you to hear the horns or sirens nearby. When deciding on a decent and safe method for listening to music on a motorcycle, the majority of people frequently overlook this wonderful safety feature.

However, there are some risks associated with earbuds.

  • They can fall out while you're riding and get trapped in the chain or wheels.
  • Earbuds might make it challenging to hear surrounding noise like oncoming cars.

If you prefer to use earbuds while riding, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Only have an earbud in one ear.
  • Make sure the volume is low enough so you can hear your surroundings.

2.4 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are speakers that are easy to install inside helmets. These wireless headsets have similar features and functions as Bluetooth helmets.

These headsets allow you to make and receive phone calls, as well as play music. It is also possible to communicate with other motorcyclists wearing similar Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth headsets are easy to use since they are wireless and don’t need to be plugged in. Additionally, they are less expensive than other motorcycle music devices. Bluetooth headsets are now available with extensive capabilities and cutting-edge features that make it easy to connect to your devices.

They are small enough to fit on a helmet. It is recommended to spend money on high-quality headsets from reputable manufacturers since they are comfortable and long-lasting.

Compared to other audio accessories, Bluetooth headphones are less expensive and don't need to be installed in a tedious way. Having a Bluetooth headset is your best bet if you're on a tight budget.

2.5. Helmet Speaker

A helmet speaker includes a high-performance audio system, providing a smart and safer way to listen to music while riding a motorcycle.

Helmet speakers are easier to set up than headsets due to their thin and sleek forms that can be inserted inside motorcycle helmets. However, they cost a lot to maintain and cheaper models often produce subpar sound quality.

2.6. External Bluetooth Speaker

Certain motorcycles come with pre-installed external Bluetooth speakers. If your motorcycle doesn’t have one, you can install them manually. They can fit in a bag you or the glove compartment.

Though there are multiple ways to install external Bluetooth speakers, they can be distracting for other drivers and disrupt traffic.

3. Pros and Cons of Listening to Music While Riding a Motorcycle

3.1 Pros

Reduced Stress: Listening to music is the best way to relieve stress, helping you temporarily forget your worries and letting you enjoy trips with a clear mind.

Improves Mood: Listening to upbeat music can help improve your mood.

Helps You Stay Active: Music can help people be more active or alert since it stimulates their senses. Music can help reduce boredom and fatigue when riding a motorcycle for a long period of time.

Reduces Noise Due to Wind: Listening to the wind whooshing past your ears can be annoying, especially when traveling for long distances. Music can help reduce or block out the wind while ensuring you can still hear other vehicles.

3.2. Cons

Can Irritate Other Drivers: Listening to music on the stereo system can annoy other riders and disrupt traffic.

Blocks Other Sounds: Listening to music at high volume can block out horns and sirens, reducing awareness of any fast-approaching vehicles.

Causes Distraction: You can become distracted when listening to music, diverting your attention away from the road. Taking your hands off the handlebars to adjust the volume or switch between songs could result in you losing control. Your motorcycle isn’t in your control when you lift your hand from the handlebars, this can lead to an accident.

4. Legal Requirements for Listening to Music While Riding a Motorcycle

Is it legal to listen to music while riding a motorcycle? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. The laws about listening to music while riding a motorcycle vary between states.

Some states permit riders to wear earbuds or headphones while riding a motorcycle. Others don’t allow the use of any music accessories. Before going on a trip, make sure to check the road laws covering listening to music in the state(s) you are visiting.

Even if it is legal to listen to music while riding on a motorcycle in certain states, you should still exercise caution. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and use good judgment to ensure safer rider habits.

5. Motorcycle Headphones Law in USA

State Source Law
Alabama Alabama Law Enforcement Agency No specific law
Alaska Alaska State Legislature Cannot use headphones or earbuds when operating a car or motorcycle
Arizona N/A No specific law
Arkansas N/A No specific law
California California Legislative Information Can only wear earplugs or earphones in one ear while operating a vehicle
Colorado Colorado Legislature No earphones or earplugs are allowed, helmets with built-in speakers are allowed
Connecticut N/A No specific law
Delaware N/A No specific law
Florida Florida Legislature No earphones or earplugs are allowed, helmets with fitted headsets are allowed
Georgia Georgia Department of Public Safety Can only have a earphone in one ear
Hawaii N/A No specific law
Idaho N/A No specific law
Illinois Illinois General Assembly Can only use a earphone in one ear
Indiana N/A No specific law
lowa N/A No specific law
Kansas N/A No specific law
Kentucky N/A No specific law
Louisiana Louisiana State Legislature Can only use a earphone in one ear
Maine N/A No specific law
Maryland Justia Can only use a earphone in one ear
Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts Cannot use headphones
Michigan N/A No specific law
Minnesota Minnesota Legislature Can only use a earphone in one ear
Mississippi N/A No specific law
Missouri N/A No specific law
Montana N/A No specific law
Nebraska N/A No specific law
Nevada N/A No specific law
New Hampshire N/A No specific law
New Jersey N/A No specific law
New Mexico N/A No specific law
New York New York State Department of Health Can only use a earphone in one ear
North Carolina N/A No specific law
North Dakota N/A No specific law
Ohio Ohio Legislative Services Can only use a earphone in one ear, helmet with integrated speakers are allowed
Oklahoma N/A No specific law
Oregon N/A Laws vary by city and region
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State Legislature Can only use a earphone in one ear
Rhode Island Rhode Island State Legislature Can only use an earphone om pme ear, helmets with fitted headsets are allowed
South Carolina N/A No specific law
South Dakota N/A No specific law
Tennessee N/A No specific law
Texas N/A No specific law
Utah N/A No specific law
Vermont N/A No specific law
Virginia Virginia State Law Portal Can only use an earphone in one ear
Washington Washington State Legislature No earphones allowed, helmets with fitted headsets and approved by Washington State Patrol are allowed
West Virginia N/A No specific law
Wisconsin N/A No specific law
Wyoming N/A No specific law

6. Last Words

Almost all riders like listening to music while on the road as it makes trips more pleasurable and less boring. Listening to music reduces stress, improves your mood, blocks the wind, and keeps you active on the road. There are a variety of ways you can listen to music safely while riding. Choose the method that best suits you and offers the most comfort. Always be attentive and aware of your surroundings while listening to music on a motorcycle. If you have luggage storage issues then you can have saddlebags, sissy bar bags, and tank bags.

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