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Cases & Top Boxes for Scooter

ere at Viking Bags you will find a wide range of Scooter Cases to choose from. The chrome and durable heavy-duty ABS plastic combination for these products offer two kinds of looks – a sleek and shiny for the adventurous rider and a matte finish for our more staid customers. A plastic base mounting plate makes for s sturdy support which keeps them in position despite harsh weather or rough roads that one may be traveling through. This weatherproof quality and the ability to absorb terrain shock go a long way to ease user worries about the safety of the luggage or the goods inside. High quality crafting and performance ensure absolute value for money.
Some of these cases can be attached as top box on the rear of the scooter while others can act as tail boxes, front baskets, GPS cases or even double up as back rests. They are spacious enough to fit in two helmets and still have space for your other essential goods. They are wonderful for holding all the extra items that may not fit into the regular saddlebags. Now you can put these in the Scooter Cases and do away with heavy extra load forever. Every case comes with locks and keys, so keeping your good secure is a breeze. For those who want extra protection, there are advanced models with built on locks as well.

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