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10 Most Comfortable Adventure Touring Motorcycles

10 Most Comfortable Adventure Touring Motorcycles

Adventure touring motorcycles are suited for traveling on paved roads and off-road trails, and are capable of traveling long distances. These motorcycles offer better comfort due to their wide handlebars, upright ergonomics, large wheels, and longer suspensions. They handle well when cruising across highways and leaning into corners and curves.

This article lists 10 of the most comfortable adventure touring motorcycles.

most comfortable adventure touring motorcycles

1. Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 Special

In 2018, Harley Davidson introduced the Pan America series. These motorcycles were designed to explore rough terrain and wilderness areas. Their upright riding positions and mid-mounted foot controls ensured versatility and comfort when on- and off-roading.

The liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1250 engine has an adaptable power delivery and a wide powerband that increases if traveling at a higher rpm. This engine has a horsepower of 150 hp and a torque of 94 lb-ft at 9,500 rpm. This 60° V-twin engine contributes to the motorcycle’s lightweight design.

Even when carrying maximum weight capacity, the Pan America 1250 Special still has reliable handling and performance when traveling at high speeds. No matter how hard you push the Pan America 1250 Special, it still maintains balance and comfort.

The Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 Special has five riding modes:

Comfort: Increases suspension compliance and reduces bumps when traveling on uneven roads.

Balanced: Balances comfort and control to ensure well-rounded riding.

Sport: Increases damping rates for better control

Off-Road Soft: Reduces initial damping, increases suspension compliance, and decreases kickback, making it suited for logging roads and rocky terrain.

Off-Road Firm: Increases initial damping for more aggressive riding, making it suited for soft terrain.

Engine Liquid-Cooled, V-Twin
Displacement 1252 cc
Power 150 hp
Torque 94 lb-ft
Seat Height 31.8 in
Weight 254 kg
Fuel Capacity 21.2 L
Price $19,999
Key Features
  • Cornering Rider Safety Enhancement
  • Improved TFT Touchscreen
  • Revolution Max 1250 Engine
  • Improved Hill Hold System

2. BMW R1250GS Adventure

Production of the BMW R1250GS began in 2019. The 2022 BMW R1250GS Adventure weighs 549 lbs, but its boxer engine design ensures weight is distributed along the lower frame. This motorcycle its famous for its low-speed handling when on- and off-roading. This bike comes with ABS, traction control, and an optional heated seat.

The seating position and comfortable ergonomics ensure good visibility and control when going on adventure tours. The BMW R1250GS Adventure has heated grips, cruise control, semi-active electronic adjustable suspensions, room for touring baggage, and riding aids.

The BMW R1250GS Adventure has a horsepower of 135 hp, a torque of 105 lb-ft, and smooth power delivery at any rpm.

Engine Air/Liquid-Cooled, Four-Stroke
Displacement 1254 cc
Power 135 hp
Torque 105 lb-ft
Seat Height 35 in
Weight 268 kg
Fuel Capacity 30 L
Price $20,345
Key Features
  • 3 Ride Modes (Eco, Rain, and Road)
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • Full-LED Headlight
  • Hill Start Control
  • TFT Color Display with Connectivity

3. Honda Africa Twin

Since 1988, the Honda Africa Twin has been built in four versions. This adventure touring motorbike has an eight-valve parallel-twin engine that produces a horsepower of 101 hp at 7500 rpm. It also has a strong suspension system and high ground clearance.

The Honda Africa Twin also includes wheelie control, cornering ABS, rear-lift control, DCT cornering recognition, three engine-braking levels, and seven torque control levels, allowing riders to explore the custom mode sandbox.

The lower windscreen offers wind protection without obstructing your vision. Better aerodynamics are the outcome of the shape's refinement. Honda also provides an optional higher screen if that's what you'd want.

Engine Liquid-Cooled, Parallel-Twin
Displacement 1084 cc
Power 101 hp
Torque 77.4 lb-ft
Seat Height 34.3 in
Weight 227 kg
Fuel Capacity 18.8 L
Price $14,499
Key Features
  • ABS
  • Cruise Control
  • LED Lights
  • Traction Control
  • Automatic DCT Transmission

4. KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

In 2015, KTM started production of the 1290 Super Adventure R. Cycle World named it the best adventure motorcycle of 2015. The KTM 1290 Super Adventure R had a good performance when traveling across rough terrain. 

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure R is an off-roader with plenty of traction when traveling on paved roads. Built with a 1301 cc engine  that can produce a horsepower of 160 hp, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R has consistent power delivery when traveling on any terrain. It also includes top-notch suspensions and customizable fuel tuning.

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure R features four driving modes, an electronic throttle system, Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), ABS, cruise control, Tire Pressure Control (TPMS), and a 6.5 TFT screen. The wide, adjustable, and high-strength tapered aluminum handlebars ensure better comfort and control.

Engine Four-Stroke, V-Twin, Four Valves per Cylinder
Displacement 1301 cc
Power 160 hp
Torque 101 lb-ft
Seat Height 34.6 in
Weight 245 kg
Fuel Capacity 23 L
Price $19,499
Key Features
  • Dual-Channel C-ABS System
  • Tubeless Aluminum Wheels
  • High-Performance WP XPLOR Suspension

5. Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

The Triumph Tiger 800 XCx was launched in 2010. It is equipped with a triple-cylinder engine and has a lightweight build. The Triumph Tiger 800 XCx has a horsepower of 95 hp and a torque of 58 ft-lbs. Many of its features include an ABS, traction control, and an "Off-Road Pro" riding mode.  

The Triumph Tiger 800 XCx has three riding modes: Road, Off-Road, and Rider. It also comes with an adventure pack carrying an aluminum sumo guard, a hand guard, an extra power socket, a center guard, and engine protection bars.

The Triumph Tiger 800 XCx has fully adjustable front and rear shocks and ergonomics that make it suited for touring. Additionally, it also features LED lights that ensure you are visible to other drivers and improve off-road safety.

Engine Liquid-Cooled, Three-Cylinder, DOHC
Displacement 800 cc
Power 95 hp
Torque 58 lb-ft
Seat Height 31.8 in
Weight 199 kg
Fuel Capacity 18.9 L
Price $14,600
Key Features
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • LED Lighting
  • Fuel-Injected

6. Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

Suzuki has been manufacturing the V-Strom 1000 ABS since 2002. The latest Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS received several upgrades, including an adjustable traction control with an ABS and a new engine. The 1037 cc V-twin engine produces a horsepower of 99 hp and a torque of 101 Nm.

The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS has an upright seating position and footpegs positioned below the shoulders that make it ideal for adventure touring and off-roading.

The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS has three riding modes:

  • Mode One: Only slight intervention; more responsive throttle that still allows you to spin the rear wheel.
  • Mode Two: If wheel slip is detected, the system responds more quickly and has a less responsive throttle.
  • Mode Three: Traction control turned off.
Engine Four-Stroke, V-Twin, DOHC, Four Valves per Cylinder
Displacement 1037 cc
Power 99 hp
Torque 76 lb-ft
Seat Height 33.4 in
Weight 228 kg
Fuel Capacity 20 L
Price $12,999
Key Features
  • Aluminum Twin Spar Frame
  • Anti-Lock Braking System

7. Kawasaki Versys 650

The Kawasaki Versys 650 was introduced in the Canadian and European markets in 2007 and in the U.S. market in 2008. It has a 4.3-inch full-color display screen, traction control, and cowling design for an edgier and sleeker look. 

The Kawasaki Versys 650 has accessories like luggage panniers to help accommodate riders on adv tours. It is an upright, slim, and versatile adventure touring motorcycle with a steadfast suspension system and an adjustable windscreen. The Kawasaki Versys 650 runs on a 649 cc parallel-twin engine that produces a horsepower of 67 hp and a torque of 45 lb-ft.

The short fuel tank allows the rider to sit closer to the front wheel, ensuring better control and comfort. The footpegs are below and slightly forward of the seat, offering a comfortable riding position. The slim seat has a knee grip that allows the rider to change the seat position if necessary. 

Engine Liquid-Cooled, Four-Stroke, DOHC, Parallel Twin
Displacement 649 cc
Power 67 hp
Torque 45 lb-ft
Seat Height 33.3 in
Weight 219 kg
Fuel Capacity 21 L
Price $8,899
Key Features
  • ABS
  • Traction Control
  • Sleeker Appearance
  • Economical Riding Indicator

8. Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

Ducati has been producing the Multistrada 1200 Enduro since 2010. This bike has four riding modes: Touring, Sports, Enduro, and Urban.

The 1198 cc V-twin engine generates a horsepower of 160 hp and a torque of 136 Nm. This sleek, compact, and cutting-edge adventure bike has a dual spark ignition, an ABS, and semi-active suspensions.

The rear sprocket has three extra teeth for instant acceleration and a higher exhaust for higher ground clearance when off-roading.

Engine Four-Stroke, Two-Cylinder, DOHC, Four Valves per Cylinder
Displacement 1198 cc
Power 160 hp
Torque 100 lb-ft
Seat Height 34.4 in
Weight 225 kg
Fuel Capacity 30 L
Price $21,295
Key Features
  • Cruise Control
  • Semi-Active Ducati Skyhook Suspension
  • Bosch Cornering ABS

9. Yamaha Tenere 700

The Tenere 700 is a mid-size adventure motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha in 2019. The 690 cc two-cylinder engine generates a horsepower of 74 hp and a torque of 68 Nm. This provides enough power to ride comfortably on mountain trails, desert roads, or highways.

The Yamaha Tenere 700’s double cradle tubular steel frame can handle off-roading with little difficulty. Its ground clearance of 240mm and front wheel travel of 210mm ensures smooth and comfortable handling.

Engine Liquid-Cooled, DOHC, Four-Stroke
Displacement 689 cc
Power 74 hp
Torque 50 lb-ft
Seat Height 34.4 in
Weight 204 kg
Fuel Capacity 16 L
Price $10,299
Key Features
  • ABS With On/Off Setting for On-Road and Off-Road Situations
  • LED Lighting

10. Triumph Tiger 1200

The Triumph Tiger 1200 is an adventure touring and dual sport motorcycle first revealed in 2011. It runs on an 1160 cc liquid-cooled engine with a horsepower of 147 hp and a torque of 95 lb-ft.

The Triumph Tiger 1200’s aluminum footrests and standing riding position make it suited for off-roading. It is possible to install custom seats with improved comfort and heating to help reduce fatigue on long tours

Engine Liquid-Cooled, 12 Valve, DOHC, Three-Cylinders
Displacement 1160 cc
Power 147 hp
Torque 95 lb-ft
Seat Height 35.2 in
Weight 248 kg
Fuel Capacity 20 L
Price $22,500
Key Features
  • Triple Engine Designed to Set a New Benchmark for Engine Character
  • Lightweight Chassis

11. Last Words

Adventure touring motorcycles are equipped with large fuel tanks, strong frames, and heavily-built tires that make them suited for on- and off-roading. The adventure touring bikes covered in this article are considered the most comfortable models due to their upright riding positions, wide wheels and handlebars, and tall windscreens.

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