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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Paint

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Paint

Part of your responsibility as a motorcycle rider is to take good care of your motorcycle to ensure it operates correctly and lasts for a long time. A motorcycle should be coated with high-quality paint to protect the frame from the environment. Paint can also improve your motorcycle’s look and prevent corrosion.

This article discusses how to choose the best motorcycle paint.

Choose the Right Motorcycle Paint

1. Steps for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Paint

1.1 Check the Quality of the Paint

Whether a specific color is suited for your motorcycle depends on the quality of the paint. You can determine the quality of paint based on its texture. Good-quality paint will always have a smooth texture. Motorcycle manufacturers typically provide a code listing the ingredients used to make the paint.

1.2 Get Recommendations from Manufacturers

If you need advice on what motorcycle paint to purchase, you can get recommendations from motorcycle manufacturers or other riders. It is helpful for you in choosing the right paint for your motorcycle. You can ask the manufacturer what paint color would best suit your motorcycle.

You can also ask friends or other riders who own the same motorcycle as you. Another option is checking online journals, forums, and articles for tips on the best motorcycle paints.

1.3 Conduct Research on Different Paints

Conducting research on the best modern paints for your model will give you a better idea of the available options and let you compare and contrast their characteristics. There are different modern paints that are being manufactured for modern motorcycles, so make sure to do research and choose the best modern paint.

1.4 Check the Cost of the Paint

The prices of paints vary between brands. To ensure you buy high-quality and affordable paint, you should visit several paint shops and compare their price lists. Make sure the paint you choose is compatible with your model, has a reasonable price, and will last for a long time after being applied.

2. Factors to Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Paint

2.1 Keep Your Budget in Mind

Create a budget plan for the motorcycle paints before looking for a paint store. The budget plan will help you manage your finances and determine which paints from which stores you can afford.

2.2 Check the Reviews

When picking possible motorcycle paints, conduct online research to check the ratings and reviews of paint stores and their paints to evaluate their reliability based on customer input.

2.3 Check Each Paint Store’s License

Only purchase from paint stores with licensed individuals qualified to evaluate the quality of paints, answer any questions you may have, and sell them to you. Be sure to ask for proof of a license before you start browsing at a paint store.

3. Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Paint

Keep the following factors in mind when buying motorcycle paint:

  • Determine how much depth the color of the paint should have. Compare different paint formulas that offer deep, rich, and authentic colors.
  • Determine how many coats of paint you want to apply on your motorbike. It’s recommended you prioritize paint that provides full coverage with a few coats. For this task, self-priming paints are the best option but they will cost you a little more.
  • Make sure the paint is durable enough to withstand cleaning with peeling. Your motorbike will be easier to clean if you use a shiny coat of paint.

4. Choosing the Best Type of Motorcycle Paint

Listed below are the types of motorcycle paint you can choose from:

4.1 Brush Paints

Brush paints can be applied with sprayers and brushes to give your motorcycle a fresh look. Many experienced riders use these paints to add unique patterns and designs to the fuel tanks.

When applying brush paints, you must keep a steady hand and apply the coats of paint evenly in the same direction.

Listed below are some of the best brush paints for motorcycles:

Rust-Oleum 253499 Automotive Premixed Auto Body Paint


  • Does not come off at moderate speed
  • Dries evenly with the addition of a catalyst


  • Guide doesn’t include the cure time
  • Creates a high glossy finish only when sprayed heavily

Dupli-Color BSP200 Jet Black Paint Shop Finish System


  • Ready-to-apply formula
  • Takes less time to dry
  • Includes lacquer


  • Slightly transparent against candy paint colors

Speedokote High Gloss Jet Black 2K Acrylic Urethane


  • More reliable
  • Shiny gloss for a single-stage paint


  • Thinner than other paints
  • Requires applying several coats

POR-15 Gloss White Top Coat Paint


  • Offers protection from wear and tear
  • Rustproof


  • Stays wet if applied on vertical surfaces

Rutland Premium 1400 Degree F High-Temperature Brush-On Paint


  • Can handle high heat
  • Creates a flat solid black finish


  • Requires heat curing and a high heat primer

4.2 Spray Paints

Spray paint can be applied to your motorcycle’s frame with a more even coating. This type of paint also does not require sanding once applied.

Spray paint cans have a nozzle that you can point and press on the parts you want to color.

Spray paint has its color fully blended and ready for use.

When using spray paint, stand at a safe distance from your motorcycle to make it easier to evaluate the thickness of the paint when being applied to your bike. Hold the spray paint vertically and spray the mixture gradually.

Listed below are some of the best spray paints for motorcycles:

Dupli Color EDE1615 Ceramic Aluminum Engine Paint


  • Heat-resistant


  • Long curing time (Must wait two hours after applying the first layer; full cure requires five days)

Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Universal Gloss Black Perfect Match Automotive Paint


  • Dries quickly
  • Easy-to-use
  • High-quality
  • Ideal for touch-ups


  • Older cans are often clogged
  • Low quantity

Krylon KA8620007 Automotive Undercoating


  • Rust-resistant
  • Can be applied on any metal surface


  • Can still stain even when dry
  • Emits odor

Rust-Oleum Automotive 260771 11-Ounce 2000 Degrees High Heat Spray


  • Includes instructions
  • Easy-to-apply


  • Requires heating and cooling to dry
  • Longer curing time

POR-15 Chassis Black Top Coat Spray Paint -15 fl. Oz


  • Fills in cracks and hardens
  • Offers UV protection
  • Doesn’t need a top coat


  • May peel off

4.3 Airbrush Paints

To apply airbrush paint, you need an airbrush gun, a compressor, and diluted paint. This type of paint helps you keep the paint layer as thin as possible.

Airbrush paint is applied more uniformly and does not need paint thinner to improve the consistency. Airbrush paint creates a more equal and thin layer.

Airbrush paints can be applied on almost any surface and material, making them highly versatile.

Listed below are some of the best airbrush paints for motorcycles:

Auto AIR Colors from Createx


  • Excellent durability
  • Doesn’t clog
  • Has bleed inhibitor


  • Doesn't create a glossy surface
  • Requires a top coat

Createx Airbrush Colors


  • Contains no contaminants
  • Doesn’t cause health issues


  • Requires paint thinner

House of Kolor Airbrush


  • Comes premixed
  • Comes with clear coat and dry reducer
  • Large quantity


  • Emits odor

Wicked Colors from Createx


  • Comes with reducer
  • Can be used with certain primers and clear coats


  • Limited color options
  • Less quantity

Iwata Medea Com Art


  • Comes premixed and ready-to-use
  • Easy to clean up
  • Dries quickly


  • Thin look
  • General & vague instructions

Golden High Flow Acrylic


  • Can be applied with multiple tools
  • Easy-to-use


  • Comes in small bottles
  • Low quantity

Vallejo Metallic Air Paints


  • Can be mixed with water to thin the paint
  • Easy to mix


  • Certain colors may clog the spray tool

5. Last Words

Painting a motorcycle can transform its look and provide protection from debris and rust. To find out which type of paint is best for your motorcycle, you must check the quality of the paint, conduct research, get recommendations from manufacturers, and go to the right motorcycle paint store. Good-quality paint with a color that complements your motorcycle’s appearance can help make it look brand new. There are a variety of aftermarket parts available at Viking Bags, including sissy bars, crash bars, fairings, seats, luggage racks, saddlebags, and backrests.

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