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A Complete Buyer's Guide of Choosing The Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

A Complete Buyer's Guide of Choosing The Best Motorcycle Saddlebags
Table of Content
1. Index 1.1 What are the motorcycle types that can mount saddlebags? 1.2 What are the common benefits that motorcycle saddlebags have to offer? 1.3 Categories and styles of saddlebags 1.4 Top Motorcycle Brands For Which Viking Saddlebags Are Available 1.5 What are the characteristics to consider while buying saddlebags? 1.6 List of best budget-friendly motorcycle saddlebags 2. What are the motorcycle types that can mount saddlebags? 2.1 Sport Bike: 2.2 Cruiser/Bagger Motorcycles: 2.3 Standard Bikes: 2.4 Touring Rides: 2.5 Sport Touring Motorcycles: 2.6 Dual Sport (also known as Dual Purpose or Adventure Sport): 3. What are the common benefits that motorcycle saddlebags have to offer? 3.1 Enhance the storage capacity of your ride: 3.2 Convenience: 3.3 Durable and Secure: 3.4 Gives cool look to your ride: 4. Categories and styles of saddlebags: 4.1 Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags by material: 4.2 Some Categories of Motorcycle Saddlebags by Style and functioning: 5. Top Motorcycle Brands for Which Viking Saddlebags Are Available: 5.1 Harley Davidson: 5.2Honda Motorcycles: 5.3 Suzuki Motorcycles: 5.4 Kawasaki Motorbikes: 5.5 Yamaha 2-wheel Rides: 5.6 Victory Motorcycle: 5.7 Indian Rides: 5.8 Hyosung Bikes: 5.9 Triumph Motorcycles: 6. What are the characteristics to consider while buying a saddlebag? 6.1 Material and durability: 6.2 Size and fit: 6.3 Lockable and water-resistant: 7. List of best budget-friendly motorcycle saddlebags: 7.1 One of the Best Hard Saddlebags: Viking Lamellar Large Black Hard Motorcycle Saddlebag: 7.2 One of the Best Leather Saddlebags: Viking Trianon Motorcycle Saddlebag:

Riding a vintage motorcycle while feeling the air flowing through your hair and engine rumbling under you is no doubt one of the most adventurous experiences you could get in this world. But whether you are going on a cross country tour, or stepping out to collect some groceries, you need some luggage option for your ride and there is no better luggage than a saddlebag.

Motorcycle saddlebags give you the luxury of a 4-wheeler. A saddlebag has great significance if you are going out for long trips on the open road. You can stuff your safety gear, rain gear, basic emergency supplies like tool kits, tire repair kits, and flashlights in the saddlebag of your bike.

With that in mind, this fact sheet holds information on different types of rides, categories of saddlebags, benefits of saddlebags, some top-quality side cases/saddlebags, and on what features these saddlebags topped the panniers list.

1. Index

1.1 What are the motorcycle types that can mount saddlebags?

  • Sport Bike
  • Cruiser/Bagger Motorcycles
  • Standard Bikes
  • Touring Rides
  • Sport Touring Motorcycles
  • Dual Sport (also known as Dual Purpose or Adventure Sport)

1.2 What are the common benefits that motorcycle saddlebags have to offer?

Enhance the storage capacity of your ride


Durable and Secure

Gives cool look to your ride

1.3 Categories and styles of saddlebags

Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags by material


Some Categories of Motorcycle Saddlebags by Style and functioning


1.4 Top Motorcycle Brands For Which Viking Saddlebags Are Available

  • Harley Davidson:
  • Honda Motorcycles:
  • Suzuki Motorcycles
  • Kawasaki Motorbikes
  • Yamaha 2-wheel Rides
  • Victory Motorcycle
  • Indian Rides
  • Hyosung Bikes
  • Triumph Motorcycles

1.5 What are the characteristics to consider while buying saddlebags?

  • Material and durability
  • Size and fit
  • Lockable and water-resistant

1.6 List of best budget-friendly motorcycle saddlebags

2. What are the motorcycle types that can mount saddlebags?

2.1 Sport Bike:

Sport Bikes are the sports genres of motorcycles that are purpose-built, with speed, agility, cornering, and are intended to be ready for high-performance track duty, as well as street riding. They are lightweight because they are made from a lot of aluminum and lighter materials to increase the side-to-side maneuverability.

They come with higher seats, lower handlebars, and rear-set foot pegs. They have enough power to do everything and with added accessories like saddlebags, they can be made into a comfortable weekend sport-touring motorcycle.

2.2 Cruiser/Bagger Motorcycles:

Cruisers are also called sedate choppers and as the name suggests they were designed for cruising, either around town or down the highway. The fork rakes of these rides are less extreme, and with high handlebars and low seats, they're designed for laid-back riding. With a little added luggage like a saddlebag, this low-slung motorcycle can make a good weekend rider.

2.3 Standard Bikes:

It is one of the favorite all-purpose bikes, commonly used for daily activities as well as trips. You can find an engine of 125cc up to 1,000cc in these rides. These motorcycles can be fitted with luggage, a tank bag, a pair of saddlebags, a different seat, and it makes a good first and all-around motorcycle to ride.

Their easy-going ergonomics made them very popular in the biking community. The fairly upright riding position with semi-forward-set footpegs makes these rides equally good for beginners and experienced riders.

2.4 Touring Rides:

Made for long-distance riding, touring motorcycles are typically the largest motorcycles you will see on the roads. They come with amenities like electronically adjustable suspension, heated grips, intercom systems, backrests, large windscreens, and creature comforts such as satellite radio and GPS.

Their rear-set handlebars, forward-set footpegs, and a relaxed riding position behind larger front fairings to break up the wind make these bikes ultra suitable for intercontinental road trips. These rides offer a large amount of storage facility of saddlebags, enough cargo space for you, and a possible passenger. They are so durable that they seem to last forever.

2.5 Sport Touring Motorcycles:

As the name clearly depicts, a sport touring bike is a solid blend of the Sport and the Touring rides. However, it’s fair to say the category leans more towards the sport. These rides have a taller seat height than a Touring motorcycle and come with better luggage options ( saddlebags ) than the Sport motorcycles for hauling extra gear and carting around personal effects and roadside tools on the longer trips.

Although they look like sportbikes, their raised handlebars, forward footpegs, sculpted fairings, and larger windshields and panniers turn up the endurance factor. Engine sizes range from mid to large and you need to use your best judgment to decide which size will fit your riding style the best.

2.6 Dual Sport (also known as Dual Purpose or Adventure Sport):

Dual-sports and enduros are meant to go anywhere and do anything. They are the closest rides you’ll get to street-legal dirt bikes designed for everyday use. Adventure touring bikes bring the road features of lights and a horn but have more aggressive off-road suspension and possible knobby off-road tires.

The rides don’t weigh much more than their dirt bike cousins but they typically come with limited storage options from the dealership. However, they can be outfitted with a number of extra bags, saddlebags, backpacks, trunk bags, etc., to carry quite a bit of gear for a good weekend camping adventure.

3. What are the common benefits that motorcycle saddlebags have to offer?

3.1 Enhance the storage capacity of your ride:

Motorcycle saddlebags increase your carrying capacity. If you want to go on a long adventurous errand, you need extra storage space and saddlebags are the best options for you to store all your necessities. You can stuff more belongings in a saddlebag than what fits in a backpack. This is the luggage in which you will store your motorcycle rain suits and gears while commuting to see the less-traveled areas of the country.

3.2 Convenience:

Saddlebags offer you the luxury to pack all your things and be free from the strain of carrying a heavy bag on your back while riding. Backpacks are uncomfortable to carry and can weigh your body down when you're riding. Motorcycle saddlebags don’t restrain your movement, and will not come in the way of maneuvering your bike especially when cornering or accelerating.

Additionally, when you get off your ride, you don’t have to carry your stuff with you, saddlebags will keep your luggage intact for you. This is a great benefit that allows you to put all your concentration on the road without worrying about holding your baggage.

3.3 Durable and Secure:

Motorcycle saddlebags are made to withstand heavy loads and are designed with security purposes in mind. They feature a secure locking mechanism, so when you're away from your bike, you need not worry about your items. The best motorcycle saddlebags not only accommodate a variety of items, from tents and extra jackets to several changes of clothing but ensure you that these things are protected from burglars. Also, saddlebags keep your luggage dry in the event of rain.

3.4 Gives cool look to your ride:

Mounting a motorcycle saddlebag will add a nice flair to your ride. Saddlebags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to blend with your bike. Whether you are fond of a classic leather saddlebag or a hard-case touring trunk, you’ll be able to find a saddlebag that absolutely matches your requirements. Saddlebags are getting trendier because of the cool look they give to your bike.

4. Categories and styles of saddlebags:

4.1 Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags by material:


Hard bags are usually made of metal or plastic and come with qualities like waterproof, lockability, and offer protection in the event of fall. Only an avid road-tripper knows the importance of dry stuff at the end of a very long and wet day of riding. The lockable feature in these bags gets your luggage out of sight and offers you the opportunity to leave your gear in a locked compartment.

Many dual-sports, cafe racers, or adventure bike riders and some cruiser riders use these kinds of bags. These motorcycle saddlebags are more expensive and less flexible than soft saddlebags. These saddlebags typically need mounting brackets for mounting, and sometimes a modification with your bike is required, depending on the bike's model.


Cruise riders prefer soft bags, normally made of leather or synthetic materials like Cordura or nylon. Soft bags are water-resistant but even the best quality soft bag is not waterproof and requires waterproof liners or storm/rain covers in order to keep your belongings dry in inclement weather. Talking about the security, these bags are less secure because there is a void of a locking mechanism in them and it's not hard to cut into them with a knife. In addition to this, soft saddlebags are easily detachable and this can be a great benefit if you're done riding and you want to move from the bike to your logging.


Bag liners are bag-in-a-bag, a nice option to keep things organized in your saddle and trunk bags. These inner bags are waterproof, which is good for bags that are not. The organizability of these liners makes life very easy at the end of a long ride. Talking about the ease of usage, you can pop open your saddlebags, grab the handle of your inner bag, and off you go. These inner bags are available for many popular brands and styles like Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Indian, Victory, Triumph, and Hyosung.


Besides traditional saddlebags, there are sissy bar bags, tail bags, tank bags. Sissy bar or stackable bags are designed for touring purposes and often feature two bags strapped together that are attached to a sissy bar. Tail bags, on the other hand, complement saddlebags and can be either hard or soft and are designed to stow smaller, more accessible items. Tank bags can keep frequently needed items like documents, sunscreen, wallet, or cell phone. These bags are easy to mount and unmount from your ride.

4.2 Some Categories of Motorcycle Saddlebags by Style and functioning:


Leather saddlebags or leather luggage give your ride a stylish long-lasting look besides offering a spot to store some essential products. You can find leather bags in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that you can equip your bike to your own personal taste and according to how much you want to carry with you. Leather saddlebags do keep your items secure but they are not necessarily waterproof which means you need an extra accessory in the form of waterproof inner bags/liners or suitable rain covers to keep your things dry in rain.


If you own more than one ride, you should go for universal saddlebags. It will save you a ton of money. You can use this bag for different bikes with just a one-time investment. Moreover, if you don’t clearly differentiate the style of your bike, universal saddlebags would be your best option because these bags come with universal mounting hardware.


Normally Sport bike riders are of the view that sports bike carrying luggage ability is limited but if you wish to enhance the storage capacity of your bike, think no more because you can find saddlebags for your vintage sport in many styles and shapes. You can stuff some important items in these saddlebags while you are going on an adventurous tour.


These saddle luggage are convenient pieces of storage options because they allow for quick access to key parts, such as the exhaust pipe and rear-wheel shocks. You will be able to store your belongings in a unique way. These bags are very convenient for riding because you can simply move the swing arm bags as you need.


These kinds of saddlebags are very durable luggage options that are made of trusted hardware and offer an ample storage facility. Moreover, the maintenance of these bags is easy as compared to leather saddlebags because you don’t have to take them in for servicing every now and then. Motorcycle hard saddlebags are easily detachable, easy to install and ameliorate the classic look of your vintage ride.

5. Top Motorcycle Brands for Which Viking Saddlebags Are Available:

5.1 Harley Davidson:


Harley Davidson is a major US motorcycle brand that has been manufacturing almost all types of motorcycles for more than a century. The company is selling heavyweight cruiser and touring models, standard, sport bikes, and dual models that can be used on- and off-road all over the globe.

Luggage option:

Whichever model or bike type you choose, you need a decent luggage option like saddlebags for picking groceries and road-tripping to see some breathtaking landscapes. Viking bags offer you the finest of motorcycle saddlebags you can find whether you own a model of Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Street, or Touring bike.

5.2Honda Motorcycles:

Company Details:

The company started in 1948 and since then, it has been revolutionizing the auto industry. There are a myriad number of models and styles, Honda is manufacturing for avid riders. These bikes include touring motorcycles, sports bikes, dirt bikes, cafe racer, bagger, etc. If you want to enjoy the ride to the fullest, you need to work with the storage limitation.

Storage problem:

There are many luggage options you can use for enhancing the storage of your Honda ride but motorcycle saddlebags are the most convenient and useful option. Viking Bags has a big name in constructing the best quality motorcycle saddlebags. You can find a saddlebag for almost every model of Honda Shadow ride, Honda VTX, Honda Valkyrie, and Honda Rebel from the online collection of Viking Bags.

5.3 Suzuki Motorcycles:

Information about Suzuki:

Suzuki is another big name in the motorcycle industry. The Japanese multinational company although manufactures automobiles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, outboard marine engines, and much more, it started constructing motorcycles in 1952 and has become well known around the world. Suzuki has a big hand in all types and styles of motorcycles that run on the road but its off-road bikes and road racers have won world titles, and its street machines range from the cruiser Boulevard series to the legendary GSX-R series of sport bikes are just awesome.

Storage Need:

The two-wheelers have many shortcomings and advantages over four-wheelers but the storage capacity is the one that could be overcome by adding a motorcycle saddlebagsto your Suzuki ride. Viking Saddlebags provides some of the supreme quality bags for your Suzuki machines like Marauder and Intruder, Suzuki Volusia, and Suzuki Boulevard. These saddlebags are very handy for your grocery trips and long mesmerizing cross country road trips.

5.4 Kawasaki Motorbikes:

About Kawasaki:

Kawasaki is also one of the famous names in the motorcycle industry. The company started its motorcycle production under the name of Meguro and now operates in countries like Japan, Michigan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Thailand. But eventually, the industry became Kawasaki Motor Sales.

Kawasaki started producing high-performance literbikes after getting inspired by a Japanese company that launched the 903cc DOHC four-cylinder Z1 in 1973. And now, supercharged Ninja H-2R stands among the highest-performance production bikes ever built.

Storage Facility:

The tour engines and other performance engines are now commonly used by tourists for their road trips who usually use motorcycle saddlebags as add-on storage to their bikes. If you need a saddlebag for your Kawasaki tour machine Viking Bags should be your go. The Viking saddlebags for Vulcan and Eliminator, Mean Streak engines are the most durable and efficient saddlebags you can find in the market.

5.5 Yamaha 2-wheel Rides:

Intro to company:

Yamaha is a Japanese auto company, initially famous for its musical instruments, and started producing motorcycles in 1955. Besides motorbikes, Yamaha is manufacturing marine products such as boats and outboard motors, and other motorized products. The company began with simple and inexpensive machines but gradually grew to its position as a Powersports powerhouse, offering some of the best sportbikes, cruisers, and off-road bikes on the market.

Storage capacity:

Like all other 2 wheelers, Yamaha rides also sometimes need extra storage to house your belongings and gear for long road trips. This extra storage issue can be tackled by adding saddlebags with your vintage engine. For this purpose, Viking Bags is manufacturing some fine quality affordable saddlebags for V Star and Stryker, Road Star, Raider, Stratoliner, and bolt machines. You can find hard saddlebags as well as leather saddlebags for your bikes from the online stock of Viking Bags.

5.6 Victory Motorcycle:


It was an American motorcycle manufacturing company established in 1998 and to your surprise, the company shut down in 2017. The story of this company could be really unusual. A company emerged then rose to the high significance and got closed and all this was done within two decades. Although the company is not manufacturing any bikes, there are still a number of these great bikes around.

Storage option:

And as far as storage options are concerned, Viking Saddlebags comes in a wide range of selection for these motorcycles. You can find motorcycle bags of any capacity and any type for victory motorcycles like Boardwalk, Hammer, kingpin, V92C, Vegas, Gunner, High Ball, Judge, Octane, 8 Ball, and Jackpot. You can get the most stylish leather saddlebags for your classic machine from Viking Bags. These highly durable and affordable motorcycle saddlebags are proved to be of supreme quality.

5.7 Indian Rides:

Company know-how:

It is an American based company, initially started with the name of Hendee in 1901 and later the name was changed to Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company in 1923. Famous for its premium cruiser motorcycles, the company is a strong competitor of Harley Davidson. The company earned a big name because of its racing heritage, engineering innovations, and industry firsts.

Saddlebags for Indian Motorcycles:

These top-notch motorcycles deserve to have special saddlebags and Viking bags are trying every effort to meet the best standards a saddlebag could have. You can get specially tailored Indian saddlebags just for these bikes from the online stock of Viking Bags. Our motorcycle saddlebags come in various appealing designs and styles.

These saddlebags have the best locking feature as well as the quality of water resistance to save your items from getting wet in the event of rain. The fit of this luggage is also admirable which gives a classic look to your engine. The durable and affordable factor of these saddlebags is also appreciable.

5.8 Hyosung Bikes:


The brand is of South Korean origin, started in 1978, and mostly manufactures lightweight motorcycles and scooters. Despite providing rides to over 60 countries, the company has not gained the popularity it deserves. The company is producing sportbike, cruiser, and standard motorcycles, as well as a gasoline-powered scooter and an electric scooter.

Saddlebags for the Hyosung rides:

A company like Hyosung motorcycles deserves to have the best quality saddlebags and to serve the cause Viking Bags is producing the saddlebags of top quality. These high-quality durable bags come in leather as well as hard material so that you can choose whichever suits your taste. Also, Viking Saddlebags are extremely lightweight and water-resistant to allow your smooth long rides. Furthermore, the locking mechanism is highly reliable which saves you from the worries of stuff getting theft from your machine.

5.9 Triumph Motorcycles:

About the company:

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. is one of the big names in the biking world. The British based company started in the early 1900 but halted production in the 1980s. However, the company was reborn in the 1990s as a modern company which is now manufacturing all modern 2 wheelers including adventure, cruiser, modern classic, cafe racer, the roadster categories, and much more.

Luggage options for triumph bikes:

If you own a Triumph ride, you can find a wide range of saddlebags but all those luggae are not up to the rank. People often get tricked into purchasing anything less than premium saddlebags for your Triumph motorcycle. Viking Saddlebags are the most reliable and appreciated saddlebags in the biking community.

These saddlebags have an easy mounting and unmounting facility. Additionally, these saddlebags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to match the demands of riders. The lockable and water-resistant feature of Viking Saddlebags is widely praised.

6. What are the characteristics to consider while buying a saddlebag?

6.1 Material and durability:

You can find motorcycle luggage in a great variety of materials each of which has different durability. The most widely used materials are leather, synthetic leather, nylon, Cordua, and plastic. Plastic and leather saddlebags are less long-lasting than synthetic bags but they give a stylish look to your rides.

6.2 Size and fit:

The size of your saddlebag has great significance as the sole purpose of add on luggage is to enhance the storage capacity of your ride. Your saddlebag should be large enough to hold all your stuff, such as riding gear, tools, and other equipment. Although, if your bike is large, you can accommodate larger saddlebags and smaller bikes don’t have this luxury. Also, the fit of your saddlebag is very important for comfortable maneuvering. And the cost is also an important factor that should not be overlooked while buying a saddlebag.

6.3 Lockable and water-resistant:

Those saddlebags which have lockable features are preferable because it is not to mount and unmount your saddlebag every time you walk away from your ride. There would be many thieves in tourist spots waiting for the opportunity to steal some stuff and a locked saddlebag will save your stuff from such people. Furthermore, the water-resistant property is also desirable because it saves your clothes and other items from getting wet in rain and snow. Want to learn more about how to choose the right saddlebag, learn here.

7. List of best budget-friendly motorcycle saddlebags:

7.1 One of the Best Hard Saddlebags: Viking Lamellar Large Black Hard Motorcycle Saddlebag:

For Your Harley Davidson Dyna Switchback, Viking Lamellar Large Black Hard Motorcycle Saddlebag is Best:

This motorcycle saddlebag is specially designed for your Harley ride. This hard motorcycle saddle bag is available in gloss black but it is paintable. It entirely depends upon the rider's choice of which color he wants his saddlebag to look in to match his bike. The mounting hardware comes with this key lockable saddlebag package, so you need not worry about the mounting package and its cost.

The storage capacity of this pair of the saddlebag is 1586 cubic inches which can house a large number of your travel-related items and safety gear. This bag is extremely easy to attach and detach from your Harley Davidson ride. The motorcycle saddlebag is waterproof, and air-tight which allows you to continue your journey even the heaviest of the rain. This ultra-durable saddlebag has a perfect tight fit and streamlined styling of the bag, which flows with the lines of the fender which ensures that it stays in place and looks great on your Dyna Switchback.

This lightweight saddlebag for your motorcycle comes with rust-proof hinges, a quality that most saddlebags lack. This motorcycle luggage artifacts from premium quality ABS plastic so it can maintain its form and ensure no sagging occurs.


Key Lockable: Yes

Mounting Hardware: Included

Patent Number: Pending

Dimensions: 19.5" x 6" x 12"

Storage Capacity: 1586 Cubic Inches (Pair)

Lid Opening: 16.5" x 5"

Weight: 13.5 lbs (Pair)

Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Not Required

Sold As: Pair

7.2 One of the Best Leather Saddlebags: Viking Trianon Motorcycle Saddlebag:

This motorcycle leather saddlebag gives your ride a phenomenal look. Viking bags also provide you with free of cost mounting equipment along with easy to follow installation instructions for this luggage. The durable shape of this bag comes from a metal frame combined with a sag-proof plastic reinforced lid and never to a sag guaranteed body.

Constructed from heavy-duty ABS plastic, this bag is extremely durable. Moreover, this motorcycle leather saddlebag has a built-in ultra-reliable locking mechanism to keep your stuff safe and secure. The bag comes with quick and hassle-free buckles located under the straps made for easy and worry-free operation.

The storage capacity of the bag is 2074 cubic inches which allows you to store a great number of items in the bag. There are some internal pockets to facilitate you while packing small items. The affordable price of this high-tech bag leaves people in awe. Furthermore, the bag is easy to mount and unmount without any assistance.

Fitment Note: You might need to relocate the indicators to install the bags using the included relocation kit.


Key Lockable: Yes

Mounting Hardware: Included

Patent Number: D710599

Dimensions: 22" x 7.5" x 13.5"

Storage Capacity: 2074 Cubic Inches (Pair)

Lid Opening: 12.5" x 6.5"

Weight: 18 lbs (Pair)

Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Required (Included)

Sold As: Pair

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