Triumph Motorcycle Handlebars

Triumph Motorcycle Handlebars

If you are the owner of a Triumph model, one of the biggest concerns often on your mind is your motorcycle’s parts becoming worn out or breaking down. If a vital motorcycle part like the engine or brakes starts to malfunction, it could become dangerous to ride your vehicle even for a few minutes. It is also a pain to pay a mechanic to locate and fix the problem or try to do the repairs yourself. However, some components are vital to operating your motorcycle and are easy to find a replacement. One such example is the motorcycle handlebars. If you are looking for a new set, continue reading to learn about the features and design of Viking Bags’ Triumph handlebars.

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Features of Viking Triumph Handlebars

Viking Bags’ Triumph motorcycle handlebars are designed to be both stylish and functional. The handlebars’ smooth and reflective surface not only complements your vehicle’s appearance but also makes it easier for other drivers sharing the road to see you. Because the steel bars forming the frame are round, this makes it easier to grip the handlebars during installation or storage. Handlebars for Triumph have a rigid and durable structure comparable to the integrity of your motorcycle’s chassis and frame. Because your motorcycle leaves you and your handlebars somewhat exposed, they must be tough enough to withstand hits from asphalt pieces, random trash, and other flying debris. The steel bars are highly robust as they can tank mild to moderate impacts without becoming scratched, bent, dented, or cracked. Because Triumph handlebars are exposed to the elements, they are covered with a thick finish to help improve their longevity. The finish makes the steel extra resistant to physical damage, unable to corrode due to rust, and kept in good condition even when riding through rainy weather.

Design of Triumph Motorcycle Handlebars

Viking Bags’ handlebars for Triumph motorcycles are designed with a V-twin shape with the grips pointed downward. Constructed out of round steel bars, the interconnected parts of the handlebars form sharp angles, but the edges are blunt so there is minimal risk of poking yourself. Their design incorporates the best aspects of other handlebars, including the mini-ape bar’s grips, the drag bar’s narrow width, and the Z-bar’s overall look. This equipment comes with either a glossy or matte finish and has a black or chrome color scheme. The Triumph handlebars have several pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the base and handles, along with additional openings along the sides. The inside of the steel bars has DOM tubing, meaning there is enough hollow space to fit the wiring through without issue. During installation, you position the handlebars above the top of the motorcycle fork where the wiring sticks out. The internal pulling wire helps you to pull the wiring from the base up to the ends of the grips. This will connect the Triumph handlebars to your vehicle’s electrical system, allowing you to access the controls, turn signals, etc.

Why You Should Buy Handlebars for Triumph Motorcycles

Though you will not have to get new Triumph motorcycle handlebars for a while if you make sure to treat them with care, it may save you time finding a replacement set early just in case. If you cannot turn quickly or the handlebars become stiff or stuck, your motorcycle’s performance will gradually worsen. There is no sense in putting off buying new Triumph handlebars, but many riders are hesitant because buying replacement parts can be expensive. Luckily, Viking Bags’s handlebars for Triumph models are not only affordable, but they are also built by expert engineers, constructed out of high-quality material, and stay in working condition for several years. Viking Bags should have motorcycle handlebars for the following Triumph models in stock: America, Rocket III Range, Rocket III Roadster, Rocket III Touring, Speedmaster, Thunderbird, Thunderbird LT, Thunderbird SE, Thunderbird 1700 Big Bore, Bonneville T100, and Bonneville T120.

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