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10 Most Famous Motorcycle Camping Destinations in America

10 Most Famous Motorcycle Camping Destinations in America

Riding a motorcycle solely provides aesthetic pleasure but to make it more exciting and joyous you can combine two amusing ideas together.

You can ride a bike somewhere, a place where you can sleep under the starry sky. Ride to a campsite and experience the ecstasy of life.

If you are planning to take a motorcycle ride at some campsite you might need to know about the most famous motorcycle camping destinations in America.

Although it is probably your first experience of motorcycle camping, some basic things you should know before starting your motorcycle engines.

1. A Brief Motorcycle Camping Guide:

1.1 Choose a Motorcycle Campsite:

It is something that you need to decide on at least a week before your departure. Find out the present circumstances and get fresh news feed from the sources.

You must be choosing a campsite that has amenities like picnic tables, toilets, and fire pits, or at least it should be close to civilization.

You may prefer to pick a background motorcycle camping destination, it is no doubt fun, but it is hard to find help when you need it. Without the basic amenities, you cannot satisfy your pleasure instincts and you cannot enjoy without peace of mind.

However, your first task after arriving at the campsite is to find a plain surface

where you can pitch your tent.

Try to find a place near the natural windbreakers like trees but it should not be located at the bottom of a hill. This will assist to stay safe from wind and water.

Your arrival should be early enough that you won’t have to face problems because of the dark.

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2. Motorcycle Camping Gear List:

2.1 Riding Essentials:

Though you are riding your bike all the way to the campsite, ensure you are carrying all riding essentials.

2.2 Riding Outfits:

Weather in such areas is unpredictable, you can’t imagine what is coming. It is crucial to add riding outfits like waterproof jackets and riding shoes, etc to your motorcycle camping gear list.

2.3 Maintenance and Repair Kit:

Do not forget to mount your motorcycle tool bag, riding in the hilly areas is quite risky. Make up your mind already for any type of mechanical emergency and get yourself ready for this.

Make sure you are carrying all the maintenance tools, repair kits, and other

essentials that would help you by any means in case of an emergency.

2.4 Saddlebags:

Motorcycle saddlebags are the best way to carry your stuff. Mount your hard saddlebags on your motorcycle and take a test ride.

Put your stuff in your saddlebags and drive a little to ensure if your bike is balanced or not. Another thing to observe, make sure your motorcycle saddlebags are mounted appropriately, observe if they are making any distortion.

These precautionary steps will help you to prevent distraction and will make your ride convenient and smooth.

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2.5 Motorcycle Lock:

Take maximum security precautions when you are away from your bike. Make sure your motorcycle locking system is perfectly workable.

2.6 Tent:

Choose a tent that is comparatively lightweight and comes in small packing so that you can easily assemble it in your saddlebags.

Make certain if your tent is waterproof and of good quality, it will provide you a convenient tent camping experience.

Pick a big tent that can accommodate two or three people easily. Even if you are camping solitary, you can use extra space to keep your gear and stuff safe, especially in case of rain.

2.7 Sleeping Bag:

The midnight temperature can disturb your sleep. So, check out the temperature range and choose a sleeping bag accordingly.

A sleeping pad is a piece of perfect camping equipment that provides a better night’s sleep even amidst the hills. The lightweight foaming and inflatable models are made in a way to pack down in shockingly small size.

Sleeping bag and sleeping pad both are worth adding to your motorcycle camping gear list.

2.8 Clothing:

Carry a thin yet warm piece of clothing that you can layer up in case the temperature drops.

An extra pair of shoes will help you to wander around the campsites peacefully without aching, wearing riding shoes all time can be tricky.

Although, pack all your stuff in rain-proof bags and containers. Try least to keep your stuff dry and do not get caught by cold. Pack your clothing in rain-proof bags to keep them dry.

2.9 Food and Cooking Gear:

It would be conditional, if you are okay to eat from some hotel or restaurant, you can save some space by not carrying cooking stuff and gear.

But, if you want to cook on-site food, you need to bring a campsite stove and boiler, and remember, do not bring perishable food.

2.10 Water:

While looking around the campsite, make sure you stay hydrated. Although, popular campsites have a spigot that provides clean water, so in this case, you just need to bring a water bottle.

However, in the background campsites, you can get water from natural resources, bring a portable water purification system or purification tablets to clean the water.

There are multiple best quality water purifiers available in the market, you can consider one that provides maximum purification rate.

2.11 Charger:

Undoubtedly, you will bring gadgets like a mobile phone for navigation and your laptop for editing your vlog videos, etc. A solar portable charger is the best way to charge your devices, easily and conveniently.

Another option that you can add on, is a charging port on your motorcycle. You can install a compatible charging port with your motorcycle if you have some technical skills. Otherwise, you can get it from some motorcycle technician.

2.12 Miscellaneous Gear:

There are other gears and things that should include in your motorcycle camping equipment packing i.e. bug spray, camp chair, toilet paper, sunscreen, multi-tool knife, bungee cords, and LED headlamp.

3. Packing Your Saddlebags:

Packing saddlebags for motorcycle camping demands actual mastery and we’ll teach you how to pack your saddlebags perfectly.

The first noticeable thing is to divide the weight. Pack the saddlebags with identical weight so that your bike won’t tumble.

Choose the stuff creatively, pick things with multi-purpose features. For example, except for carrying a camping chair, you can transform your saddlebags/panniers into your camping chair if they are sturdy enough.

Motorcycle camping is more than just camping, it edifies you on how to manage stuff and makes you think skillfully.

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4. Make a Checklist:

5. Group Communication System:

If you are riding with a group towards the campsite, it is compulsory to have a good communication system to stay in touch with everyone and to communicate throughout the way.

5.1 Check-out your Bike:

You cannot risk camping on a motorcycle that is in poor condition. It should be a moment of dismay for you and your co-riders as well.

Make sure your motorcycle is in excellent condition. Take a test ride, at least a week before you leave for the campsite, it will help you to find out potential

issues and you can take it to the mechanic, timely.

5.2 Check out your Exhausts:

Check out if your motorcycle exhausts are free of any type of attachments. Make sure none of your motorcycle luggage bags is touching the exhausts.

This is crucial to notice if you don’t often ride with saddlebags.

5.3 Check-out the Weather:

Camping in the rain seems no fun. Check out the weather forecast from some authentic resources. Predictions do not work, so don’t put your camping trip at stake and check the weather conditions before leaving.

5.4 Tell your Family and Friends:

“Sharing is caring” we all are familiar with this saying. Tell your family and friends about your plans and let them know where you are heading. It is compulsory just in case if you are met with an emergency, they can easily find your location.

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6. Best Motorcycle Camping Destinations in America:

6.1 Yosemite National Park, California:

There is a reason behind this national park’s popularity. Yosemite is simply awe-inspiring and its designated wilderness is the most appealing.

That means no roads, no cars, no civilization, no electricity, and nothing.

This national park has 13 campgrounds that lead you to a wide variety to choose from.

Seasonal reservations need to be made but there are at least 6 campgrounds that serve on a first come first serve basis, so get there early.

Although, a wilderness permit would be required for background camping, which costs around $5.

6.2 Olympic National Park, Washington:

Olympic National Park is the place for eco-activist motorcycle riders. It is a campground where you can see multiple ecosystems in one destination.

This beautifully aesthetic national park has mountains, rainforest, and even glaciers. You can discover Olympic National Park along the coast of Washington state.

Along with a 30-mile loop that passes through the rainforest, you will also find Sitka Spruce Tree which makes this national park, home to the world’s largest tree.

In the Olympic National Park, there are 16 campgrounds with designated 900 sites. Backcountry camping is permitted, although $6 is the permit charge.

You can make your stay at rustic lodges if you are not into tent camping thing. Although reservations for lodges are available for the whole year, they fill up really fast so make your reservations early.

6.3 Zion National Park, Utah:

The fact about this National Park is that it’s enormous. It is big enough that it can take your breath away.

This National park in Utah is the most beautiful camping place and it’s worth a trip.

The sandstone cliffs are extraordinary, but the beautiful vistas, the verities of plants and animals are the real deal.

The Zion National Park is a must-visit campground. Along with the exceptional scenic views this national park has trails of all lengths.

A 14-mile trail takes you to the Kolob Arch, which leads you to the top of the heap.

In the summer visits, the subway which is a place that is naturally sculpted by water erosion is a must-see.

Zion National Park has 3 main campgrounds, they become rushy so fast that showing up at the last minute can lead you back to home empty-handed.

The wilder permit is compulsory for overnight backpacking, which costs around $15 for 1-2 persons. Check out the Zion National Park wilderness guide before you go.

6.4 Joshua National Park, California:

Camping in Joshua Tree has a rite of passage for US citizens which is more than just an outdoor adventure. Joshua Tree is considered as the gem of the US National Park system.

You can consider Joshua Tree when desert camping sounds unappealing to you.

The Joshua Tree is the house of beautiful distinct plant life and also amazing rocks to climb. It allows you to hang out on huge boulders.

By providing all these aesthetic attributes Joshua Tree has made its place in the hearts of people.

Joshua National Park has 9 campgrounds, reservations are required for some sites but many are serving on a first come first serve basis. Backcountry camping is allowed but registration is compulsory.

6.5 Acadia National Park, Maine:

The Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island. Acadia National Park is the strongest argument between East and West best National Park battle.

The Cadillac Mountain is the highest point along the East Coast of this national park that offers gorgeous vistas after a pleasant hike to the top.

Blackwood’s and Seawell are the two main campgrounds of this national park. There is no restriction on hiking, you can do hiking anywhere in the park but these are the approved campsites.

Backcountry camping is not allowed.

6.6 Assateague National Seashore, Maryland:

Assateague National Seashore is another feather in the East Coast’s cap. The 40-miles of beaches along with the forests and marshes are really enjoyable.

In Assateague National Seashore, a herd of wild horses can be seen swimming and frolicking throughout this fenced island.

Although, in Assateague camping is limited to 2 oceanside and 4 bayside camping areas.

In the cold-weather season, these sites are available based on first come first served but for the warm weather, season reservations are highly recommended.

Backcountry camping is allowed with a wilderness permit, but it is only obtainable on foot or by boat.

6.7 Glacier National Park, Montana:

Heading towards the westward we find this picturesque location. This hiking paradise has hundreds of miles long trails that pass through mountains, forests, and meadows.

Going-to-the-sun is the famous 50 miles long road, it passes through the mountains and it’s worth the car ride.

The Glacier National Park has 13 campgrounds with one thousand sites to choose from.

The rule of first come first served is applied in this place as well but reservations are required.

Backcountry camping is allowed for only specified campsites that require a wilderness permit as well.

6.8 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona:

Here comes the Granddaddy of all the National Parks which is not bound to any explanation.

The Grand Canyon National Park has breathtaking and challenging trails, so tight your shoelaces and get ready to give your best.

There are campsites available at the midpoint and the bottom of the trail.

Reservations of campsites are necessary to make. There are more than three campgrounds, the reservations are required for only two of them. Although the popularity of this campground is indisputable.

6.9 Badlands National park, South Dakota:

The name Badlands might be frightening you but hold your breath. This national park has stunning scenery with enormous rock formations and grasslands.

This is a dream place of a fossil collector. Badlands National Park is one of the most real fossil collections on the continent.

Badlands National Park has 2 campgrounds to choose from: Sage Creek and Cedar Pass.

Backcountry camping is allowed but registration is required before departure.

6.10 Ozark National Forest, Arkansas:

While heading south you will find this little National Forest. The Ozark National Forest is home to thousands of acres of water, multiple swimming beaches, and over four hundred miles of hiking trails.

The Ozark Highlands Trail is eminent and 218-miles in length, which makes it the longest and renowned of the many trails in the forest. Blanchard Springs, the living caves is another must-visit place.

There are almost 300 sites that are based on 23 campgrounds. Ozark National Forest has this essence of inspiring which makes it even more appealing.

Primitive camping is allowed all over the forest, so there is no chance to find out a place to pitch your tent. Formidable fate is required to get your tent pinch here.

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