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How to Find the Right Motorcycle Dealer for You

How to Find the Right Motorcycle Dealer for You

Choosing the right motorcycle, whether new or used and finding the right dealer are key decisions in the motorcycle shopping process. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, these choices can be both exciting and challenging. While there are various online and physical marketplaces from where you can purchase a motorcycle, dealerships stand out as the most reliable platforms. This article will explore the benefits of motorcycle dealers and will also explain how you can choose the right motorcycle dealer for yourself.

1. Understanding the Term “Motorcycle Dealer”

A motorcycle dealer includes any business or organization that offers motorcycle sale and purchase services. Hence, motorcycle dealers do not work in an individual capacity, rather they are representatives of a motorcycle business. Motorcycle dealers are responsible for providing information about motorcycles on sale to potential buyers, generating leads, completing sales of used or new bikes, and providing assistance in motorcycle financing, repair work, and maintenance. Motorcycle dealers may also help you purchase specific aftermarket parts from the dealership for your motorcycle. In this article, the term “motorcycle dealer” refers to a dealership or any marketplace, whether physical or digital, where motorcycles are sold and purchased. Therefore, if you approach a “motorcycle dealer,” you must ensure that the person is associated with a well-reputed dealership. In some cases, a salesman, technician, a finance officer, or a customer service personnel, may also be considered a dealer; however, they are a part of the dealership and not a separate authority.

Private motorcycle sellers usually do not have a wide range of used or new  motorcycle selections. They may have a few collectibles in their garage but not a large inventory. Unlike motorcycle dealers, private sellers do not provide any finance facility, maintenance, or warranty.

2. Benefits of Buying a Motorcycle from a Dealer

Riders who want to buy brand-new motorcycle models should visit authorized  local motorcycle dealerships near them. The authorized dealerships work as an extension of the manufacturers by getting the rights to display the bikes in the showroom and sell them. For example, if you want to purchase the 2023 Harley Davidson Low Rider, it is best to visit the Harley Davidson dealership in your region. Some multi-brand establishments may also have the authority to sell brand-new motorcycles of various popular brands. However, due to market competition and conflict of interest among brands, multi-brand dealerships usually deal in second-hand bikes. Finding the latest model at a multi-brand dealership is a rare occurrence. Either way, purchasing bikes from motorcycle dealers is comparatively better than buying them from a private seller.

Motorcycle dealers are reliable and resourceful. Plus, they offer valuable advice when riders feel undecided about a particular bike. Here are some of the benefits of buying a motorcycle from a dealership.

2.1 Extensive Knowledge

The staff of motorcycle dealerships, including salespersons, customer service personnel, and mechanics, are well-trained professionals who possess extensive knowledge about motorcycles. A potential buyer can learn a lot about motorcycles just by inquiring about the bikes on sale. Even if he decides not to purchase from the dealer, he would be better equipped to strike a profitable deal with a private seller thanks to the knowledge and expertise of a dealer.

On the other hand, motorcycle dealers also help buyers choose the best motorcycles as they are aware of the features, technical specifications, performance capabilities, and build qualities of motorcycles of different brands. Hence, they are better equipped to prevent riders from making impulsive purchases. Whether you are a novice rider or an expert, a dealer’s knowledge can help you buy a motorcycle that is in accordance with your preferences and budget.

2.2 Wide Selection of Bikes

Motorcycle dealerships have a large fleet of used and new motorcycles to choose from. The extensive selection often compels riders to try out a different type of motorcycle. A rider who has always ridden a cruiser would prefer to buy a cruiser unless he is exposed to the possibility of trying out a different motorcycle segment. At motorcycle dealerships, you get a myriad of options, including a sports bike, adventure motorcycle, dirt bike, street motorcycle, cruiser, or a bagger under one roof. You need not visit multiple marketplaces to find the motorcycle you want. This makes the motorcycle buying process time-efficient and enjoyable.

2.3 Well-Maintained Used Motorcycles

Riders who prefer buying a used motorcycle as their first bike often end up purchasing a poorly maintained bike due to a lack of experience. Oftentimes, sellers do not allow riders to take the motorcycles to mechanics for a thorough inspection. Hence, the chances of buying an aged and ailing motorcycle are higher. On the other hand, motorcycle dealers prioritize maintenance of used motorcycles because their reputation is at stake. The dealerships have certified mechanics and technicians who are trained to inspect, repair, and maintain used motorcycles. Dealerships only put up those motorcycles on sale that are in good condition. Moreover, motorcycle dealerships also inform about defects in a used motorcycle so that the buyer is not taken off guard and their reputation is not tarnished. On the demand of the buyers, dealers may perform thorough inspections to the satisfaction of the buyers. The test riders offered also allow riders to ensure that the bikes are free from mechanical issues. Therefore, quality assurance is one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a motorcycle from a dealer.

2.4 Warranty

When purchasing a new motorcycle from the authorized dealership, the buyer has the guarantee of getting the brand new motorcycle supplied right from the factory that is free from mechanical defects. Additionally, the motorcycle comes with the manufacturer’s warranty that covers all the defects and issues that may arise under normal use or specified mileage. Dealerships also offer limited mileage warranties on used motorcycles so buyers don’t have to spend extra money to fix unforeseen issues that may arise after purchase.

2.5 Maintenance Services

As mentioned earlier, motorcycle dealerships have trained motorcycle technicians and modern diagnostic tools. They are well-equipped to provide high-quality maintenance and repair services. Moreover, if a used motorcycle eventually requires a part replacement, dealers provide genuine motorcycle spare parts to increase longevity and improve the performance of your motorcycle. Many motorcycle dealers also keep maintenance records to help you stay at the top of your bike’s maintenance. Moreover, dealerships dedicated to providing premium services to their customers also offer reminder services about important maintenance tasks to help the owners keep their bikes in good condition. This not only ensures a safe and enjoyable ride for owners but also contributes to the resale value of their bikes.

2.6 Trade-ins

Beginner riders who have just acquired their license usually prefer to purchase affordable and manageable entry-level motorcycles. Lightweight, low-powered, and easy to handle, these motorcycles allow riders to improve their riding skills and develop the confidence to ride a motorcycle on the road. However, once riders achieve their initial riding goals it is natural for them to upgrade to faster, heavier, and more powerful motorcycles. On the other hand, some riders tend to change their motorcycles every year or so to try out different motorcycle types, brands, and models. Another advantage of buying from motorcycle dealerships is that you can avail trade-in options. This facility allows riders to upgrade to a mid-sized motorcycle or try out different motorcycle segments that one usually does not practice riding on, such as sports bike, tourer, a high-power cruiser, etc. Through trade-in services, motorcycle dealers allow riders to exchange their bikes for newer bikes of different categories. Therefore, allowing riders to change their rides more frequently. So if you get easily bored from one type of motorcycle, you should approach a famed dealer and avail trade-ins.

Besides the opportunity of riding different bikes, through trade-ins, dealers save riders from the hassles of selling their older bikes. Through trade-ins, you no longer have to bear the burden of finding buyers, searching for an affordable well-maintained bike, negotiating a profitable deal, and completing the required legal paperwork.

2.7 Finance Facility

Many motorcycle dealers are known to have finance departments that provide loans to buyers who are unable to fully finance their motorcycle purchase on their own. Through their finance facilities, dealers make it possible for riders to complete the purchase without visiting different banks or money-lenders, who usually tend to refuse the loans.

It is worth mentioning that even though motorcycle dealerships have made it easier to finance the purchase of a motorcycle, some dealers provide these loans against high interest rates. Make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the loan offered before availing this option. Whether you are availing the finance facility from a motorcycle dealer for the first time or one of many times, it is highly recommended that you discuss the terms and conditions of the loan with a legal and finance professional before entering into an agreement.

3. Things to Consider When Choosing the Motorcycle Dealer

If you are convinced that a motorcycle dealer is the right platform for you to purchase a motorcycle, here are some tips to help you choose the right motorcycle dealer for you.

3.1 Determine the Type of Motorcycle

Whenever making an investment, it is customary for buyers to consider different aspects of the purchase. Same is the case with motorcycle shopping. In order to determine the right motorcycle dealer for your next two-wheeler, make sure you ponder over the following questions:

  • Are you interested in the model launched this year, or a new model launched in the previous year?
  • Can you afford the maintenance and ownership costs of a new motorcycle or would you need a finance facility?
  • Would you like your motorcycle to have factory warranty?
  • Are you more comfortable riding a used motorcycle?
  • Which motorcycle brand appeals the most to you?
  • Which motorcycle type is best aligned with your lifestyle, riding style, and riding needs?
  • Do you want to try out the trendy sports bike, adventure motorcycle, dirt bike, a traditional cruiser, or a bobber-style motorcycle?
  • Are you interested in a low-budget motorcycle upgrade?

All of the questions mentioned above will make it easier for you to choose a motorcycle dealer. Not all dealerships will have everything that you need. However, the right dealer will meet most of your requirements. By knowing the brand you want to purchase, you can determine whether to approach an authorized motorcycle dealer or a multi-brand dealer. Checking the inventories of various dealerships can help you determine whether they offer what you are looking for. Also, you can ask for the price of your preferred motorcycle and compare the rates to choose the dealer that offers a fair rate. If you need, make sure you ask about the availability of other services, such as warranty, traded-ins, maintenance, finance facility, etc.

3.2 Check Reviews

Ask around about the best dealers in your social circles. Your family members and friends may recommend you a well-reputed dealership or help you find one by asking other people they might know who ride motorcycles or are interested in motorcycling. But if you are unable to get any sound recommendations from the people you know, then consider posting your query to the members of different online motorcycle communities, facebook pages, rider forums, motorcycle brand forums, etc. You can also search for different dealers online on Google Maps and check reviews. Online motorcycle communities offer unfiltered information about the quality of service and motorcycles at a particular motorcycle dealer.

The reviews will help you find out about the quality and types of services offered at the dealership. However, it is worth considering that reviews can help you find dealerships, but the experience of each individual is different. Therefore, pay a visit to the dealership before arriving at a conclusion.

3.3 Check the Inventory

Visit the shortlisted motorcycle dealers to check their inventories and rates. Make sure you prepare and ask relevant questions about the motorcycle to test the knowledge and expertise of the salesperson and the technician responsible for maintaining the bikes. Also, make sure you have an idea of the market rates to avoid overpaying for a bike. Especially for used bikes, check online listings at Cycle Trader or eBay to compare the features, age, condition, and price of the bikes.

3.4 Ask for Bike Maintenance Records

Unlike Premiere Motorsports, not all motorcycle dealers hand-pick their motorcycle inventory. Many bikes that are displayed at the dealership are often bought at auctions. To make sure that the bike you are buying is worth the investment, ask for the bike’s ownership details, accident records, and maintenance history. Motorcycle dealers should have this information and if they don’t, then consider not buying from the said dealership. Bikes with defects tend to age on the dealership floors and this costs money to the dealers. Make sure you ask how long the dealership has had a particular bike in their inventory.

3.5 Ask for a Test Ride

Authorized dealers do not allow riders to take test rides on the latest models. However, most dealerships allow riders to take a test ride on used bikes. If the dealer seems reluctant to give you a test ride, avoid buying the bike from the dealer.

3. Last Words

From the above discussion it can be concluded that finding the right dealer is just as important as determining the right bike for your riding needs, style, and budget. Dealers not only help simplify the purchase process, but they also facilitate the buyers by providing relevant information about bikes that have the potential to become worthwhile investments. Moreover, motorcycle dealers offer finance facilities to riders, so they don’t miss out on buying their dream bike due to lack of investment. It is worth mentioning that before approaching a dealer to purchase a motorcycle, make sure you complete the necessary requirements, such as completing a motorcycle safety course, taking the DMV exam, and acquiring a valid license. This is because motorcycle dealerships require buyers to have a valid license or endorsement. A learner’s permit is usually not enough to purchase a bike. Since licensing requirements for motorcycle purchase vary in different states, make sure you ask about and understand the dealership’s internal policies and state-specific rules to avoid inconvenience.

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