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Benefits of the Harley-Davidson Factory Warranty

Benefits of the Harley-Davidson Factory Warranty

Motorcycles are becoming bigger, more complex, and more expensive over time, especially if you are looking to buy a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Purchasing a motorcycle is a one-time investment, but what can worry you the most is the repair costs and to keep the motorcycle in good shape. You can be in trouble if your Harley motorcycle breaks down due to the failure of an expensive motorcycle part. If your bike does not have adequate coverage, it can create more problems for you. Before you buy a new motorbike, make sure you are aware of the repair costs, costs of motorcycle parts, and warranty clauses. Like most motorcycle manufacturers, Harley Davidson also offers a reasonable warranty that can be quite beneficial. Read this article to learn about the benefits of the Harley Davidson factory warranty.

1. Benefits of the Harley-Davidson Factory Warranty

Harley Davidson is the most popular American motorcycle brand and Harley motorcycles are the most frequently seen on American roads and highways. Harley Davidson fans and customers have always remained loyal to the brand even when it faced tough times and therefore, expect that the company will cover any major repair costs, provide timely roadside assistance, and not leave them in trouble in the middle of the road if the motorcycle breaks down. To learn about the benefits, let’s first discuss the Harley-Davidson Factory Warranty and what it covers.

1.1 Harley Davidson Factory Limited Warranty

Upon buying a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, the company offers a limited warranty of two years. Harley Davidson will cover any such repair costs or issues with your motorcycle. However, it does not cover common wear and tear parts, including tires and brake pads. Harley Davidson ensures that the number of miles you cover on your motorcycle within two years does not affect your right to repair. Your warranty will not become void even if you have completed 10,000 miles on your Harley motorbike within two years. You can claim your warranty at any authorized Harley Davidson dealership.

What Comes of The Official Warranty if You Sell Your Motorcycle Within Two Years?

If you buy a new Harley Davidson motorcycle and decide to upgrade to a new motorcycle before two years of the official warranty duration, the warranty will be transferred to the new owner. It is a good selling point to convey to the new owner if you are selling your motorbike within two years after the purchase date. Furthermore, it helps your motorcycle retain its resale value.

1.2 What the Warranty Covers?

Fender-to-Fender Coverage

Harley Davidson's official warranty, also defined as fender-to-fender coverage, includes everything that comes between the front and rear fenders, excluding the items that undergo usual wear and tear. If there is anything faulty, or defective, or there is some issue in the motorcycle’s craftsmanship and material, Harley Davidson is responsible for repairing your motorcycle if the issue arises within two years after the day of purchase. For all the repairs that fall under the warranty, the owner will not be charged anything. The coverage includes both the cost of repair, new parts if required, and labor costs as well.

1.3 Harley Owners Group Membership

The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) membership is another benefit that you can avail while buying a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. You get a one-year membership of the group and can avail roadside assistance only once a year if you have the basic membership. You can renew your H.O.G. membership after it expires. With the basic membership, you can get help from a mechanic/technician if your motorcycle breaks down due to an electrical or mechanical issue during a road trip. The mechanic will either resolve the issue or help you reach the nearest Harley-Davidson dealership to fix your motorcycle.

You can also get an ultra or ultra plus membership for additional coverage and services, including towing and transportation, meals, and coverage of more than one motorcycle. You can also become a lifelong member of the Harley Owner Group.

1.4 Harley Davidson Extended Warranty

You can extend your motorcycle coverage even after the expiry of a two-year Harley Davidson limited warranty by signing up for the five-year factory extended warranty, commonly known as an Extended Service Plan (ESP). The extended warranty is also applicable on unlimited mileage. The extended warranty coverage covers several motorcycle parts, including the engine, and starter system, fuel injection system, gearbox, electronics, suspensions, and gauges.

If you own an old Harley Davidson motorcycle and purchase the extended service plan of 5 years, you will have to pay $50 per visit to the Harley Davidson dealership for repair. There are also different types of Harley Davidson extended service plans, including the standard and the premium. You can call the customer care center any time if you want to get information regarding the factory warranties.

The good thing about the 5-year extended service plan is that there are no hidden charges and the price does not exceed $50 per visit.

The expert mechanics and technicians who perform repairs at the Harley Davidson dealerships are highly-trained professionals trained at the factory.

With the Harley Davidson extended warranty/service plan, you can avail the same benefits that come with the Harley limited factory warranty, including the fender-to-fender coverage and unlimited mileage.

In case your Harley motorcycle requires a replacement of a motorcycle part, original factory equipment will be used that will last longer than aftermarket parts.

Who Can Avail Harley Davidson Extended Warranty?

A new Harley Davidson motorcycle owner can extend its two-year factory warranty to seven years by purchasing the five-year extended service plan.

Harley Davidson also offers an extended service plan to owners of old Harley Davidson models. However, there are a few conditions that must be fulfilled to avail this plan, including:

  • Your motorcycle must be of 2015 model or newer
  • Your motorcycle must not be ridden more than 60,000 miles.

If you fulfill these two conditions, you are eligible to purchase the Harley Davidson extended warranty.

2. What the Limited Warranty Does Not Cover?

The following things are not covered under the Harley Davidson factory warranty:

  • The limited warranty does not cover regular maintenance and service. The owners are expected to keep their motorcycles maintained at their own expense.
  • It does not cover tires and brake pads as these parts naturally wear out as you use your motorcycle.
  • One must understand the difference between a warranty and insurance. A warranty does not cover accidental loss, property loss, loss of time, and medical costs due to accidents.
  • Harley Davidson's limited warranty also does not cover any damage to the motorcycle due to negligence.
  • The warranty will not cover any loss or damage to your motorcycle if you are using it in sports racing.
  • The company will also not cover your expenses under the warranty if the motorbike has been damaged due to being misused, mistreated, mishandled, stored incorrectly, or abused.
  • Harley Davidson will also not cover any loss or damage to your motorcycle if you are using it for off-roading.
  • The company will not cover any losses/damage to the paint and external parts caused due to negligence, storing incorrectly, and using the motorcycle in harsh conditions.
  • Another important clause of Harley Davidson’s factory warranty states that the company will not be covering any loss or damage to your motorcycle if it is caused by war, insurrections, and acts of God, including lightning, flood, hail storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

3. What Voids the Haley Davidson Warranty?

If you have bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, you must know that certain modifications can void your warranty. If you do not want to lose the warranty, make sure to avoid installing cheap and low-quality aftermarket parts. Most riders make changes to their motorcycles, including tweaking the motorcycle engines and installing aftermarket exhaust systems to increase the power and sound of their motorcycles. As a result, they lose the warranty.

On the other hand, you can also lose your warranty if you install a Screamin’ Eagle part by yourself or an unauthorized motorcycle shop. Customizing your motorcycle to transform it into a race bike can void your motorcycle's official warranty. So, consult with a professional mechanic or an authorized Harley dealer before making any changes to your motorcycle.

Don’t be in a hurry if you want to customize your Harley motorcycle. Wait for at least two years until your warranty expires to make any changes to your motorcycle.

4. Can You Call Off the Harley Davidson Extended Warranty?

There is a specific duration mentioned in the warranty contract, specifying the duration of the cancellation period. You can avail the full refund if you change your mind and cancel the warranty within this specified period.

5. The Bottom Line

Harley Davidson motorcycles are equipped with high-quality parts and are built with extra care to last longer. Despite being reliable, once in a while, you will need to get certain repairs and replacements done to your motorcycle to ensure smooth operation. These repairs can be expensive if your motorcycle is not covered by the warranty. To ensure you enjoy stress-free rides on your Harley Davidson motorcycle, the company offers multiple factory warranties. The factory limited warranty is a 2-year fender-to-fender coverage that comes while purchasing a new Harley motorcycle. If you want to extend your warranty to make it a 7-year plan, you can purchase the 5-year extended service plan to be eligible for free-of-cost repairs and replacements of parts. You can also avail the ESP if you want to get your old Harley Davidson motorcycle covered. However, your old motorcycle must be a 2015 model or newer. The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) standard membership that comes after purchasing a new Harley motorbike makes you eligible to receive roadside assistance if you are stuck in the middle of the road during a cross-country tour.

If you love to travel long miles on your motorcycle and enjoy stress-free rides, it is better to have your motorcycle covered. Along with the peace of mind, you can also enjoy more comfort on long-distance rides by installing useful aftermarket parts, including fairings, crash bars, sissy bars, and backrests. If you are planning to go on a long motorcycle trip that can take you more than three days, it is better if you are carrying your essentials and luggage to be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Viking Bags also offers loads of luggage-carrying options to install on your motorcycle, including saddlebags, motorcycle trunk bags, tank bags, backpacks, and tool bags.

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