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2024 Honda Shadow Phantom: Cooler Than Ever Traditional-Style Bobber

2024 Honda Shadow Phantom: Cooler Than Ever Traditional-Style Bobber

1. Overview

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Honda Shadow is one of the most conventional and dominant cruiser series by Honda with several notable models. The Shadow series has ruled the classic cruiser market for several years and is still holding a firm position in the old-school cruiser market with its current Honda Shadow lineup.

The Phantom legacy started in 2010 and it continues with the same grace and bold style. The Honda Shadow Phantom is the most practical, convenient, and easy-to-ride bobber-style cruiser. Despite being a very basic and stripped-down cruiser, it still carries a bold and modern bobber look. It is quite low to the ground which makes it one of the most user-friendly cruisers with a highly manageable power output. The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom model has brought a completely restyled look with exciting and bold new paint jobs and performance upgrades. Continue reading this article to learn more about the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom, its detailed specifications, performance review, and the changes in the 2024 model.

2. Detailed Technical Specs

2024 Honda Shadow Phantom Detailed Technical Specs
Basic Info
Brand Honda – Top Japanese Automobile Manufacturer
Model Name Shadow Phantom
Model ID VT750C2B
Motorcycle Type Bobber-Style Cruiser
Category Middleweight; Intermediate-Level
Introduced in 2010
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty with Unlimited Mileage
Trims Honda Shadow Phantom Honda Shadow Phantom ABS
Base Price Non-ABS: $8,399 ABS: $8,699
Displacement 745 cc
Type 52° V-Twin; Four-Stroke Engine
No. of Cylinders Two
Valve Train Three Valves Per Cylinder; SOHC
Stroke 76 mm
Bore 79 mm
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Fuel Delivery System Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Exhaust System Separate Blacked-Out Short Dual Exhaust Pipes
Torque 47.9 lb-ft / 64.94 Nm
Horsepower 44.6 hp
Fuel Economy 56 mpg
Emission Standard Meets (Current EPA Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) Standards
Gearbox Five-Speed; Wide-Ratio
Final Drive Shaft Drive
Clutch Standard; Wet Multi-Plate Clutch
Frame Steel Tube, Double Cradle Frame
Front 41 mm Front Fork
Front Wheel Travel 5.1 in
Rear Five-Position Spring-Preload Adjustable Dual Rear Shock Absorbers
Rear Wheel Travel 3.5 in
Front 296 mm Single Disc Brake with Twin-Piston Caliper
Rear 276 mm Single Disc Brake
Front 120/90-17
Rear 160/80-15
Front 17-inch Wire-Spoked Wheel
Rear 15-inch Wire-Spoked Wheel
Seat Height 25.6 in
Curb Weight 543 lbs / 246.3 kg
Wheelbase 64.6 in
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.9 gal
Trail 6.3 in
Rake 34°
Ground Clearance 5 in
Height 42.1 in
Color Options: 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom
Orange Metallic
Deep Pearl Gray

3. What’s New in the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom Model?

Upgrades for 2024 Model Year
New Paint Jobs Firstly, the Honda Shadow Phantom has received a fresh and exciting look with two completely new and bold paint jobs, including the deep pearl gray/black with silver and gold accents and orange metallic with white and silver accents.
New ABS Variant Honda has released a separate ABS variant for the 2024 year model. Now you get the choice between the base and ABS variants.
Sportier Flat Handlebars One of the most evident differences between the 2024 and the previous-gen Honda Shadow Phantom models is the handlebars’ style. The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom boasts a sportier stance with slightly flat-style handlebars fitted on risers compared to the slightly pulled-back handlebars installed in the 2023 model.
Introduction of the Solo Rider Seat The single-piece two-up saddle in the 2023 model is replaced with a stylish, well-stitched, and cushioned solo rider seat.
Slightly Upgraded Front Suspension The fork assembly is also upgraded with a fresh-looking front suspension, guaranteeing improved wheel travel
Altered Dimensions The seat height on the 2024 model is successfully reduced by 0.2 inches, the overall curb weight is also reduced by 6 lbs (Non-ABS model), and the fuel tank size is increased by 0.2 gal. Though the changes in the dimensions of the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom may sound negligible or small, they create a noticeable impact on the overall feel and ride quality.
Revised Gauges The fuel tank-mounted gauges are more compact in the 2024 model.
Completely Matte Black Finish The chrome mufflers are also replaced with a new pair of separate dual matte black exhaust pipes. Almost every part of the 2024 model has received a matte black finish, providing a more trendy look to this bike.
Other Changes in Style Elements and Parts The other major elements that have been replaced with new ones in the 2024 model are the new cylinder fins, rubber boots installed on the front fork legs, air cleaner cover, and newly designed front and rear mudguards.

4. Detailed Performance Review: 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom

4.1 More Trendy and Bold Look

The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom is a modern take on a conventional-style cruiser with design and parts that take inspiration from a sports-style cruiser, like the Harley Sportster Iron 883. The most noticeable feature of this cruiser is its lower-to-the-ground appearance as it sits quite low with a seat height of only 25.6 inches. For a more sportier stance, the handlebars are relatively flat than its previous-generation models, resting on top of small risers. The gas tank is slightly wider and flat with a newly-design compact gauge mounted on top of it behind the handlebars. Upfront, the same iconic retro-style round headlamp and the tail light are replaced for a more trendy look.

To give the Honda Shadow Phantom a proper bobber-style look, it receives an extra cushioned and well-stitched solo rider seat with a little lower back support for the rider during the ride. The front and rear fenders are further chopped to shred a few lbs. The rake of 34° and trail of 6.3 inches are kept the same even in the 2024 model which works exceptionally well to improve its linear stability and front-end chopper look. The beefier and blacked-out front forks are replaced with simple fork legs and new covers. The all-new stylish paint jobs give the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom a distinctive visual appeal and bold look.

4.2 Chassis, Frame, & Suspensions

The lightweight steel tube, double cradle frame serves as a solid structure to build a lightweight and comfortably manageable sporty cruiser around it. It helps keep the weight distribution and mass centralization low which ultimately brings down the seat height and center of gravity for a well-balanced and easy-to-learn ride. Despite its overall low wet weight of 543 lbs (246.3 kg), it feels lighter when you are riding this bike thanks to its overall low projection and geometry.

To keep the price on the lower side, the Honda Shadow Phantom features a non-adjustable 41 mm front fork with a 5.1-inch wheel travel which is slightly raked out for improved stability and linear performance on straight roads. However, the dual rear shocks are five-position preload adjustable with a 3.5-inch wheel travel adequate for smooth on-road performance.

4.3 Wheels and Tires

Working in collaboration with the suspensions, the fat and bulbous tires of the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom also ensure a smooth on-roading experience with good control and grip. To provide an overall low profile, the bike is fitted with 17-inch front and 15-inch rear wire-spoked wheels, enhancing its retro look.

4.4 Braking Power

Apart from the aesthetics and styling of the Honda Shadow Phantom, the stopping power is tremendously improved with a few upgrades in this unit. The front braking assembly is the same as it was present in the 2023 model, including a 296 mm single disc brake with a twin-piston caliper. However, towards the rear, the drum brake is replaced with a 276 mm single disc brake, along with the addition of the optional ABS to improve ride safety.

4.5 Engine & Performance

Before you consider buying the Honda Shadow Phantom, you must know that it is not a performance cruiser. You shouldn’t be expecting this bike to go over 100-120 mph on straight and open roads or win drag races. If you see it as a user-friendly and approachable motorcycle for most riders, you may not find a better motorcycle than this. The Honda Shadow Phantom perfectly suits the American cruiser market due to being highly reliable and a great value for the money. It falls under the middleweight bobber-style cruiser category that fits perfectly for city roads traveling, stop-and-go riding on busy roads, and cruising comfortably on highways and open roads thanks to the low overall weight.

The Honda Shadow Phantom houses a 745 cc 52° V-Twin engine which delivers 64.94 Nm of torque and 44.6 hp of horsepower at the rear wheel. This bike can comfortably go at a constant speed of around 60 mph without the engine and handlebars producing any buzz.

Another clean-looking feature of this bike is its low-maintenance shaft final drive coupled with a five-speed wide-ratio transmission which guarantees smooth operation on roads. The powerplant is capable of producing a nice and addictive V-Twin exhaust note that you would expect from a high-end cruiser bike.

4.6 Ergonomics & Approachability

The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom is quite basic, yet a very cool-looking bobber and suits almost all riders with different riding skills. A 543 lbs of wet weight and 745 cc of engine displacement may not be highly suited for new riders. However, the low stance and approachability of this bike make it an extremely user-friendly bike when it comes to handling and keeping it stable during the ride. It is not only safe for new riders, but you can enjoy riding this bike due to its light clutch action, responsive braking, adequate throttle response, and agreeable ergonomics.

This bike features a low seat height and pleasant ergonomics thanks to the forward-mounted foot controls. The handlebars are also at an agreeable distance from the rider’s reach to ensure a sportier stance. Despite being lower to the ground, the Honda Shadow Phantom provides good room for riders to adjust their limbs comfortably. This bike comfortably accommodates both taller and vertically challenged riders due to being built smartly.

4.7 Good Value for the Money

There are many things that this bike can do but most importantly, the Honda Shadow Phantom is well known for its reliability, simplicity, affordability, and above all, good value for the money. It is a great-looking bobber built using good-quality parts and has a flawless design available at a price tag of $8,399 (base model).

5. Ups & Downs: Honda Shadow Phantom

5.1 Ups

  • Visually appealing bobber-style cruiser
  • Good value for the money
  • Low seat height
  • Good for both taller and vertically challenged riders
  • Fat front and rear tires
  • Easy to manage and handle
  • Good for daily commutes and city travel
  • Perfect bike to ride in stop-and-go traffic
  • Suitable for long miles

5.2 Downs

  • Low ground clearance
  • Low powered
  • Base/entry-level performance
  • Low cornering clearance

6. Final Verdict

The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom is a phenomenal middleweight bobber-style cruiser with good all-round performance capabilities. It is not the most exciting big V-twin cruiser with a large displacement size but if you are looking for a reasonable and useful bike for your transport, it ensures the best value for the money. Whether you choose to take this bike for short-distance rides, commuting within the city, maneuvering on busy roads, or you want to take it long miles, it will not disappoint you.

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