Triumph Motorcycle Seats

Triumph Motorcycle Seats

If you like to go on lengthy trips with your motorcycle, it may be difficult to enjoy them if your Triumph motorcycle seat is causing pain in your hindquarters.

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For riders who own a Triumph motorcycle model, the biggest inconvenience on the road can be the discomfort caused as a result of a faulty Triumph seat. But you still need a Triumph motorcycle seat where you can sit and maneuver your vehicle from. If you are in need of a new Triumph seat, you can check out the listing to find the most comfortable Triumph seat..

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Most Comfortable Triumph Seats By Model

At Viking Bags, you will have your pick of the following Triumph motorcycle seats designed for these specific models: Triumph America , Triumph Rocket III Range , Triumph Rocket III Roadster , Triumph Rocket III Touring , Triumph Speedmaster , Triumph Thunderbird , Triumph 1700 Big Bore , Triumph Thunderbird SE , Triumph Thunderbird LT , Triumph Bonneville T100 & Triumph Bonneville T120 .

  • Triumph Thunderbird: If you own a Triumph Thunderbird, then this Triumph seat will be level to help prevent you from sliding and reduce fatigue when riding over long distances. It can also come with an internal seat heater to help raise your body temperature if you happen to ride in cold weather. Along the length of the Triumph seat, there are rubber bumpers to help keep the paint from scratching.
  • Triumph Rocket: As you ride a Triumph Rocket, you will find the shape of the Triumph seat will bend with the curve of your body as well as evenly distribute your body weight. This version is fixed at a lower height than the stock versions which make this ideal for shorter riders. Thanks to the wide surface area, this helps relieve pressures on your bottom and ensures you do not slide around when riding at swerving at high speeds.

Design of Triumph Motorcycle Seats

  • Structure: Despite looking like a single piece of equipment, a Triumph motorcycle seat is actually made up of a baseplate, seat foam, and seat cover. The baseplate lays out the foundation, forming and retaining the shape of the Triumph seat. The seat foam is what you actually sit on, reducing discomfort by evenly distributing weight and keeping vibrations to a minimum. The seat cover wraps around the entire top surface of the Triumph seat, providing a barrier from wind, moisture, and debris for the other parts..
  • Material: For Triumph motorcycle seats, the baseplate and metal frame are made of either or a combination of steel and fiberglass. The seat foam is densely packed with soft, breathable foam. The seat cover is in vinyl for short distances and leather for extended trips.
  • Stitch: If you buy a stock seat for Triumph, it will typically come in the standard black plain stitch option. But if you decide instead to get an aftermarket seat for Triumph, you can add a bit more features by including either a horizontal, vertical, or diamond stitch with white or black seams.
  • Finish: In terms of style, you can pick either a gloss, chrome, or matte finish depending on which one you think would work best with your motorcycle’s current appearance. In terms of functionality, it makes little difference what option you choose as any of them will make a protective coat for the metal frame.
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