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Realistic Temporary Tattoos For Men

Realistic Temporary Tattoos For Men
Temporary Tattoos for Men 
Where Can Men Buy Temporary Tattoos? 
Momentary Ink Conscious Ink Tattly  InkBox  My Ink My Story 
Popular Temporary Tattoo Styles for Men 
Motorcycle Tattoos  Minimalist Tattoos  Animal Imagery  Memorial Tattoos  Horror Imagery  Tribal & Religious Tattoos  Word & Quotes Fine Lines & Sacred Geometry  Japanese Tattoos
Advantages of Temporary Tattoos for Men  
Cheap  Painless  Easy to apply, hide & remove  A variety of designs & styles  Wear different tattoo for a different event  Short-term; zero commitment 
Ephemeral Temporary Tattoos 
The best temporary tattoos that last for one year. 
Skin Hazards: Usually none; buy high-quality vegan tattoos to prevent rashes, allergies, and itching.
Price: Temporary tattoos start at $10-$25 

According to a 2019 Ipsos poll, three out of ten Americans have at least one tattoo, with the numbers growing steadily in recent years. From Instagram feeds, coffee shop advertisements, and the front covers of fashion magazines, images of heavily tattooed men can be found almost everywhere.

Plenty of men love to get permanent tattoos; however, permanent tattoos can lose their charm and become burdensome with time. Fortunately, it is possible for men to get temporary tattoos instead.

Temporary tattoos have quickly become just as popular as permanent tattoos in American culture. Many tattoo companies work with world-class tattoo artists to create ultra-realistic tattoos that safely come off within only a week.

If you are curious about tattoos but don’t want to get permanent body art, then this article is for you!

1. Where to Get Realistic Temporary Tattoos for Men?

The best tattoo companies to buy a temporary tattoo include:

These tattoo companies use advanced technology to create temporary tattoos in multiple styles. Each of them have a team of skilled tattoo artists who design beautiful tattoos available for purchase.

If you are unable to find the specific tattoo design you want at any of these online temporary tattoo shops, use their custom tattoo services to make the tattoo design you want.

How the Custom Temporary Tattoo Works

  • Click on the custom tattoo option
  • Choose the size and number of tattoos
  • Upload your custom design as a jpg file
  • Add the design to the cart 
  • Get your tattoo design within 8-10 days

2. Best Temporary Tattoo Ideas for Men

Before getting your first temporary tattoos, look over the custom tattoo design ideas for men listed under infra. Whether you want a full-sleeve Japanese tattoo, surreal images, motivational quotes, simple designs, trash-polka, American, or abstract tattoos, this list has something for everyone.

2.1 Motorcycle Tattoo

Motorcycle tattoos symbolize travel, freedom, and adventure. Men can get tattoos of motorcycle parts and their favorite motorcycles whether they own a motorbike or not. Motorcycle tattoos can come in a variety of themes and styles, the most popular being trash-polka, black and gray, American traditional, and 3-D. To learn more about motorcycle tattoo designs for men, click here

You can wear temporary motorcycle tattoos for a motorcycle rally, festival, bike show, or tour with friends. Temporary motorcycle tattoos for men look best on the forearms, biceps, back, shoulders, and chest.

2.2 Minimalist Tattoo

The trend of simple minimalist tattoos is still popular today. Examples of minimalist tattoos include clean black lines, small dots, waves, flying birds, shapes, stars, leaves, birth year, full name, initials, and zodiac signs. Most of these designs are available in many different color schemes.

It is possible to wear multiple minimalist tattoos instead of one complex permanent tattoo. Minimalist temporary tattoos look best on the hands, wrists, neck, collarbone, shoulders, and forearms.

2.3 Temporary Fine Lines

It is possible to get straight, curved, or chaotic fine line tattoos. Fine-line tattoos can be small and minimalist or large and complex. Mandalas are considered the best fine-line tattoos.

Fine line tattoos look best on the collarbone, neck, shoulders, biceps, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers.

2.4 Animal Imagery

Animal imagery can represent many things. It could represent positive traits like leadership, compassion, nobility, and courage or hint at their favorite animal.

Wolves are considered the most meaningful animal imagery tattoo. Black and gray realistic wolf tattoos symbolize loyalty, guardianship, strong familial bonds, and wisdom. Similarly, felines are a popular tattoo design representing resilience, intelligence, strength, and power.

2.5 Japanese Tattoo

Japanese tattoos have intricate designs, bright colors, and complex themes that have made them favorites among tattoo enthusiasts.

2.6 Words & Quotes

Tattoos of motivational quotes and soothing words can inspire you during difficult times and help you achieve your goals.

2.7 Tribal & Religious Tattoos

Tribal symbols, crosses, cultural patterns, and religious scripts can make for beautiful tattoos. For tribal and cultural tattoos, you can draw inspiration from Polynesian tattoos. You can also use the image of a cross or Bible verse for a religious tattoo.

2.8 Horror Tattoos

If dark themes, spooky characters, and haunted houses are your thing, then get a horror tattoo. Horror tattoos are perfect for Halloween and horror movie night with friends.

2.9 Memorial Tattoos & Portraits

Memorial tattoos can help you honor and grieve for a loved one. Many men use memorial tattoos to maintain their bond with the deceased.

Examples of memorial tattoos are names and portraits of loved ones. You can also create custom tattoos based on your favorite family photographs to keep their memories alive.

3. Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Tattoos

3.1 What Are the Advantages of Temporary Tattoos?

  1. Temporary tattoos are non-invasive. Unlike permanent tattoos, no needles are used to insert ink into the skin; instead, you apply a sticker on the skin and the tattoo develops within 24 hours. 
  2. Whether you are getting or removing a permanent tattoo, both procedures cause excruciating pain. On the other hand, applying or removing a temporary tattoo is completely painless. 
  3. You can easily get different temporary tattoos for different events and celebrations. 
  4. You can change the placement of your temporary tattoo whenever you want. 
  5. You can change the design, color scheme, size, and style of your temporary tattoo whenever you want. 
  6. Temporary tattoos last only for a week and can be easily removed.

3.2 Are Temporary Tattoos Expensive?

Temporary tattoos cost between $10-$25 if you purchase high-quality stickers from popular brands like Tattly and Momentary Ink. The number of sheets/sets, size, and design can increase the price of temporary tattoos.

3.3 Is There a Temporary Tattoo That Lasts for a Year?

Founded by Vendan Shah, Brindle Pierre, and Joshua Sakhai,   Ephemeral has created bio-absorbable ink that fades completely after a year. Ephemeral tattoos are real tattoos applied by skilled tattoo artists using reliable tattoo equipment. You can select a design from their pre-made gallery or provide your own unique custom tattoo design.

Ephemeral Tattoo Studios

Ephemeral Tattoo Studios 
Studio Location  Address 
Brooklyn, NYC 111 North 5th Street Brooklyn, New York 
Los Angeles, California  131 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, California 
San Francisco, California  962 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California 
Miami, Florida 7924 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 107 Miami, Florida  
Houston, Texas   1665 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas 
Atlanta, Georgia  696 A- Cleburne Terrace, Atlanta Georgia

All Ephemeral Tattoo Studios have sanitized and stylish modern workspaces. The Brooklyn studio is hosted by some of America’s most skilled tattoo artists who believe that made-to-fade tattoos are the future.

Exact Fade Time

All Ephemeral tattoos fade within 9-15 months. Depending on an individual’s body type, these temporary tattoos may fade sooner.


Ephemeral offers two tattoo categories:

  1. Subtle: Small, simple, line tattoos
  2. Statement: Medium to large complex tattoos 

The price of Ephemeral’s subtle tattoos starts at $195, while the cost of statement tattoos starts at $350.

Price Quote

Once you set an appointment date, you will get a special design survey that will determine whether your tattoo design goes under the subtle or statement category. The price will vary depending on the category, style, and design.


Ephemeral only accepts appointments. Walk-ins are not welcome.

3.4 Can Temporary Tattoos Damage Your Skin?

High-quality temporary tattoos are made of harmless FDA-certified vegan inks. However, some tattoo companies use toxic inks that can cause skin allergies and blisters.

3.5 Can Men Wear Temporary Ankle Tattoos?

In the past, ankle tattoos were more popular among women. However, the demand for ankle tattoos has grown equally among men.

4. Takeaway

Temporary tattoos are for curious individuals who like to try out different fashion trends. Due to improved tattooing technology, temporary tattoos have become difficult to distinguish from realistic permanent ones. Men who want to look tough without being stuck with needles can just get realistic temporary tattoos.

With customization options, you can get a high-quality custom temporary tattoo in almost any style and design.

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