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Temporary Tattoos for Women - A Complete Guide!

Temporary Tattoos for Women - A Complete Guide!

Temporary Tattoos for Women - A Complete Guide!

Are you afraid of needles and the pain of getting a tattoo? Do you have trouble picking one tattoo design? Do you not like the idea of getting a permanent tattoo on your skin?

Tattoos are quickly gaining popularity and acceptance in America’s mainstream culture. Now that tattoos are no longer stigmatized, women openly express their creativity by getting tattoos. Women often wear tattoos to improve their looks and self-confidence. However, many women do not want to get a permanent tattoo.

Permanent tattoos can lose their meaning or become unwanted over time. But thanks to temporary tattoo techniques, women can get tattoos without worrying about messy body art and expensive tattoo removal procedures.

Many women prefer temporary tattoos due to being fun to wear, cheaper than permanent tattoos, easier to apply and remove, and can come in multiple designs.

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Continue reading to learn everything about temporary tattoos.

1. How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo?

You can apply a temporary tattoo in five simple steps:

  • Clean the area where you intend to place your temporary tattoo sticker. Rub the area for 30-60 seconds and allow it to dry.
  • Remove the backing of the tattoo sticker, and place it on the cleaned area.
  • Once the tattoo is applied, remove the borders and press gently.
  • Leave the sticker on for about an hour, then remove the sticker.
  • Your tattoo will develop within the next 24 hours. Do not shower, apply moisturizers, or rub the area during this time.

2. Best Temporary Tattoos for Women

Just like permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos for women are available in a variety of styles, designs, colors, patterns, and styles. Here are popular temporary tattoo ideas you can draw inspiration from and create your own unique style.

2.1 Temporary Motorcycle Tattoos

Many American women love to flaunt tattoos and ride fast motorcycles. The trend of wearing motorcycle tattoos has begun to spread like wildfire among women.

Passionate female bikers get logos of their favorite motorcycle brands, vintage motorcycles, motorcycle parts, and motorcycle skulls for tattoos. To make their motorcycle tattoos unique, many women prefer getting custom designs.

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Where to Buy Temporary Motorcycle Tattoos?

Custom temporary motorcycle tattoos can be created at My Ink My Story tattoo shop. Here’s how you can create a custom temporary motorcycle tattoo:

  • Visit the official My Ink My Story website and go to the “Get Your Own Custom Ink” section.
  • Next, select the size and quantity of your temporary tattoos.
  • Upload your drawing/design. You can easily find a captivating design on Pinterest or Inked Mag. Just make sure the image is free and will not cause copyright claims.
  • Add your final design to the cart and receive your temporary tattoos within 7-15 days.

You can also buy best-selling pre-designed motorcycle tattoos from Amazon. Different temporary tattoo brands like DopeTattoo sell stylish temporary motorcycle tattoos on Amazon and Walmart. 

Female bikers who enjoy riding Harley Davidson motorcycles can purchase a temporary Harley Davidson tattoo from eBay .

My Ink My Story Temporary Motorcycle Tattoos
Price Depends on tattoo size and quantity (My Ink My Story)
$10 (Amazon & Ebay)
Tattoo Life 3-7 Days
Available Colors Full Color Range
Popular Styles Black & Gray

2.2 Custom Temporary Tattoos for Women

Temporary custom tattoos can be as simple as one’s initials and as complex as a memorial portrait of a loved one, a beautiful scenery, or a surreal image. High-quality temporary custom tattoos will last a couple of weeks.

The most popular temporary custom tattoo styles among women include:

  • Abstract: These tattoos have lines, swirls, flowers, and geometric shapes in different colors. You can use copy-right-free images from the internet for inspiration for your custom tattoo.
  • Mandala Bracelet: Mandala is a unique tattoo style consisting of objects and shapes that are arranged in a circle and point outward. An example is the black mandala bracelet design.
  • Gold & Silver Foil Tattoos: Metallic temporary tattoos are popular as these sparkling bright tattoos are a great way to stand out at parties, events, and gatherings.

Where to Buy Custom Temporary Tattoos?

Ink Box Custom Tattoo allows you to create a temporary tattoo of your own design. They offer a large selection of black or dark blue custom tattoos in multiple styles. Ink Box’s temporary tattoos come with hygienic wipes and simple instructions. The company also offers free-hand tattoo markers, allowing you to etch the designs anywhere on your body.

Ink Box’s temporary tattoos are long-lasting and will be removed completely and painlessly when your skin generates new cells.

Ink Box Custom Temporary Tattoos
Price Tattoos start at $5
Tattoo Life 4-7 Days
Available Colors Dark Blue
Popular Styles for Custom Tattoos Traditional

2.3 Temporary Color Tattoos for Women

Temporary Color Tattoos for Women

Photo Credit: @pinterest

Many women love color tattoos for the colorful aesthetic it gives their skin. Color tattoos have more detail, depth, and style. Flowers, hearts, and butterfly tattoos are examples of feminine color tattoos.

Other examples include a lavender tattoo on the shoulder, a motorcycle chain bracelet, red hearts on the wrist, and a rainbow tattoo on the forearm.

Where to Buy Temporary Color Tattoos?

Tattly is America’s best tattoo company to buy temporary color tattoos. According to the New York Times, “No company has done more to elevate temporary tattoos into wearable body art than Tattly.”

This acclaimed temporary tattoo company produces non-toxic tattoo stickers designed by stellar artists and printed with vegan ink. At Tattly, you can buy tattoos in pairs, sheets, and sets of eight.

Tattly’s Temporary Colored Tattoos
Price Tattoos start at $5.50
Tattoo Life 4 Days
Available Colors Full Color Range
Popular Styles for Colored Tattoos Floral

2.4 Temporary Minimal Tattoos for Women

Minimal tattoos can be simple or detailed depending on personal preferences. Temporary minimal tattoos are available in a variety of styles, including religious tattoos, zodiac signs, geometric patterns, words, and lines.

For a religious minimal tattoo, you can get the image of a cross. A zodiac sign or a line rose tattoo on the forearm are other stylish yet simple minimal tattoos.

Where to Buy Temporary Minimal Tattoos?

Momentary Ink is an online tattoo shop where you can buy temporary minimal tattoos, semi-permanent tattoos, and realistic tattoos. The tattoo company uses a special matting solution that gives their tattoos a realistic look.

Inked Mag and Refinery 29 have praised Momentary Ink for creating realistic tattoos with a life-like feel and appearances and full-sleeve tattoos.

Momentary Ink’s Temporary Minimal Tattoos
Price Tattoos start at $9
Tattoo Life 2-4 Days
Available Colors Full Color Range
Popular Styles for Minimal Tattoos Religious
Line Work

2.5 Temporary Full-Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Female tattoo enthusiasts can get temporary full-sleeve tattoos with custom, floral, lace, and geometric styles.

Where to Buy Temporary Full-Sleeve Tattoos?

Amazon is the best platform to buy affordable full-sleeve temporary tattoos from popular brands. Pinone Temporary Tattoo is one such popular brand that offers creative full-sleeve tattoos for women. They usually offer packs of 10+ tattoo sheets featuring high-quality colorful depictions of butterflies, flowers, birds, hearts, and cute animals. Pinone’s temporary full-sleeve tattoos can also be applied to the legs, back, waist, and shoulders. 

Pinone Temporary Full-Sleeve Tattoos
Price Tattoos start at $9
Tattoo Life 3-7 Days
Available Colors Full Color Range
Popular Styles for Full-Sleeve Tattoos Black & Gray Realism
Line Work
American Traditional

2.6 Temporary Face Tattoos for Women

Face tattoos have been significant in women’s history. During medieval times, face tattoos symbolized status, coming of age, beauty, and achievements. In the modern day, American women today have been reviving old tattoo traditions by getting chin lines and three-dot tattoos on the side.

Examples of contemporary feminine face tattoos include a rose tattoo on the eyelid, a small 3-D butterfly tattoo on the forehead, a bird tattoo on the cheekbone, and small musical notes near the ear. 

Most of these temporary tattoos can be drawn with free-hand tattoo markers. For colorful tattoos, women can buy tattoo sticker sheets from Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Where to Buy Temporary Face Tattoos?

You can buy temporary face tattoos from Conscious Ink . The company provides non-toxic, vegan, and cosmetic-grade inks certified by the FDA. Conscious Ink’s tattoos are personable, safe, and gentle on the skin. 

Conscious Ink Temporary Face Tattoos
Price Depends on tattoo size and quantity
Tattoo Life 5-7 Days
Available Colors Full Color Range
Popular Styles for Face Tattoos Dots
Empowering Symbols
Lightning Bolt

2.7 Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo for Women

Do you have patchy eyebrows and find it difficult to fill the gaps correctly? Women with thin eyebrows can have difficulty creating perfectly shaped eyebrows with a simple make-up kit. Temporary eyebrow tattoos are the hassle-free option, allowing women to sport perfect eyebrows every day. With temporary eyebrow tattoos, women can keep up with changing eyebrow trends without having to spend a cent at a salon.

Where to Buy Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo?

Whether you want thin eyebrows, glitter eyebrows, or thick bushy eyebrows, you can buy Godefroy’s temporary eyebrow tattoos from Amazon. The tattoo brand creates high-quality, water-resistant, and smudge-proof eyebrow tattoos that can be applied within seconds and last for a week.

Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos
Price Tattoos start at $9.99
Tattoo Life 2-5 Days
Available Colors Black
Popular Styles Available in all eyebrow shapes

3. How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo?

Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos will start to crack and fade after a few days of application. But if you need to remove your temporary tattoo immediately, follow two simple steps:

  • Apply coconut oil, baby oil, or an oil-based cleanser on the temporary tattoo with a cotton pad or alcohol wipes.
  • Keep rubbing in circular motions until your tattoo comes off completely.

4. Takeaway

Temporary tattoos are a popular fashion trend among women passionate about tattoos but not keen on getting permanent body art. Temporary tattoos have evolved into high-quality images that look almost as good as permanent tattoos.

All temporary tattoos are easy to apply and come off by themselves between two days to a full week. Temporary tattoos are available in multiple styles and designs at cheap rates, allowing you to flaunt a new tattoo often. You can use this time to plan your next temporary tattoo or consider making the current tattoo permanent. 

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