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Motorcycle Camping Guide: How to Camp Everywhere?

Motorcycle Camping Guide: How to Camp Everywhere?

What makes the motorcycle riders eager to get back to camping again and again? Well, it will take only one motorcycle camping trip to find the answer to this complex question.

Once you are out there, under the shadow of trees and close to nature, you feel the joy of being there. Motorcycle camping provides you with freedom. It’s just you and your motorcycle, somewhere in between the hills and forests.

Solitude all around, you feel peace and self-sufficient under the starry sky without any frills.

Motorcycle camping not only makes you capable of doing your tasks by yourself. Although, it nurtures your personality as you spend time with nature.

If you are planning to go motorcycle camping, you might be confused about finding the best motorcycle campsites near you. You can even plan to ride to the other state as well after reading this motorcycle campsite searching guide.

Just gather all your stuff and put it into your motorcycle saddlebags, tighten the straps of your Sissy Bar Bag and you are ready to go.

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1. How to Find Best Motorcycle Campsites

This blog will edify the ways how to find the best motorcycle camping site. It is nothing but a cinch if you are thinking it arduous.

2. Digital Resources Utilization for Finding a Campsite

There are plenty of apps available that can take you directly to the campsite, either they are motorcycle-specific or not.

Moreover, multiple websites are available that will assist you in finding the best motorcycle camping destination.

Below is the list of all the resources you can count on to get help.

  • Google Maps
  • Google Street View
  • Ultimate CG
  • The Dyrt
  • Reserve America
  • onX Hunt + onX Offroad
  • US Forest Service
  • Hipcamp – the Airbnb
  • Facebook Groups for Motorcycle Camping

Some of the apps are paid as you have to pay them a little fee to use, like Ultimate CG. They charge only a small fee in exchange for getting you the best motorcycle campsites.

Moreover, some apps are free, such as The Dyrt. These free apps also have Pro options that provide offline map services. Because usually, campsites do not have signals around the area.

3. Further Planning: Finding Campgrounds for a Motorcycle Trip

There is nothing worse than looking at the beautiful sunset while desperately trying to find a place to sleep. After passing a camp, there is a "FULL" sign at the door.

It’s great to be able to take off the boots easily after a long day of traveling. Don’t think that the cool campsites you’ve heard of will be suitable for you, especially on weekends during the peak season in the area.

Motorcycle camping has become trendy among motorcycle enthusiasts. Along with the increasing popularity of camping, campsites are usually reserved throughout the year.

So, if you are planning not to spend the night at the main entrance of the campsites with the “FULL” signboard, reserve before you leave.

Before my trip, I am planning awhole trip with a long time in Google Mapsand includingthe campsite. Google is the first place where Google is going to look for campsites.

If you have a desktop computer or a tablet,itis recommended that youuse those tools much easier to usea device that is larger than a phone.

If you are stuck on a tablet or a phone, Google Maps and Google Street Viewdo not put it on your hand and arenot just easy to use. To use all optionssuch asGoogle Maps on the desktop, you must switch between two applications.

Why did I choose Google before everyoneelse? It simplifies my work. Most campsites have been reviewed and directly linked to their respective reservation systems. In addition, I can map out my route for theday and see how far the camp is from my starting point.

In the casethat thecampsite allows you to choose your location during the booking process, you can also view the campsite from thebird's-eye view to understanding thecontent of your reservation.

For example: Are there trees to provideshade in hammocks and/or tents? From here, I tend to broaden my horizons and lookat some of the more specific categories below.

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4. Choose the Right Motorcycle Campsite for You and Your Riding Group

4.1 State and National Park Campgrounds

Camping within the park boundaries is the best way to experience a state and national park campground.

While these aren't the most secluded campsites, I tend to like them as they have easy access to the area I am visiting. Usually, this requires more than a month's notice, so plan and book your site online.

Depending on which park you select as your destination, you’ll have a first-come, first-served (FCFS) option upon arrival. Large parks, like Yellowstone, fill their FCFS locations by 7 a.m. most days during peak season. Relying on FCFS sites in national parks is my favorite thing to do.

In addition, their online reservation system displays the full range of campsites more than 30 days in advance. In situations like these, I wouldn't recommend appearing on a whim hoping to find a campsite. I will rely on one of the next options below.

Typically, state and national parks use, Reserve America, and Xanterra to book campgrounds online. In my experience, it's easier to access the park's website before switching to one of these booking systems. Having these apps on my phone is very helpful for last-minute bookings or on the go.

4.2 National Forest Campgrounds

If you like outdoors, if you like the atmosphere of a small family focus, the National Forest Camping will be more ideal for you and your riding group. Our national forests are usually betting on finding free campsites, but your established camp usually requires a reservation fee.

I say that it was established, the shower and electricity connection is not expected. It is always lucky enough to have a paved parking, a food storage box, and a nearby well toilet.

The camp rates are usually minimal due to their lack of amenities.

The secret and close scenario compensates for the lack of an "attractive" option. These campsites can be found with Google Maps, applications or websites, or US property forest applications.

The Forest National Camping is located in the area without cellular service, and reservations can be online. If you want to book with anticipation one of these sites, you must call the phone number on the USNF website. Screenshot your reservation from your phone, in case you need to know your site number when you arrive.

4.3 Motorcycle Friendly, Private Campgrounds

The more amenities you prefer, the more you have to pay for it. At private campgrounds all the amenities are available.

If you need to charge your electronics or need a shower, private campgrounds provide all to fit your needs. The private campgrounds come in a variety of sizes and types to meet your budget.

However, if you wish to get it without the luxurious amenities, hot shower, and electric hookups, that campground will fit your budget.

The first experience is the worst for all. So, if it’s your first motorcycle camping experience you should go to a KOA campground. These campgrounds are full of amenities such as wifi, showers, swimming pools, etc.

Such motorcyclist-friendly campgrounds can be found nationwide. These motorcycle-friendly campsites can be found near the interstate or major attractions. They are easy to trace or you can conveniently get there riding your motorcycle.

Well, if you are planning to stay at KOA, remember, they pay too much for their extravagant services. However, if you are with a group, it becomes affordable and worth a while.

But, if you are traveling alone, your pocket is going to be empty in a twinkling.

Furthermore, you can take your motorcycle camping experience to the next level. What do you think about the winding roads of the Great Smoky Mountains? You should try the places near the popular motorcycle destinations.

Undoubtedly, these destinations are motorcycle-friendly and biker-friendly as well. The best way to know is to get there and experience it by yourself.

Do not overthink about anything, motorcycle camping is way more than just spending time away from home. It provides solace and fresh experiences of life.

However, some places are excessively restricted to 4-wheel vehicles as they count as pure motorcycle-friendly destinations. For example, Two Wheels of Suches in Northern Georgia.

Motorcycle camping, having cold beers with other riders sitting around the campfire is the greatest of all experiences. You should give it a try.

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5. Ways To Find Free Campsites on a Motorcycle Trip

Experienced campers do not fall for the campsites full of amenities, showers, swimming pools, and restrooms. They tend to follow the classic way of camping without any amenities.

They like to be self-sufficient on their camping trip, they carry all their stuff along in their motorcycle luggage bags .

It is the purest mean of motorcycle camping. Lying down under the starry sky and making your food, making your campfire by traditional ways, this is what they think camping is. M

Moreover, this is how motorcycle camping can be done for free.

5.1 Forest Service Land (USFS)

Forest Service Land could be your first choice if you are thinking of free motorcycle camping. State National Forests and Grasslands are the best means that allow you to camp for free.

There are a lot of campgrounds and National Forests in the United States. They provide a vast area for dispersed camping.

Setting up your camp 150 feet away from the roadway and 100 feet away from the water source, is a thumb rule for dispersed camping.

Keep in mind, some areas do not allow backcountry camping or they charge a little camping fee. Be sure, you do your research on dispersed camping before time.

Google Maps is the most convenient way to check out the availability of a decent area for your camping. You should check out the satellite imagery of Forest Service Roads in the area, where you are planning to stay for the night.

Well, via Google Aerial you'll be able to see vehicles and RV’s, which are camped out in the remote area for the aerial views.

One thing that Google Aerial doesn’t show is the condition of the roads. But don’t worry, you should use apps like Dyrt, Campendium, and Ultimate Campgrounds to get to know about the condition of the place via reviews.

However, not every time the reviews are right. But, with proper research, you can find if it is possible to ride on that road.

5.2 Bureau of Land Management Land

The Bureau of Land comes under the division of the U.S. Department of the interior. These lands can be commonly found in the Western areas of the United States.

These are public lands, similar to USFS these lands allow both dispersed and developed camping for motorcycles.

In contrast to USFS, BLM lands may be a little tricky to navigate. Their websites are not user-friendly and don’t show free camping areas.

Although, apps like Dyrt, Ultimate CG, and onX Offroad can be found compatible and helpful.

Some of the popular places like Utah and Moab, charge a fee for camping. For any type of queries, you can contact the local BLM office and they’ll help you out.

5.3 Truck Stops and Rest Areas

Truck stops and rest areas are possibly the last resorts for free motorcycle camping. Clearly, these are not the campsites but worth a mention.

Although you cannot set up your tent in those areas, however you do, you will be asked to leave at the very next moment.

Anyways, you can utilize their restrooms and take a nap at the truck parking lots if you are traveling in groups. Though, female riders do not take such risks as such types of places are not suitable for them.

Moreover, you can park your bike for free and take a good sleep, and then simply set off on your journey. But make sure of the safety of your motorcycle luggage bags

Finding the best motorcycle campsite must be your priority. Do your research about your selected campsite and gather all the crucial information about that place.

Moreover, be careful with your luggage packing. Pack your luggage in a way that your motorcycle does not fall on one side, put equal weight on both sides of the bike.

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