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Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Bag Options for Cafe Racers

Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Bag Options for Cafe Racers

Customization of motorcycles is not a new concept here. In the early 1960s, people loved to customize their motorcycle shapes and engines to maximize their power and speed.

Although, after such a long period of time café racers have still maintained their place in the heart of people.

As a matter of fact, taking a thrilling ride on a café racer satisfies the soul of a rider. Although you are a café racer rider you will need a piece of motorcycle luggage bag to carry your riding essentials.

At Viking Bags we have a variety of motorcycle luggage bags specified for café racers.

You can add up luggage on your café racer and ride peacefully yet fast towards your destination.

1. Advantages for Motorcycle Luggage Bags

1.1 Riding Companion

A good piece of luggage bag can be your best riding companion on your riding journeys. You feel comfortable and stress-free in the presence of motorcycle luggage bags.

They carry your possessions and make you feel comfortable and featherlight. At such a great speed you cannot afford the distraction and care for your stuff.

1.2 Convenient Rides

Riding a Café Racer at high rpm on long roads can be a little tricky if your pockets are full and you are carrying a backpack.

Motorcycle luggage bags get attached to your motorcycle with the help of a trustworthy mounting system which eventually allows you to ride your café racer at high speed.

Your riding experience becomes more convenient and joyful while luggage bags are mounted on your café racer.

1.3 Versatile

Motorcycle luggage bags are usually versatile and user-friendly. You can use them for multiple purposes. If you are going for an instant ride on your café racer you can easily carry all your riding essentials in your saddlebags.

You can use them as a pillow, as soft saddlebags are versatile enough to let you place your head on them. Moreover, you can sit on them and utilize them as a small cushion.

2. Qualities of a Best Motorcycle Luggage Bag

2.1 Material

The best café race luggage bag should be made up of premium quality material. Although, mostly saddlebags are made up of Cordura or synthetic leather.

A good material luggage bag proves its worth for a long period of time. If you keep them with good care, you can use them for years.

2.2 Durability

Although, these luggage bags are made of the best quality material which makes them highly durable and long-lasting.

Wherever you are riding, either in the forest trails or in the mountains and long highways they are unbeatable and prove themselves as your best riding companion.

2.3 Capacity

Whatever your riding essentials are, gloves, pads, IDs, licenses, etc. A café racer luggage bag is capable of carrying all your essentials.

2.4 Weather Resistant

You cannot step back if it starts raining or you have to cross a watery place just because you carry things in your pocket.

Motorcycle luggage bags are tough enough to face all the bad weather conditions like storms and rain, etc. They allow you to carry on your riding adventure under any type of circumstances.

2.5 Compatible

A good luggage bag is compatible with all models. A universal café racer bag is a perfect fit for all your café racers in case you owe more than one.

If your luggage bag is compatible with all models you can quickly attach them to your bike and you are ready within a few minutes.

3. Best Motorcycle Luggage Bags for Café Racers

3.1 Viking Saddlebags for Café Racers

The Viking Saddlebags for café racers are a unique product introduced by Viking Bags. Bringing riding essentials and stuff is a basic need of every rider. Motorcycle saddlebags provide enough space to make sure the availability of all crucial stuff.


Viking Bonafide Black Cafe Racer Saddlebags

Viking Bonafide Brown Cafe Racer Saddlebags

3.2 Viking Tail Bags for Café Racers

Viking tail bags are a treat for adventure café racer rides. The Viking tail bags go along with the design of your café racer really well.

Although, tail bags mount at the rear of your café racer. You can count a tail bag as your perfect riding companion who carries your stuff and never complains.

Viking Bonafide Medium Black Cafe Racer Tail Bag

Viking Bonafide Medium Brown Cafe Racer Tail Bag

3.3 Viking Tank Bags forCafé Racers

Riding on unknown roads and places is a real adventure. If you are out there to discover new places you can completely rely on a tank bag. Though, tank bags have this transparent pocket on their main body that lets you keep your map or mobile in it. You can easily take a look at your tank bag to follow the GPS navigator.

Viking Bonafide Brown Cafe Racer Tank Bag

Viking Bonafide Black Cafe Racer Tank Bag

Viking Mini Tank Bag

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