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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclists

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclists

1. Introduction

As the winter months of 2022 draw closer and closer, the holiday season does too. Many motorcyclists spend their remaining time in fall trying to squeeze in as much time with their vehicles as possible before winter arrives. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming around the corner, these festive times may be good opportunities for you to show your love and appreciation for any motorcyclist friends or family you have. Aside from spending quality time together, the best way to spend the holidays with your motorcycle friends and family members is by buying them gifts that will improve the riding experience.

Many motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories can be stylish add-ons that will give your friend’s or family member’s vehicles a cool, new look. Motorcyclists especially love equipment that is both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. It is possible to get high-quality motorcycle parts, gear, and luggage at affordable prices at Viking Bags.

2. Viking Bags Motorcycle Saddlebags

If your friend or family member relies on their motorcycles as primary modes of transportation to work, school, etc., they may need a way to carry their belongings. Viking Bags’ motorcycle saddlebags have a large storage capacity due to being constructed with multiple pockets along the front and sides. The leather saddlebags are either made from Viking leather or Cordura fabric, while the hard saddlebags are made from reinforced fiberglass. These materials ensure that the saddlebags retain their shape when empty, are protected from incoming debris and bad weather conditions, and keep your belongings safe.

Though most motorcycle saddlebags are fastened on the sides towards the motorcycle’s rear, other smaller saddlebags can be positioned elsewhere. Handlebar bags and windshield bags have smaller storage capacities but are easily accessible. Depending on the specific type of motorcycle saddlebag, they can either be opened or closed using zippers, straps and buckles, or locks and keys. Most Viking Bags’ luggage options come with padlocks that make it difficult for thieves to steal your belongings.

You should be able to find saddlebags designed for cruisers, street bikes, dirt bikes, and café racers. It is also possible to find saddlebags that can fit onto any type of motorcycle known as universal saddlebags. There are Viking Bag saddlebags suited for Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, Indian, Hyosung, Triumph, and Can-Am models.

Leather Saddlebags:

Hard Saddlebags

Handlebar Bags:

Windshield Bags:

3. Viking Bags Motorcycle Backpack

If you wish to give a type of motorcycle luggage that can be useful on and off the motorcycle, then a versatile option would be a motorcycle backpack. Thanks to the padded shoulder straps, it is possible for your friend or family member to wear this bag while riding, allowing them to carry more luggage beyond their vehicle’s minimum storage capacity. When the motorcycle is parked, riders can take their backpacks when hiking, going to school, heading to work, etc.

Viking Bags’ motorcycle backpacks are constructed either out of Viking leather, canvas, fiberglass, or Cordura fabric. Though the softness of the material varies, all of these fabrics ensure that the backpacks are weather-resistant and tear-resistant. Because of their aerodynamic design, they help reduce air drag and improve the overall performance of your friend or family member’s motorcycle. The sternum or waist strap makes it possible to adjust how tightly the backpack is so that it fits more comfortably when carried.


4. Viking Bags Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags

If your friend or a family member has a sissy bar attached to their motorcycle or you plan to give them a sissy bar, you should provide a sissy bar bag to go along with it. Despite what the name implies, it is possible to mount sissy bar bags to sissy bars, luggage racks, and backseats. They arguably have the largest storage capacity out of all of Viking Bags’ motorcycle luggage due to having multilayered pockets towards the front and sides. Many of the larger sissy bar bags also include a detachable roll bag that can be strapped or buckled at the top. Because of their size and the extra accessories, this luggage comes with multiple straps, including roll bag, mounting, and backpack straps.

While meant to provide extra storage space when there is no room left on your friend or family member’s motorcycle, the shoulder and backpack straps make sissy bar bags ideal for hiking or camping trips. They also come with rain covers that can help reduce the amount of moisture absorbed by the bags and keep the contents from getting soaked.

Sissy Bar Bags:

5. Viking Bags Motorcycle Parts

Getting replacement or aftermarket parts for your friend or family member will be greatly appreciated since you would be helping them upgrade or repair their motorcycles. At Viking Bags, you can find the required parts needed to ensure the motorcycle functions optimally and is considered street legal, including handlebars and seats. Though these mandatory motorcycle parts perform only basic functions, they also have a stylish and clean look that will compliment your friend or family member’s vehicles.

Certain accessories will offer extra protection, increase storage capacity, and improve comfortability. The luggage racks and sissy bars are lightweight steel frames that create stable platforms to place extra luggage bags. The sissy bars can also function as a backrest; just make sure to attach a sissy bar pad so that there is a comfy cushion. The crash bars form a narrow cage around your engine, and the fairings will serve as a buffer for your motorcycle’s front.

Crash Bars:



Luggage Racks:


Sissy Bars:

Sissy Bar Pads:

6. Motorcycle Apparel

Your friend or family member may appreciate wearing appropriate clothing that looks cool and allows them to ride comfortably even with the wind blowing against them. Riding against the wind at high speed can cause body temperature to decrease and can cause riders to become fatigued. Wearing thick jackets and long trousers will help riders retain most of their body heat. Plus, their leather or textile fabric is tear-resistant and will protect riders from scraping if they fall off their vehicles.

Leather or textile vests can be worn over jackets or shirts, with logos, slogans, or images stitched onto the back. Aside from protecting riders from scraping if they fall off their vehicles, they can be customized with different patches and designs. Wearing gloves will help improve a rider’s grip when holding the handles and will help better protect the hands from harm.


  • Men’s Jackets
  • Women’s Jackets


  • Men’s Trousers


  • Men’s Gloves
  • Women’s Gloves


  • Men’s Vests
  • Women’s Vests

7. Conclusion

Deciding what you should give as a gift, whether in advance or at the last minute, can be a hard yet important decision. Putting in significant thought regarding what your motorcyclist friend or family member would like will pay off tremendously when you see the look of delight on their faces upon seeing their presents. Whether you get that special someone a motorcycle saddlebag, backpack, sissy bar bag, parts, or apparel, make sure that the gift is genuine and expresses how grateful you are. The holiday season passes faster than you might think, so try to make it memorable for those who love to ride motorcycles.

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