Triumph Rocket Parts

Triumph Rocket Parts

The Triumph Rocket series was best known for its motorcycles having torquey engines and being suitable for traveling at all distances. Depending on the type of model chosen, the Triumph Rocket motorcycle would be best suited for city travel or highway cruising. A major factor that determined the capabilities of these two-wheelers was the kind of Triumph Rocket parts they had. Making a few modifications or replacing specific components could drastically transform a Triumph Rocket model. Listed below are the best aftermarket motorcycle parts for Triumph Rocket you can find at Viking Bags.

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Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

Triumph Rocket sissy bars are tall steel bars that stand straight towards the back, allowing you to slip on backpacks or sissy bar bags. The U-shaped tip makes it easier to slide on multiple bags with shoulder or hand straps. The V-shaped tip has a slight hook that will catch onto your luggage on the rare chance that it is about to come loose.

Triumph Rocket handlebars are constructed similarly to mini-ape bars due to the slightly swept-back position grips allowing riders to grab on without having to lean too far forward. 

Triumph Rocket fairings and Triumph Rocket crash bars are accessories that give your motorcycle a shiny look and help keep critical systems safe. The fairings have thick fiberglass and ABS plastic exterior covering the controls. The crash bars surround and form a barrier around the engine. 

Triumph Rocket luggage racks are separate shelves with either a flat or cage-shaped bottom, offering a secure place to rest your luggage at the rear. These racks are best suited for carrying middleweight and heavyweight baggage, though they are most secure if mounting straps are also fastened. 

Triumph Rocket seats and Triumph Rocket backrest and pads are shape-retaining comfort foam cushions that help relax, massage, and support your bottom and back. While the seats can be easily installed in the middle of the motorcycle, the backrests do require sissy bars for them to be set up so they are level with the lower back. 

If you are looking for affordable and well-made Rocket motorcycle parts, you should be able to find the following at Viking Bags: parts for Rocket III Range, parts for Rocket III Roadster, and parts for Rocket III Touring.

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