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Top 5 Off-Road Trails in America for ATV Rentals

Top 5 Off-Road Trails in America for ATV Rentals

Speeding down off-road dirt tracks, splashing mud all around, or navigating the difficult terrain is a unique experience. In this article, you will learn about the five best off-road trails in America with the exquisite natural landscape and will challenge your riding skills.

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Furthermore, you can easily find the best ATV rental services near these trails and destinations. If you don’t want to transport your ATV to off-road riding areas, rent one instead.

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1. Black Hills Forest, South Dakota

Black Hills Forest, South Dakota

Photo Credit: @travelsouthdakota

Black Hills is outdoor heaven for off-roaders. This popular tourist destination hosts a large number of touring motorcycles and ATVs.


The National Forest of Black Hills stretches between West South Dakota and Northeast Wyoming, covering at least 1.2 million acres of wilderness.


Amidst the beautiful mountainous landscapes and dense forests, there are 600 miles of ATV trails with rocky gravel roads, canyons, smooth plains, and steep hills.


When exploring the Black Hills on your ATV rental, you can ride on the South Boxelder Trail, Piedmont Trail, Merritt System, Victoria Trail System, and Shanks and Schroeder System.


If you enjoy waterfronts, then explore the Victoria Trail System that takes you by Victoria Creek, Rapid Creek, and Victoria Lake.


On the other hand, if you enjoy steep hills and bendy routes, then ride on the Boxelder Trailhead.


Another major ATV riding attraction is Dalton Lake. Located near Elk Creek, this 15-foot-deep lake is a tranquil environment. Moreover, the lake is home to multiple species of fish, so give your fishing skills a try if you wish.


If you are looking for a challenging trail, then try the Merritt System, a 41-mile-long trail with rugged terrain that connects the Central Black Hills to the Northern Hills. The best time to visit this area is between May and December. However, these trails may close due to unpredictable weather conditions, so check the weather and plan your itinerary ahead of time.

1.1 Rent an ATV for Black Hills, South Dakota

South Dakota’s the Black Hills have hidden treasures for on- and off-roaders. This area has no shortage of ATV rental services, luxury ATV resorts, and ATV trails. The rental service’s close proximity to the trails makes it easy to get your ATV rental to the trails without needing to transport them.

Black Hills Wilderness Edge

Located near the magnificent Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills Wilderness Edge ATV Rental Service offers easy access to the most traveled ATV trails in the Black Hills. You can also explore the Black Hills National Forest for a surreal outdoor experience. In addition, the rental service also includes safety gear, fuel, riding permits, and coolers to go with the ATV rental.

Available Rentals

  • Kawasaki Teryx 2 (two-seater) - $295 Full Day & $235 Half Day
  • Kawasaki Teryx 4 (four-seater) - $395 Full Day & $295 Half Day
  • Kawasaki KRX (two-seater) - $365 Full Day & $285 Half Day
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro (six-seater) - $445 Full Day & $350 Half Day

For more information about time slots, damage waivers, rental requirements, and reservations, visit the Black Hills Wilderness Edge ATV Rental Service’s official website.

Off-Road Adventure Rentals

Get access to over 400 miles of ATV trails near Off-Road Adventure Rentals. As the rental service is located near Robin Roost Road, you will see stunning vistas as soon as you ride your ATV rental out of the facility.


Available Rentals

  • Turbo Razor PRO (four-seater) - starting from $400
  • Ranger XP 1000 (six-seater) - starting from $375
  • Turbo Razor PRO (two-seater) - starting from $350
  • RZR XP1000 (two-seater) - starting from $275
  • RZR XP1000 (four-seater) - starting from $325

ATV Rentals near Black Hills
Rental Service Location Official Website
Black Hills Wilderness Edge 1315 Old Hill City Road Keystone, South Dakota 57751
Off-Road Adventure Rentals 12670 Robin Roost Road, Hill City, South Dakota 57745

2. Taylor Park, Colorado

Taylor Park, Colorado

Photo Credit: @coloradoadventurerentals

Colorado is known for its vivid vistas and scenic landscapes. So if you are in Colorado or plan to have your vacation there, make sure you visit Taylor Park. Taylor Park is located in the Gunnison Forest of Almont, Colorado, this gigantic mountain playground being the hub of all adventures and recreational hobbies.


The ATV riding area stretches over 500+ miles and is surrounded by majestic snow-covered mountain peaks. Riders can explore the remnants of a mine blast dating back to the 1800s. Furthermore, off-roaders love to travel to the Taylor Reservoir near Holt Guest Ranch and the Mirror Lake near the Tincup Pass.


Even though Taylor Park is one of the most crowded ATV areas in the U.S, that doesn’t stop riders from visiting the place. This region offers a wide selection of ATV trails that pass by ghost towns, ruins, stunning lakes, and mountain passes.


Trails you might want to add to your ATV itinerary may include: the Hancock Pass, the Tincup-Taylor Pass, Napoleon Pass, Cross Mountain, Richmond Hill, Taylor Pass to St. Elmo Ghost Town, Alpine Tunnel, and Texas Creek.


Moreover, you can also go river rafting, hiking, camping, and fishing in Taylor Park.

2.1 Rent an ATV for Taylor Park, Colorado

Easily rent an ATV near Taylor Park, Colorado from some of the best ATV rental services listed below:

Colorado Adventure Rentals

Colorado Adventure Rentals is located near Crested Butte, Colorado and has access to the Tincup Trail, Texas Trail, Mirror Lake, St. Elmo Ghost Town, and Holts Guest Ranch. From Holts Guest Ranch, ride another half mile to reach the Taylor Reservoir and other off-road ATV trails near or in Taylor Park.


Other than offering a well-maintained fleet of Can-Am and Polaris motorcycles, this rental service can help you save money on trailers since the trails are close enough that you do not need to transport your ATV rental.

Available Rentals

  • Polaris RZR (two-seater) - $499 per Day
  • Can-Am Maverick (two-seater)- $499 per Day
  • Polaris RZR (four-seater) - $549 per Day
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport (four-seater) - $549 per Day
  • Polaris Ranger Crew EPS (six-seater) - $649 per Day
  • Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo (two-seater) - $749 per Day

Colorado Adventure Rentals also offers ATV rentals at hourly rates, safety gear, and flexible time frames; you can learn extra details and reserve your rentals on the official website.

Elevation 9400 Rentals

The Elevation 9400 Rental is the ATV rental facility located at the Taylor Park Trading Post, a resort in the Gunnison National Forest. The ATV rental facility and resort offer easy access to the off-road trails in Taylor Park and the Taylor Reservoir. Rent an ATV on-site or fill out a rental agreement on the official website. Make sure you print out and bring the form with you to the rental service to pick up your ATV rental.

Available Rentals

  • Polaris RZR XP1000 (two-seater) - $489 Full Day & $340 Half Day
  • Polaris RZR XP1000 (four-seater) - $529 Full Day & $370 Half Day

ATV Rentals near Taylor Park
Rental Service Location Official Website
Colorado Adventure Rentals 215 Crested Butte, Colorado, 81224
Elevation 9400 Rentals Taylor Park Trading Post, 23044 County Road 742 Almont, Colorado 81210

3. Glamis & Algodones Dunes, California

Glamis & Algodones Dunes, California

Photo Credit:

The Glamis Dunes is America’s most stunning desert landscape. The most spectacular feature of the Glamis Dunes is the 300-foot Algodones Dunes. The Algodones are the largest and best sand dunes suited for ATV riding in the United States. Located in California, the Algodones Dunes border along the Mexican state of Baja and the state of Arizona, provides multiple routes for ATV enthusiasts to explore.


Furthermore, the Algodones Dunes has five distinct sections: the Imperial Sand Dunes, Patton’s Valley, Gordon’s Well, Midway, and ButterCup. These interconnected sections create a large off-road riding area 45 miles long and six miles wide.


The best time to visit the Algodones Dunes is from October to March due to the weather being the most pleasant. You can admire the exquisite beauty of the magnificent sand dunes after getting a permit to operate an ATV.

3.1 Rent an ATV for Glamis, California

The Glamis and Algodones Dunes are popular recreation areas with multiple ATV rental services nearby. Listed below are ATV rental companies that offer the best rental rates:

Glamis Rentals

Glamis Rentals is an on-site location with a large fleet of ATV rentals. For beginners, the ATV rental service offers safety guidelines and training.


Along with an ATV, you will be given a map of all the landmarks near the Algodones Dunes such as the Swingset, China Wall, Olds, Comp Hill, Brawley Side, etc.


Renters can book an ATV from Glamis Rentals on site or visit the official website to book your ride using the online reservation system.

Available Rentals

  • 90 ATV - Honda or Suzuki (for Kids)
  • Honda or Suzuki - 250 ATV
  • Honda or Suzuki - 400 ATV
  • Yamaha Raptor 700R SE

You will learn the availability of the rentals, rental rates, required documents, and insurance policies at the time of booking.

Jet Rent

Jet Rent allows off-roaders to enjoy the desert scenery and the thrill of riding an ATV. Unlike Glamis Rentals, Jet Rent is located near different off-road areas, including the Sonoran Desert and Imperial Sand Dunes.


Since it is not an on-site dirt bike rental, Jet Rent also provides trailers so you can transport your ride to an off-road destination with ease.

Available Rentals

  • Honda 250 EX - $40
  • Honda 400 R - $60

ATV Rentals near Algodones
Rental Service Location Official Website
Glamis Rental Glamis Sand Dunes, Vender Row, 5775 HWY 78 Brawley, California 92227
Jet Rent 2972 S Kyla Avenue Yuma, Arizona 85365

4. Brimstone, Tennessee

Brimstone, Tennessee

Photo Credit: @dirtwheels-digital

Brimstone is a national ATV destination and recreation area in the remote wilderness of Northeast Tennessee. Stretching over 20,000 acres, this recreation area is located in the center of the Appalachian Mountains, offering 300 miles of scenic ATV trails suited for riders of different skill levels.


For beginners, there are gravel roads with old logs lined along the sides. Intermediate riders can ride on rugged rocky trails along the streams with small jumps and hills. Experienced riders have access to challenging trails featuring steep hills, log bridges over rushing streams, waterfall jumps, deep mud pools, etc.


Brimstone Recreation has plenty of accommodations, including off-property cabins, camping sites, rustic cabins on campgrounds, hotels, and inns. You can also enjoy fresh food from the local eateries, such as Element Asia, Raezacks Grill and Deli, and El Rey Mexican Food & Café.


Tourists can also enjoy other recreational activities such as golf, horseback riding, visiting the Scott County Museum, camping in the Cumberland Mountains or near Norris Lake, or exploring the Big South Fork National Forest.

4.1 Rent an ATV for Brimstone, Tennessee

Since Brimstone is a national ATV destination, the best rentals are provided by the on-site rental service called the Brimstone ATV Rentals. You can also transport your ATV with a trailer, but you would still have to purchase the riding permits to be able to explore the trails.

Brimstone ATV Rentals

  • Polaris RZR 900 (two-seater) - $260
  • Polaris RZR 400 (four-seater) - $360
  • Polaris RZR XP1000 (two-seater) - $300
  • Polaris RZR XP1000 (four-seater) - $375
  • Riding Permits for Adults - $28 per day
  • Riding Permits for Kids - $15 per day

ATV Rentals near Brimstone Recreation Area
Rental Service Location Official Website
Brimstone ATV Rentals 2860 Baker Highway Huntsville, Tennessee 37756

5. Paiute ATV Trails, Utah

Paiute ATV Trails, Utah

Photo Credit: @utah

Paiute ATV Trails, Utah is one of the largest ATV destinations in America. A 900-mile ATV trail network with diverse wildlife, dense hardwood forests, rugged mountain terrain, green meadows, and gorgeous valleys along the rushing Sevier River. Moreover, the loop on the Paiute ATV Trails is 245 miles long and connected to over 1,000 miles of color-coded side tracks that help riders differentiate between easy, intermediate, and expert trails.


Even during the busy seasons, the Paiute ATV Trails offer some measure of solitude. The trails pass through the Pavant Range, Tushar Mountains, and Sevier Range, with each of these ranges having stunning vistas, quiet surroundings, natural beauty, and cool fresh air. You might even spot deer, elk, or indigenous birds during your expedition.

5.1. Rent an ATV for Paiute ATV Trail, Utah

You can rent the latest ATVs from different rental services in Central Utah. The closest rental services that offer ATV rentals for the Paiute Trails are listed below:

Paiute ATV Rentals

Located in Koosharem, Utah, Paiute ATV Rentals provides off-roaders the chance to explore Central Utah’s magnificent terrain, including the renowned Paiute Trails and the Fish Lake. You have your pick of any of the vehicles from the well-maintained state-of-the-art ATV fleet.


Whether you want a guided tour or an ATV for a solo trip, make sure to reserve your ride online and contact the rental service to make sure that everything is taken care of.

Available Rentals

  • Polaris RZR 4 800 - $250 per day
  • Polaris Sportsman 570 - $175 per day
  • Polaris Ranger XP - $250 per day
  • Polaris RZR 800 - $225 per day

Piute Trail Adventures & ATV Rentals

Located 0.2 miles from the Paiute Trails, Piute Trail Adventures & ATV Rentals is popular among off-roaders for its power sport vehicles suited for off-road trails. The rental service has a simple online rental procedure and an active helpline to make it easier to reserve an ATV.

Available Rentals

  • Maverick Sport DPS 1000R (two-seater) - $285 Full Day
  • Defender MAX DPS HD10 (six-seater) - $345
  • Maverick Sport DPS MAX 1000R (four-seater) - $345 Full Day
  • Maverick Trail DPS 700 (two-seater) - $255 Full Day
  • Outlander MAX DPS 570 (two-seater) - $195

For hourly rental rates, time slots, and rental terms, visit the official website.

ATV Rentals near Paiute ATV Trail
Rental Service Location Official Website
Piute ATV Rentals 99 S Main Street, Marysvale, Utah 84750
Paiute Trail Adventures & ATV Rentals 690 N SR 62 Koosharem, Utah 84744 paiutetrailadventures

6. Takeaway

Riding on unpaved roads with an ATV is most fun if there is natural scenery and wildlife to admire. The off-road trails covered in this article all have extraordinary vistas, diverse terrains, and flawless natural beauty. There are also ATV rental services nearby to ensure planning your itinerary is easy.


This article provides some of the best ATV trails in the U.S, but the riding experience will differ between riders!

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