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16 Reasons Why Motorbike Commuting Is The Best Way to Commute

16 Reasons Why Motorbike Commuting Is The Best Way to Commute

Due to public transportation and traffic making travel more difficult nowadays, many people are looking for better ways to commute. One such way is riding a motorcycle. Many people prefer commuting by motorcycle since it can have positive effects on personal health and the environment.

1. Fuel Efficiency

Riding a motorbike to work will help you save money. The average motorcycle has a fuel mileage of 35 to 40 miles per gallon.

Larger motorcycles tend to have fuel mileage above 40 mpg, while smaller motorcycles have a minimum fuel mileage of 100 mpg. We predict that as time goes on, overcoming the fuel crisis and giving consumers performance alternatives will be the main objectives of riding.

The cost of refueling will differ depending on the type of vehicle you ride. An expensive sports bike is not the best vehicle for commuting. Larger bikes are often expensive due to maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, tire prices, and value depreciation. Many riders purchase a  cheaper used motorcycle or  scooter for commutes to save money.

2. Faster Travel

Commuting through cities can be slow and difficult due to daily rush hour traffic. Traveling 10 kilometers in a personal vehicle or using public transportation can take one or two hours.

However, the time it takes to commute on a motorbike can take half the time to travel by car. Smaller two-wheelers can sustain their speed and cover more distance since they can fit through narrow spaces on the road. Even on congested highways, motorbikes can travel at a consistently high average speed better than other vehicles. This will help you save time and avoid getting stuck during rush hour.

If you are traveling in a state where lane splitting is allowed, you might be able to arrive at your destination faster. But try to exercise caution when riding between vehicles and follow all the road laws.

3. More Parking Options

Commuting will be a lot easier if you travel in areas where street parking is allowed. Motorbikes can fit in parking spaces that cars cannot.

Nothing is worse than arriving at work late and having to frantically look for a parking spot. If you're riding a motorbike, you have access to more parking spots as they can squeeze in tight spaces.

Keep in mind that you cannot park your motorcycle in designated handicapped spots or sidewalks. Still, a motorbike has no place in these areas. However, if you frequently spend five minutes or more seeking parking space during your daily commute, consider whether any places are easily accessible for a motorcycle.

4. More Customization Options

In order to have an upgraded ride to work, we advise changing at least the exhaust, if not the tires and ECU programming, and looking at comparable builds with your bike on YouTube.

5. Build Relationships

Commuting to work with a passenger can improve the riding experience. Conversing while on the road will help alleviate boredom and help you stay active while commuting. In case of a breakdown, having a friend with you will help make it easier to make repairs or call for help.

6. Adventure and Exploration

Commuting by motorcycle gives you the opportunity to explore and admire the beauty of nature. Every time a motorcycle rider swings a leg over the engine of their motorcycle, they feel a sense of freedom. The possibilities are limitless in a motorcycle rider's head. All of a sudden, choosing the scenic way seems tempting. You can choose to take a more scenic  off-road trail to get to your workplace.

7. More Time to Ride

When heading to work and returning home, these are opportunities to fit at least two motorcycle rides into your busy daily schedule.

A morning ride will help you focus and prepare for the rest of the day.

When returning home, you can start to relax after a heavy workload.

Both rides can add up to at least 30 minutes of riding time per day.

If you're a beginner, more time spent commuting will help improve your riding skills.

8. Safer Riding

Motorcycle riding isn't as scary as most people believe as long as you ride carefully and responsibly. Most motorcycle-related injuries are due to careless behavior and lack of riding gear. The likelihood of getting into an accident significantly decreases if you strictly follow the basic road laws.

9. Relieves Stress

Recent research studies on modes of transportation for commutes revealed that motorcycle and scooter owners exhibited positive attitudes.

Riders are less stressed if they feel they are in control and do not need to rush. If riders leave early, they should be able to gauge how long it will take to travel and what time they will arrive. Being able to filter through traffic jams, park in smaller spaces, and relax while steering allows for a more laid-back mode of transportation.

Meanwhile, public transportation fares for trains and buses continue to rise, and the vehicles are often behind schedule, and can only follow strict routes and stops.

10. Responsibility

Because a motorcycle lacks a seatbelt and enclosed frame like most four-wheelers, riders have to be extra careful when on the road. Since the rider is exposed, any collisions could result in severe or fatal injuries. By maintaining your motorcycle, refueling the fuel tank, and paying attention to everyone on the road in order to keep them and yourself safe. Having to maintain the motorcycle and your riding gear reinforces that you should put effort into the things to make them work.

11. Style

The aspect of style is another great reason to use a motorcycle for commuting. Buying a motorcycle helmet and riding gear (pants, jacket, shoes, gloves) that complement your motorcycle’s style can help improve your mood on daily commutes. Motorcyclists can try out different types of riding gear, including adventure, off-road, modern vintage, sports riding, etc.

Riders can customize their motorcycles by installing a premium seat cover, adding stylish and comfortable  handlebar grips, and getting sleeker side mirrors.

Commuting on a stylish bike makes you more confident and your ride becomes more fun and enjoyable.

12. Personal Time

It requires a lot of focus and effort from the body and mind to ride a motorbike. All four limbs are engaged when riding, and unlike when driving a car, motorcycle riders must disconnect from contemporary conveniences and accessories. Instead, motorcyclists must pay close attention to the road and the two-wheeled vehicle they are riding.

Being able to disconnect from all the distractions of our modern world, even for only a few minutes, and thus be capable of enjoying solitude and time with oneself, is the main reason why many riders like life on two wheels.

Choosing to ride your motorbike for your daily commute may pay off if you're trying to give yourself some time and space for some quiet time and mental peace.

13. Improves Riding Skills

Daily commuting to work by motorcycle makes you a better rider. Even if you are an experienced rider, riding on a daily basis will improve your ability to filter through traffic and check your surroundings for any road hazards.

If you’re a novice rider, following the example of experienced riders while on commutes can help you learn. You can also ask motorcycle groups on social media for tips. Many experienced bikers enjoy sharing the knowledge they have gathered by riding over years.

14. More Enjoyable

Commuting by motorcycle gives you the freedom to choose your preferred route and make changes if necessary. While a bus or train follows a predetermined route from starting to an endpoint.

Motorcycle commuting does not require you to travel the shortest route. When returning home, you can take a different route if you want to enjoy a change in scenery or go exploring.

15. Improves Health

Riding a motorcycle can be beneficial for your physical and mental health. It creates numerous health benefits as you use many muscles while riding.

A few health benefits of riding are listed below:

  • Stability and Core Strength: Having good core strength will help you maintain an upright sitting position
  • Emotional and Mental Health: Motorcycling can release endorphins that help improve your mood
  • Neck Muscles Strength: Motorcycling can strengthen neck muscles and reduce neck and back pain
  • Maintains the Correct Posture: Motorcycling constantly works several muscle groups which helps improve muscle tone and keeps your body in shape

16. More Sustainable

Riding a motorcycle is more eco-friendly than other vehicles for the following reasons:

  • Motorcycles use less fuel than cars which is beneficial for the environment.
  • A motorcycle takes less parking and road space, which saves time for everyone on the road.
  • Motorcycles emit fewer greenhouse gases than cars

17. Responsibility

Commuting by motorcycle offers more benefits than traveling in any other vehicle. Motorcycling can save fuel and time, make parking easier, make commutes more enjoyable, admire your surroundings, enjoy personal time, relieve stress, improves your riding skills, and is good for your health and the environment. For additional comfort and safety, you should install a crash bar, sissy bar, handlebar, and backrests and for storage, you can install saddlebags.

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