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Should You Buy or Rent Adventure Motorcycle Gear?

Should You Buy or Rent Adventure Motorcycle Gear?

1. Introduction

Preparing for an adventurous motorcycle trip can be exciting. But riders often focus too much on their motorbikes rather than preparing what they need for their road trips. Before embarking on a motorcycle trip, make sure you acquire the necessary motorcycle gear to ensure a smooth and safe journey.


But is it better to buy or rent adventure motorcycle gear? Typically, it depends on the rider’s preferences and plans. If you opt for a ride on leisurely roads, then you only need basic gear like a helmet, gloves, and strapping boots. But if you want to go on an intense adventure, it's better to rent full protective gear.

2. Motorcycle Gear: Rent vs. Purchase

Is it better to rent or purchase adventure motorcycle gear?

If you are planning a short trip during the summer, you only need to purchase pants, a jacket, and boots, and rent a helmet, gloves, and other expensive gear. Keep in mind that all of this gear can be purchased or rented so the choice is entirely up to you.


If you don't want to rent motorcycle gear but want to get money back for the gear you purchased, sell the gear you no longer need.

3. Renting or Buying Motorcycle Gear Ensures Better Protection

Motorcycle gear feels comfortable when worn, protecting you from sunburns, noise, extreme weather conditions, bugs, and litter flying through the air, while also preventing severe bodily injuries.

4. Buy or Rent: Right Adventure Bike Gear

As a beginner, you likely want to look cool during your motorbike adventure. Perhaps you have fantasies about wearing branded sparkling goggles and branded jackets that will make your trip more exciting.


Of course, you need quality motorcycle gear for your road trip, but do not get distracted by marketing strategies recommending unsuitable clothing for long motorbike trips.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasonal rider, the best option is to rent motorbike gear. Only if you want to go on a long road trip and are an experienced rider should you purchase gear.


This guide will tell you what kind of motorbike gear you need for your adventure motorcycle trip.

5. Motorcycle Riding Gear for Traveling the World

If you plan to travel around the world, check the climate and temperature ranges of the locations you want to visit. During your trip, you may come across different kinds of terrain that you are not familiar with. The temperature can fluctuate between hot and cold suddenly so you will need to choose your motorcycle gear for adventure motorcycles carefully.


If the temperature ranges between -20° C to +48° C, then you should opt for a lightweight motorbike jacket and waterproof motorbike trousers paired with military shoes and throwovers.


If you are planning to ride through South America, then the lightweight gear is the best option so that you don’t overheat But if you are planning your road trip in colder areas like Russia and Nordkapp, then the waterproof gear is the must option in wintry and crispy weather.


In regions where the climate is constantly shifting, wear thermals underneath your adventure motorcycle gear or a heated jacket. When it rains, take off your throwovers.


To get an idea of different countries’ climate conditions, check out detailed country guides.

6. Adventure Motorcycle Riding Gear Guide

Adventure motorcycle riding gear includes jackets, pants, boots, gloves, helmets, thermals, etc.

6.1 Adventure Motorcycle Helmets

Adventure Motorcycle Helmets

Photo Credit: @advpulse

A good-quality motorcycle helmet is an important part of your adventure motorbike gear as it provides protection for your head. Consult with your friends and check out reviews on social media when trying to find the best motorcycle helmet possible.


It is recommended you purchase your helmet at least one month before leaving on your road trip. If you are considering renting a helmet, test it first to see if it suits your needs.


Purchasing a helmet is usually the better option. Wear and examine all of its features. A motorcycle helmet must perfectly fit around your head and be 100% comfortable. Afterward, if the motorcycle helmet is no longer required, then you can sell it to get a reimbursement.

6.2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Adventure motorcycle boots must be durable and comfortable whether walking or riding your motorbike. Just keep in mind that adventure motorcycle boots are expensive. If you plan to go on a month-long ride, renting your motorcycle boots is the better option. Many riders choose to purchase motorcycle boots rather than rent them if they are going on an extended road trip.

6.3 Motorcycle Jackets and Trousers

Motorcycle Jackets and Trousers

Photo Credit: @madornomad

Your choice of motorcycle jacket and trousers will play a big role in safety and comfort. Your jacket and trousers will help protect you from scrapes if you fall off your motorbike and help retain body heat when riding against the chilly winds.


It is recommended that you buy your jacket and trousers. Their durability will depend on the length of your road trip


It is possible to rent motorcycle gear and clothing at motorcycle rentals.

6.4 Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves

Photo Credit: @planet-knox

It is recommended that you purchase motorcycle gloves. Make sure to take at least two pairs of gloves with you. For cold weather, pick thick and waterproof gloves. For warm weather, thin and breathable gloves are the better option.


If you are able to find a reliable rental shop, you should be able to find gloves to rent. Just keep in mind that the rental prices may vary between shops in different regions.

7. Buying or Renting Adventure Motorcycle Gear: Pros & Cons

7.1 Pros: Renting Adventure Motorcycle Gear

  • Saves your money
  • No space is required for storage
  • Many options to choose a quality gear
  • Do not have to carry from your residency to your destination

7.2 Cons: Renting Adventure Motorcycle Gear

  • Any change in the plan may incur more costs
  • Unavailability of the good gear
  • Cannot get your money back

7.3 Pros: Buying Adventure Motorcycle Gear

  • No compromise on quality or safety features of the gear
  • You can rent your own gear
  • Suits and fits on you ( lifestyle)

7.4 Cons: Buying Adventure Motorcycle Gear

  • Depreciation costs
  • Two gears for warm and cold climate
  • Carrying overheads
  • Costly

8. Conclusion

In the end, whether you decide to buy or rent adventure motorcycle gear, do not take chances with your safety. Your motorcycle gear should be able to protect you from harsh weather conditions. You can rent or buy motorcycle gear from available rental shops nearby as you prepare for your trip.

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