Triumph Motorcycle Parts

Triumph Motorcycle Parts

While Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. strives to manufacture the best motorcycles possible with exceptional performance, speed, and handling, they cannot always satisfy every rider’s needs. Some stock Triumph models may be lacking features, may have difficulty traveling long distances, or could use extra protection. To modify a Triumph motorcycle, you just have to acquire some quality motorcycle parts, but it can be a pain finding a reliable store that sells them. Luckily, Viking Bags has some of the best Triumph parts available. This page gives an overview of required Triumph motorcycle parts and details on aftermarket Triumph parts.

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Types of Viking Triumph Motorcycle Parts

Triumph Seats

Though stock and custom Triumph seats have similar designs, the latter tends to have better cushioning and size options that better suit different riders. The base is built from steel and fiberglass, the cushion is constructed from shape-retaining foam, and the seat cover is made of Viking leather. The cushion compresses slightly, absorbing the rider’s weight and wrapping around the rider’s bottom. Along the top surface of the seat is either a plain, diamond, horizontal, or vertical stitch.

Triumph Sissy Bars

Triumph sissy bars are installed at the rear behind the seat atop the fender due to the two wide fins fastened on both sides. These aftermarket Triumph parts are about 25 inches tall and curve into a tip in the shape of a U or a V. The U-shaped tip makes it easier to slide on luggage that uses straps. The V-shaped tip allows you to hook your luggage and catches it before it can come loose. This add-on can come with a foldable luggage rack that functions as a shelf to rest your baggage. Triumph sissy bars are covered in a rustproof chrome or matte black finish.

Triumph Luggage Racks

Triumph luggage racks were constructed with an aerodynamic design to reduce wind drag and resistance when sitting on top of a Tour-Pak lid. Most of its composition consists of nickel, copper, and chrome steel, ensuring the surface cannot be easily damaged by rust or moisture. These parts for Triumph motorcycles can carry a weight capacity of 10 lbs. Triumph luggage racks either have blade-shaped rungs with narrow space between them or have thin round bars with lots of space between them and a curved outline.

Triumph Fairings

Triumph fairings are round, durable, and hollow add-ons mounted to the motorcycle’s front. The bulk of its fiberglass and ABS plastic material is towards the front, providing extra protection from flying debris. In the center is a large circular hole that fits around the headlight. Along the back are steel clamps along either side of the hole that attaches to the motorcycle’s fork. The tinted windshield along the top protects your head from wind, rain, and debris while allowing you to scan the road with a clear view.

Triumph Crash Bars

Triumph crash bars are wide angular frames constructed from thin yet durable 1.25-inch round steel bars. They form a barrier around your engine, not preventing smaller debris from slipping, but keeping stationary obstacles, other vehicles, or the ground from damaging it. Along the top of the bars are two rubber pegs equally spaced apart that function as additional footrests.

Triumph Handlebars

Triumph handlebars are the only means of steering your motorcycle. Constructed from high-grade steel bars, this equipment has several pre-drilled holes along its length. These pre-drilled holes and internal pulling wire make it easier to pull along the wiring that connects the handlebars to the motorcycle’s electrical system. These handlebars are suited for all riders due to the design making it possible to rest the arms and wrists.

Why You Should Get Viking Motorcycle Parts for Triumph

Viking Bags offers the best Triumph parts on the market, with each component carefully designed, perfectly constructed, and built out of high-quality and long-lasting materials. Each aftermarket Triumph part comes with instructions, can be easily mounted with or without hardware, and improve the capability and stylish look of your ride. You should be able to find the best Triumph parts for the following categories: Thunderbird parts or Rocket parts.

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