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Harley-Davidson Street 750: Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Harley-Davidson Street 750: Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

The Harley Street 750 is an entry-level machine for beginner riders. Back in the day, Harley-Davidson was famous for its extraordinary build quality and powerful engines. However, Harley probably has a large collection of motorcycle models that is bigger in number than any other motorcycle company.

Later on, Harley-Davidson lost its position because of the same typical Harley style and ergonomics. In the year 2013, it was trying to save its reputation by finding a way to attract new riders. The competition was tough and the competitors were selling well, which meant Harley needed a low-priced machine that should find success with entry-level riders.

In the year 2014, Harley-Davidson introduced the Street models and the Harley Street 750 came as a savior of Harley productions.

If you are a fan of Harley Street models because of all the comfort they provide and all the class these motorcycles maintain then Street 750 could be a good choice for you.

So, keep reading with Viking Bags to find out what makes the Harley Street 750 an awesome bike.

1. A Brief History of the Harley Street 750

The Harley-Davidson Street Motorcycle Series was announced in 2013 by Harley-Davidson. In 2014, the Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 were officially launched in the U.S. as well as some foreign markets like Southeast Asia, India, and China.

Despite dealing with its financial problems, Harley-Davidson has never failed in meeting the customer’s requirements. They knew some of the newcomers out there like to ride slowly as the power of the previous models is too much for them to begin their journey.

Taking this idea, the Harley-Davidson production line ended up making a piece of art for the riders under the scale of 5.10". The company introduced a lightweight machine with all new ergonomics, a compact design, and a new shape. With these extraordinary features, the Harley-Davidson Street 750 definitely has what makes it a potential motorcycle among the members of the younger generation.

However, the price of $7,499 for the newly introduced motorcycle was also an important factor and proved to be a plus point in the success story of Street 750.

2. Harley Street 750 at First Glance

The first look of the motorcycle is really amazing and different from the typical Harley’s previous models. As a matter of fact, this bike became a real success for the company as they introduced a perfect fit for all users, which was affordable, lightweight, easy to maneuver, and most of all, fit people with a small height.

The first look of the bike is awesome. As you look at the bike, you don’t feel that it has been built by Harley-Davidson because of its compact and alienated looks compared to Harley’s previous models. The design of the bike complements the purpose of its making.

At first, you see a Liquid-Cooled Revolution X, V-Twin engine, specifically built to conquer the hot and heavy traffic of urban streets. This enables riders to rely on a smooth response from the progressive throttle to get through any obstacles in their path.

Further, the lightweight of the motorcycle makes it a possible task for everyone. Thanks to the low weight and low center of gravity, lifting the Harley-Davidson Street 750 up off the side stand is easy.

As this is a low-profile motorcycle, the seat height is as low as just 28 inches from the ground, and the narrow design of the seat makes it even easier to reach.

Here comes the most interesting aspect, which helps make maneuvers smooth and provides excellent handling when you encounter rough urban pavement. The tuned shocks of the Harley Street 750 are specifically tuned and dialed in for the weight of the bike, the geometry of the frame, and the position of the rider.

The overall look of the bike is dark, aggressive, and custom-look with all black 2-in-1 exhaust, black aluminum wheels, a café inspired speed screen, the blacked-out front, and the chrome medallion made of steel on the gas tank, collectively making it an awesome bike for low riders.

3. Harley Street 750: Buyer’s Guide

3.1. Is Harley Street a Good Beginner Bike?

The Harley Street 750 is a good-looking bike and will complement your personality as a beginner rider. Moreover, the 749-cc Revolution X V-Twin engine only generates enough power that can be easily handled by every rider. Well, talking about the riding position, this bike is not for guys taller than the 6’ mark.

3.2. How Much Does a Harley Street 750 Cost?

Although the price of this motorcycle was a major factor behind its success, The Harley Street 750 launched with a price tag of $7,499, and if you want to add some premium features as mentioned below, you have to pay a little more than the original price.

  • ABS Option-$750
  • Security System Option-$395
  • California Emissions-$50

It is always harder for beginner riders to find a perfect match for themselves. However, renting a motorcycle is the best way to experience if the motorcycle suits you or if it feels good to ride it and also save you the cost of buying an ill-suited bike. This is the way to find a perfect motorcycle for you.

There are many motorcycle rentals available through the U.S. They will provide your rental services and you can also rent a Harley-Davidson Street 750 easily.

3.3. Does Harley-Davidson Still make the Street 750 Model?

The beginner’s friendly Harley Street 750 has been officially discontinued, putting an end to Harley’s small-and-medium displacement era.

Although, if you want to buy a Harley Street 750, you can find a clean unit on some of the online marketplaces, and also, you can search at some auctions that will definitely cost you some hours from your busy routine.

3.4. Is Harley Street 750 a Good Bike for Long Routes?

The answer is Yes. The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is a perfect companion for long trips. The bike is smooth, the seat is comfortable, the sitting posture is explicit, and the small engine provides excellent mileage.

Although, you can add some aftermarket gear to your motorcycle to convert it into a bagger for your motorcycle tours.

4. Harley Street 750 Pros and Cons

Positive Negative
Low Price Brakes Performance
Best Ride Quality Style and looks Should have been better
Absolute Engine Performance Lack of Features

5. Detailed Specifications

5.1 Dimensions

Length 85.2 in.
Seat Height, Laden 25.7 in.
Ground Clearance 5.7 in.
Trail 4.5 in.
Rake 32
Fuel Capacity 3.5 gal.
Wheelbase 59.8 in.
Tire Front Specification 100/80-17
Tire Rear Specification 140/75 R15
Weight, As Shipped 492 lb.
Oil Capacity (W/Filter) 3.3 qt.
Weight, in Running Order 514 lb.

5.2 Chassis

Wheel, Rear Type Black, 7 Spoke Cast Aluminum with Machined Rim Highlights
Wheel, Front Type Black, 7 Spoke Cast Aluminum with Machined Rim Highlights
Brakes, Caliper Type 2-Piston floated front and rear

5.3 Engine

Engine Liquid-cooled, Revolution X V-Twin
Displacement 46 cu in
Bore 3.35 in.
Stroke 2.6 in.
Compression Ratio 11:01
Exhaust Black 2 in 1
Fuel System Mikuni Single Port Fuel Injection, 38mm bore

5.4 Performance

Engine Torque 43.5 ft-lb
Engine Torque Testing Method J1349
Engine Torque (rpm) 4000
Lean Angle, Left (DEG.) 28.5
Lean Angle, Right (DEG.) 28.5
Fuel Economy 55 mpg
Fuel Economy Testing Method Estimated City/Hwy

5.5 Electric

Guages 3.5-inch electronic speedometer, with high beam, turn signals, low oil pressure, neutral, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, blade key ignition, and fork lock, and locking gas cap
Lights (As Per Country Regulation), Indicator Lamps Neutral, high beam, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, turn signals, low fuel warning

5.6 Drive Train

Primary Drive Gear, 36/68 ratio
Gear Ratios (Overall) 1st 14.272
Gear Ratios (Overall) 2st 10.074
Gear Ratios (Overall) 3st 7.446
Gear Ratios (Overall) 4st 6.006
Gear Ratios (Overall) 5st 5.037
Gear Ratios (Overall) 6st 4.533

6. Aftermarket Luggage and Modification Options for Harley Street 750

Although the Street 750 is a low-rider bike and is made for urban riding, there is no restriction on customizing your bike by installing aftermarket parts, like motorcycle seats and sissy bars.

Some riders adore riding from one state to another. On your way, you’ll need to navigate your location, and holding the phone in your hand or placing it on your handlebars might be uncomfortable. A magnetic tank bag with a front transparent pocket would be the best choice in this regard.

Therefore, if you are using your Street 750 for daily commuting and you have to transfer stuff, a pair of good quality saddlebags would be your choice. Just make sure, you are not installing large luggage bags , though the bike is low-profile and large bags won’t suit it.

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