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Best Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags for Your Long Trips

Best Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags for Your Long Trips

1. Introduction:

A sissy bar bag is a valuable addition to your motorcycle luggage storage. These bags are capable of easily carrying your gear and other stuff and make your shoulders feel free.

There are plenty of other luggage options like tank bags, swing arm bags, saddlebags, and many more.

Following is a list of the best sissy bar bags for you if you are planning to go on a long trip.

Viking Bags has plenty of other options and the best motorcycle luggage bags for you. All Viking products are designed, manufactured, and sold by Viking bags that is why we are offering you great quality and top-class products at the best and cheap prices.

Here we have motorcycle luggage for every type and brand of bike you want. From a huge variety of bags for different motorcycles to every type of bag.

Mount the leather motorcycle sissy bar bag with your passenger backrest and start your tour. There are some known faults to these bags too, as there are always some pros and cons to things.

Recently Viking Bags has introduced trunk bags and they instantly became so popular. If you are interested to get a motorcycle trunk, you should have a look!

2. Pros

You can mount sissy bar bags on the back seat and you can also convert it into a backrest for yourself. You can mount these on the passenger backrest very conveniently.

Sissy bar bags by Viking Bags are made from high-quality CORDURA or leather . These bags are light in weight and highly durable . Our bags also haveremovable shoulderstraps. These straps alleviate the bag so that you can carry them easily.

However, these motorcycles Issybar bags do not have good and classy looks, but they superbly do the work.

These bags are capable of more storage than motorcycle trunks and other luggage.

The sissy bar bag has removable cylinder sacks. You can utilize it as a pillow alternative while camping. But if you are planning to put items in them then make sure they are lightweight and non-breakable.

3. Cons

Adding the cylinder case extends the bag dimensions that make the bike less aerodynamic. Additional bags affect the motorcycle’s balance and center of gravity, whether it be a sissy bar luggage or saddlebag.

So, you should pack properly and carefully. Improper loading can cause severe damage, which should end badly. Evenly distribute the weight, pack heavy stuff at the bottom, and distribute the weight between bags.

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4. Best Sissy Bar Bags for your Long Trips:

4.1 Viking Extra Large Plain Green Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags:

While mounted this Sissy bar luggage bag on, you have full access to your whole stuff. It has stitching of high quality on its borders.

Clean look, for matching your motorbike, saddlebags, and clothing. Fits most sissy bars, backrests, or carry-on racks.

Hence, it is strengthened rapidly with a durable hook and loop strap and its universal assembly system is quite impressive.

Viking leather and Corduraare used to make this sissy bar bag for motorcycles.A full-size roll bag is removable.Shoulder straps,backpack straps, top carrying handle , and rain cover are all included in the main compartment.

A shoulder strap and top carrying handle are included with this Sissy Bar Bag. On the top pocket, there is an organizer. Zipper pulls that can be locked. Extra storage and organizing are provided by an inside mesh pocket.

4.2 Viking Aero Medium Expandable Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags:

Viking leather is used to make this Aero Expandable Motorcycle Sissy Bag. Up to 5.5-inch expandable body and roll bag. It has a sleek weather-resistant design.

The top roll bag has a detachable handle and shoulder straps are also detachable and adjustable. There is a rain cover provided.

Four extensible and conveniently accessible side storage compartments . It has border stitching of exceptionally good quality.

Quick-release buckles make it simple to mount in and out. A secure mount is ensured by the adjustable Velcro mounting system and the additional three straps with fast-release buckles.

Most sissy bars, baggage racks, and backrests are compatible with this motorcycle sissy bar bag. Clean look that goes well with your motorbike seat, saddlebags, and riding gear.

4.3 Viking Bags Extra Large Classic Leather Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags:

A full-size helmet can be accommodated in this Classic Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag . Metal frame and 2mm plastic shell provide complete reinforcement.

It is a padlock system that provides security. Stitching of exceptional quality is highly applausive.

Most sissy bars, baggage racks, and backrests are compatible. Easily fastens with a dependable hook and loop strap fastening.

This motorcycle sissy bar luggage has a universal mounting system. Viking motorcycle sissy bar bag is made up of Cardura and heavy-duty Viking leather .

Two little side pockets and one large exterior pocket provide enough storage capacity. Viking Classic Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag is a huge Sissy Bar Bag with a classic look.

The motorcycle bag is constructed of tough Viking leather and contains enough storage to accommodate 2-4 days' worth of clothes comfortably.

4.4 Viking Century Studded Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags:

It has a smooth and elegant design that is catchy. Durable straps and huge chrome buckles are included. Hidden quick-release buckles are included on the straps. Viking leather of the highest quality is used in its making.

Sagging is prevented by the reinforced body. Included are a top carry handle and a removable shoulder strap.

It can be fastened to the passenger seat or attached to the sissy bar easily. There are multiple strap apertures, two adjustable bungee straps, four robust chromed D-rings, and a sissy bar strap.

Easy access from the top front side. Two side pockets provide convenient access to smaller things. Extra storage and organizing are provided by an inside mesh pocket. The chrome studs over the body and lid provide a modern look.

4.5 Viking Revival Series Studded Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags:

Studded Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag from the Viking Revival Series is the best in itself. This Sissy Bar bag has a strong shell body and lid to ensure that it does not drop or lose its form.

Straps for attachments that are resistant to rust are supplied. It is highly weatherproof and water-resistantto ensure the safety of your stuff. This is the ideal motorcycle bag for individuals looking for a lockable, fashionable, and durable bag.

4.6 Viking Bags Axwell Sissy Bar Bag:

Axwell Sissy Bar Bag provides the bag durability and it is maintenance-free as it is weather resistant.

Full coverage gives the bag a clean look also the bag has external pockets for smaller things and internal storage space too.

Viking Bags Axwell Sissy Bar Bags is designed in a way that it can fit on most sissy bars, luggage racks, and backrests.

Except for mounting on a bike, you can easily carry this bag with the help of shoulder straps given.

Although it is water-resistant and weather-resistant, a rain cover is given for extreme protection. The bag successfully keeps the moisture and dust out to keep your items safe.

The rigid construction of this bag never allows it to sag, even if it is empty. Different sizes with the same design are available.

4.7 Dagr Sissy Bar Bag:

The bag is made of Cordurawhich is of the highest quality. The backpack comes up with multiple pockets with zipper ends that ensure the security of your stuff.

You can connect these bags to the bike utilizing the complimentary mounting straps . Backpack straps are given to secure it tightly so that you can ride without any problems or worries.

The price is impressively affordable but after you use the bag it will be worthwhile. This Dagr Sissy Bar Bag is highly weather-resistant and comes up with a rain cover that provides extra coverage.

4.8 Viking Bags Large Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag:

These motorcycle sissy bar bags are flexible with bag liner and hideaway bungee cord hooks. These bags are made of high-class CORDURA nylon with insulation foam panels.

With three outer pockets and huge main storage , this bag is just the perfect one.

It also has side pockets and a detachable roll bag to provide more storage space. It can be made secure with the multiple attaching strapping assembly. The rally pack is super durable and long-lasting.

Viking Bags carries saddlebags for most models which include the Saddlebags for Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Hyosung, and more, some bags are on the way.

Viking bags have separate bags of each type and kind for different types of bikes and riders like dirt bike bags, street bike bags, and cruiser bike bags, etc. there is much more to check out, so head to our stores now and start shopping.

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