Honda Shadow Seats

Honda Shadow Seats

Honda Shadow models are ideal vehicles for going on long-distance excursions yet can also be reliable forms of transportation for short commutes. There is no doubt these vehicle types are more than capable of handling almost any kind of trip.

However, being able to reach your destination does not necessarily guarantee the ride will be a comfortable one. Motorcycles, by design, tend to prioritize being efficient and functional two-wheeled motor vehicles. That sometimes does not leave a lot of room for adjustments to be made, making your motorcycle more compatible with your body type.

A required yet customizable piece of equipment that addresses the issue of comfort is the Honda Shadow seat. Shadow seats encourage riders to sit with good posture and put them within reach of the brakes, handlebars, etc.

These are only a few of the features that Shadow motorcycle seats can offer for your vehicle. Unless you get the best possible Honda Shadow seat for yourself, you will not truly get to enjoy the experience of riding at high speed.

Though there are other motorcycle seats out on the market, you will not find Honda Shadow seats that are more affordable or of good quality than those sold at Viking Bags.

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Types of Honda Shadow Seats

Though there are features related to design and functionality that all Honda Shadow seats share, there are variants of this type of motorcycle seat. Depending on what you require or your preferences, it is possible to select from the following Shadow seats:

Intended for operators who ride alone, the Shadow solo seat has enough room for a single occupant.

Able to fit both the operator and a passenger, the Shadow 2-up seat extends back and contours atop the fender.

If you have no interest in customization, the Shadow stock seats are built primarily with comfort, stability, and endurance in mind.

Making slight alterations to the appearance of the stock seats, Shadow custom seats retain basic functionality while adding a personalized touch to the design from the rider.

Design of Honda Shadows Seats

Providing a protective surface for the foam pad, the seat cover can either wrap around the rim or the entirety of the Honda motorcycle seat. It is capable of deflecting small debris undamaged due to being made of Viking leather. Though stretched across, the seat cover can form around the contours of your bottom and the Shadow seat.

Made out of breathable and soft memory foam, the seat pad supports your body weight and offers a cushion for your bottom to rest upon. Because it is easy to tear when exposed, it is recommended you take care when handling this part separately. The extra padding is to help the Honda Shadow seat compress when you sit and hold its shape when you are off of it.

At the point where the Shadow seat is attached to your motorcycle, the baseplate forms the outline where the seat pad is fitted. It is constructed out of steel or fiberglass to ensure the substructure is resistant to damage. If your Shadow motorcycle seat is composed of steel, the substructure will also be painted over with either a matte, chrome or gloss finish.

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