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Honda CBR300R: Detailed Specs and Performance Review

Honda CBR300R: Detailed Specs and Performance Review

2022 Honda CBR300R

2022 Honda CBR300R
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1. 2022 Honda CBR300R Detailed Technical Specifications

2022 Honda CBR300R
Basic Info
Manufacturer Honda – Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer
Model CBR300R
Year Model 2022
Introduced In 2015
Motorcycle Type Sports Bike
Warranty One-Year / Unlimited Mileage Factory Warranty
Base MSRP Non-ABS: $4,899
ABS: $5,099
Displacement 286 cc
Layout Four-Stroke, Single-Cylinder Engine
Stroke 63 mm
Bore 76 mm
Fuel Delivery Programmed Fuel Injection
Throttle Body 38 mm
Valve Train Four Valves per Cylinder
Engine Cooling Liquid-Cooled
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Horsepower 30.4 hp at 8,500 rpm
Torque 27.1 Nm at 7,250 rpm
Top Speed 97.85 mph
Fuel Economy 71 mpg
0-60 mph 6.36 sec
Quarter Mile Sprint 15.14 sec at 85 mph
Drive Train
Transmission Six-Speed Manual Transmission
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Wet Multi-Plate Clutch
Frame Tubular Steel Frame
Front Suspension 37 mm Front Fork
Wheel Travel 4.65 in
Rear Suspension Spring Preload Adjustable Pro-Link® Mono-Shock
Wheel Travel 4.07 in
Front 17-inch Five-Spoke Wheel
Rear 17-inch Five-Spoke Wheel
Front 110/70-17
Rear 140/70-17
Front 296 mm Single Disc Brake
Rear 220 mm Single Disc Brake
Seat Height 30.7 in
Ground Clearance 5.7 in
Wheelbase 54.3 in
Wet Weight 354 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.4 gal
Length 80 in
Height 44 in
Width 28.3 in
Trail 3.9 in
Rake 25.3°
ABS Standard
Under-Seat Storage Standard
Grab Rail Standard

2. Color Options: 2022 Honda CBR300R

3. Overview of the Honda CBR300R

The Honda CBR300R was introduced in 2015 as the replacement for the Honda CBR250R, with the primary goal of catering to the Asian motorcycle market. In order to remain competitive in the American and European markets, where it rose to prominence as an entry-level sports bike model, the displacement size was increased by 50 cc.

The smallest displacement model in the Honda CBR sports bike lineup, the CBR300R, is made especially for riders who are new to riding or who just want a sporty, light, and nimble bike.

4. Honda CBR300R’s Detailed Review

4.1 Exclusive Look

The Honda CBR300R is a fairly simple bike with basic development despite its fashionable appearance. However, this sports bike’s ride quality and smooth operation make it special and perfect for beginners. The dashboard is also quite basic with an analog gauge, along with a small digital display screen. The Honda CBR300R boasts perfectly aligned body fairing and an impeccably balanced appearance. Even though the Honda CBR300R is the lightest CBR sports bike, it is certainly the most beautiful sports bike you can ever own, with aesthetics comparable to those of the most expensive extreme sports bikes. This motorcycle has an excellent finish and is notable in general. Nothing about this bike will give the impression that you're a novice.

The Honda CBR300R benefits from reduced air drag and swift execution as a result of its flawlessly simplified geometry overall. A robust front-end design is ensured by the fuel tank's smoothed-out, bulbous-looking design, and the front fairing's considerably longer length.

4.2 ABS Variant

You can also opt for the ABS variant of the Honda CBR300R by paying an additional $200 on top of the base price ($4,899) to ensure reliable braking. Depending on the agility of this motorbike, it is recommended that you should buy the Honda CBR300R ABS.

4.3 Power Figures

The Honda CBR300R’s power production may seem inadequate to most riders, but if you are a beginner or even an intermediate rider, a 30.4 hp of horsepower and 27.1 Nm of torque can keep you entertained while riding. The power is readily available with even a small twist of the throttle, making this motorcycle accelerate at a rapid pace. Being a sports bike, the Honda CBR300R can attain a maximum speed of 97.85 mph. This motorcycle can jump from rest to 60 mph speed in only 6.36 seconds.

4.4 Seat Characteristics

The Honda CBR300R is fitted with a tailor-made step-up flat seat to keep the seat height low. A 30.7-inch seat height is ideal for a sports bike to make sure both the rider’s feet touch the ground when the motorcycle is parked or stopped at the traffic signal. The uniquely designed flat seat is wide from the back and narrows down as it integrates with the gas tank, ensuring maximum control and better riding posture while riding.

4.5 Smoothness on the Road

The installation of the counterbalance shaft allows the single-cylinder engine to run smoothly without producing any turbulence. Though it is not normal for a single-cylinder engine to operate without producing vibrations and uneven power delivery, the Honda CBR300R’s engine produces smooth power delivery. It guarantees characteristics of both single and multi-cylinder engines, including being narrower, lighter, and smoother.

4.6 Highly Agile and Flickable

Another outstanding feature of the Honda CBR300R, which makes it highly agile and flickable, is its low weight of 160.57 kg. Being lightweight is a tremendous advantage in the sports bike category as it can pick pace easily and smoothly.

4.7 Performance

Though the Honda CB300R is marketed as an entry-level, beginner-friendly motorbike, it must not be considered suitable for those with no prior riding experience. You must be capable of managing an agile sports bike that picks up the pace quickly. It is a perfect motorbike for city travel, and you can also ride the Honda CBR300R comfortably on busy roads. However, as soon as you get this motorcycle on straight open roads, it unleashes itself as a true sports bike. Honda has been successful in manufacturing one of the lightest and most agile sports bikes.

4.8 The Science of Ergonomics

Sports bikes are not constructed to be relaxed to ride. Through aggressive riding style, concentrated air resistance, and better-modernized features, they are intended to give supreme swiftness and performance. There are numerous omissions, such as sports bikes like the Honda CBR300R.

The Honda CBR300R is assembled with an upright riding stance in mind, so you can ride it anywhere, even in the city, daily. However, this does not disqualify you from using the Honda CBR300R for track day riding.

4.9 Unwavering Quality

Though it is simple and light, you receive a good motorbike with high-quality parts for $4,899. If you buy this sports bike, you will receive the best value for your money because Honda promises minimal maintenance expenses, and it also needs less adjustment and care.

4.10 Cost Element

The Honda CBR300R is one of the most inexpensive and relaxed sports bikes available on the market. Its dependable build, matchless performance within its class, and simplicity are what make it stand out from its opponents. You may not get such a first-class bike at such a low price range.

5. The Bottom Line

The entry-level class is not always built specifically for beginners. There are certain low-powered bikes in the market that can perform on par with several notable motorcycles. The Honda CBR300R is one of those sports bikes that are sometimes marketed as beginner-friendly bikes, but when it comes to performance, this bike stands out. It is fast, agile, nimble, light, and stylish enough to make even intermediate and expert riders choose it over several other motorcycles. If you have no prior sports bike riding experience, you probably will not be able to handle this sports bike. Apart from beginners, the Honda CBR300R is equally suitable for those looking for a thrilling, fast, comfortable, and fun riding experience either within the city or on track roads.

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