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A Motorcycle Camping Guide for First-Timers

A Motorcycle Camping Guide for First-Timers

Motorcycle Riding in America is a way to please one’s soul. Hence, America is blessed with beautiful and scenic highways and long motorcycle roads. Motorcycle enthusiasts take full advantage of this blessing.

Although, every rider has his own way of riding. Some ride in groups, some with friends, some with families, and some like to ride alone. These are the riding styles that have been adopted by the American Riders.

Well, along with motorcycle riding, motorcycle camping has become a trend among riders. There are many famous motorcycle campgrounds all across the country. Motorcycle riders love to ride there on their bike and camp for the sake of self-evolution and mind-peace.

There is a first time for everything and if you are planning to go motorcycle camping, there are some important things you need to know.

In this motorcycle camping guide, things are listed down to make your first-time camping experience better.

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1. A Motorcycle Camping Guide for First-Timers

Before leaving make sure you are carrying all the essentials regarding riding and camping. Because mostly campsites do not provide availability of stuff and essentials you would need during camping.

In this guide to motorcycle camping for first-timers, we have listed down some must-carry things. By packing these, you will be tension-free about the lack of availability of stuff you need.

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2. Luggage

Motorcycle Luggage is the most convenient way to carry or transfer your required stuff to the campsite.

Motorcycle Luggage Bags are available in the market to meet the need. Pick a good quality motorcycle luggage bag with maximum storage space and durable Viking Bags.

At Viking Bags, we have all types of motorcycle luggage bags, which are best in quality and cheap in price.

Choose a motorcycle luggage bag according to your riding style. Pick one that meets your needs and contains all the important features like size, quality, durability, etc.

Basically, there are three types of motorcycle luggage bags. All of them have a specific purpose and also depend on the demand of the rider.

2.1 Hard Luggage

Hard motorcycle luggage bags are spacious and hard. Usually, they are made of metal like aluminum.

Hard Motorcycle luggage bags are suitable if you ride usually or you ride long. These motorcycle luggage bags eventually include saddlebags.

You can fit your maximum stuff in motorcycle hard saddlebags without any restriction.

They mount with hard mounting hardware using bolts and screws that do not let it unmount easily or soon.

Besides all the good features, hard motorcycle luggage can hurt you if by any chance your stars get crossed during riding.

Motorcycle hard luggage is expensive yet durable.

2.2 Leather Luggage

This kind is one of the most famous among riders, its leather though. Typically, motorcycle leather luggage is made of synthetic high-quality leather with a touch of plastic and metal.

These leather bags for motorcycles are cheap yet durable. The reinforced feature of these bags does not let them sag or lose their shape.

They provide you good storage space and can be your good companion on your journey.

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2.3 Textile Luggage

Another type of motorcycle bag is textile luggage. Motorcycle textile luggage bags are made from strong and best quality textile and fabric.

These bags are best for riding and taking to camps. A textile bag can be your second pillow on your motorcycle camping or you can even use it as a cushion to sit on.

Although these bags are specifically designed to carry your possession, you can easily unmount them either.

You can pick your choice by considering your riding style and your needs. At Viking Bags, we have all types of motorcycle luggage bags at affordable prices.

Moreover, from tail bags to handlebar bags, we have a vast variety of motorcycle luggage bags.

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3. Tent

You have a motorcycle to ride, you have all the riding essentials, you have the destiny to reach, then what about living after reaching there?

A tent is a primary need for successful motorcycle camping.

Although you are going for motorcycle camping, the requirement of the tent should be accordingly.

▪Pick a foldable tent that can easily fit in your motorcycle saddlebags or tank bag.

▪Pick a tent which is recommended for 2 – 3 persons at least, even if you are riding alone.

▪Your tent should be completely waterproof.

There are three types of tents available according to the needs of the riders.

3.1 Family Tents

If you are taking your family along on your motorcycle camping, a family tent would be perfect. A typically dome-shaped tent with the capacity for 2 to 6 persons.

A family tent is the best option if you are riding in groups. It would be easy to carry a tent for the whole group but that could be only possible if the division of the staff is even among all the members.

You can get a family tent from any near retail shop and the price range varies from cheap to costly.

3.2 Expedition Tents

Expedition tents are the best for motorcycle camping. These are the specifically made tents with an amazing idea of extra coverage to your stuff.

An expedition tent offers two rooms, one for the riders and the second for the essentials.

It provides enough room for 3 people and a coverage area that you can use to cover your possessions or for cooking.

You can cover your bike in case it is raining. There are many choices available in the market. Pick one wisely by considering the best features.

3.3 Backpacking Tents

If you are riding alone and peaceful sleep is not your concern, you can go for backpacking tents. Light in weight, versatile, and compact enough to fit in your backpack easily.

This tent is not for riders, who planned to spend 3 – 4 days on a campsite. It is only suitable for one nightstand.

A backpacking tent is small in size to fit in your backpack and also small from inside. So, it does not provide much room inside.

4. Sleeping Bag

Although you have a tent, the sleeping bag is still a compulsion. The night does not stand hot like the day in the open hilly areas. So, do not forget to pack a sleeping bag along with other stuff.

Conventionally, sleeping bags come with two temperature ratings, comfort, and the lower limit.

The comfort rating specifies the lowest temperature at which an average woman and a ‘cold sleeper’ feel comfortable.

The lower-limit rating is the temperature at which an average man or a ‘warm sleeper’ feels comfortable.

4.1 Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Synthetic sleeping bags are the best to survive extreme weather conditions. Goose down is the best synthetic material out there.

Although synthetic sleeping bags are a bit expensive, they provide complete care to you and keep you warm on cold nights.

4.2 Mummy Bags

Mummy bags are a little compact as they constrict your legs. But mummy bags are really warm and never let you be caught by the cold.

4.3 Rectangular Sleeping Bags

A rectangular sleeping bag provides enough room and comfortable sleep. But these are not suitable for extreme conditions. So if you are planning to sleep in extreme conditions, do not choose a rectangular sleeping bag.

Along with a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad is a must. Choose the right sleeping pad for yourself, because your sleep is dependent on your choice, so choose wisely.

Sleeping pads are crucial, as they provide the insulation and cushioning that you will be required to rest.

Sleeping pads are available from budget to expensive prices, but as long as comfort is concerned, choose that fits your demand.

5. Cooking

You are camping in between the hills or some forest place, food tastes even more delicious when you cook it by yourself under such circumstances.

Motorcycle camping is not just a hobby, it is the way of learning, it is the way of living.

However, to cook food fire is a necessity. The way of lighting a fire with the help of stones has become old and takes time.

The backpacking stove becomes your rescuer in this situation. These stoves are easily available in the market. There are different shapes and sizes, you can pick one according to your need.

A lightweight and small stove does not take too much space and is easy to carry. Bring a spare gas tank so that you never run out of gas.

Backpacking cookware is a smart way to carry all the required pieces like a pan, can, and cutlery. They easily fit inside the pot and do not cover much space.

6. What Else to Pack?

6.1 Pack According to Season

Learn about the weather conditions of the campsite before leaving. Pack according to the season and also take the unexpected weather into account.

Prepare for both, hot days and cold days. Pack your swimsuit and bring it with you if you are camping during summer. Dipping into a lake, river or sea will freshen you up for the upcoming adventures.

6.2 Pair of Camp Shoes

Wearing motorcycle boots all the time is totally a bad idea. Pack a pair of sleepers or camp shoes to make your feet comfortable and relax.

You can also bring a pair of comfortable sneakers to wander around and discover the campsite.

6.3 Soap and Towel, etc.

A quick-drying towel and a soap are the most crucial things. Pack them if you don’t want to listen to a bad compliment from your friends.

No matter if you are taking a bath in a river or lake, you will still need those.

6.4 Portable Solar Charger

If you are a regular rider or go for riding on a regular basis, investing in a portable solar charger can be your thing.

A portable charger covers the need for electricity like for charging your mobile phones, batteries, and laptop.

Moreover, you can attach a portable charger with your bike, this will charge your devices while you are riding.

6.5 First Aid Kit

Pack a first aid kit including all the medicines regarding migraines, flu, sunburns, and heat-strokes, etc.

6.6 Emergency kit

Do not forget to make a cover for mechanical emergencies, pack spare batteries, a flashlight, a water canister, and an insect killer.

Motorcycle camping demands learning, the more you go camping, the more you learn. Lying under the bare sky and enjoying the magnificent scenes of the campsites make your trip memorable.

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