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45L - Tactical XL Honda Motorcycle BackpackViking Tactical XL Honda Motorcycle Backpack Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $119.99 $101.99 with coupon
Viking Trident XL Honda Motorcycle Backpack Main viewViking Trident XL Honda Motorcycle Backpack Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $119.99 $101.99 with coupon
23L - Patriot Medium Honda Motorcycle BackpackViking Patriot Medium Honda Motorcycle Backpack Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $92.94 $78.94 with coupon Regular price$158.00
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35L - Renegade XL Honda Motorcycle Dry Backpack@expand
Sale price $129.99 $110.99 with coupon
30L - Voyage Large Honda Motorcycle BackpackViking Voyage Large Honda Motorcycle Backpack Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $124.99 $105.99 with coupon
Viking Vanguard Large Dry Honda Motorcycle BackpackViking Vanguard Large Dry Motorcycle Backpack on Bike View @expand
Sale price $139.99 $118.99 with coupon Regular price$238.00
23L - Duo-tone Medium Honda Motorcycle Messenger Bag Green/BlackViking Duo-tone Medium Honda Motorcycle Messenger Bag Green/Black Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $57.64 $48.64 with coupon Regular price$98.00
Viking Duo-tone Medium Honda Motorcycle Messenger Bag Gray/Black Main view@expand
Sale price $116.47 $99.47 with coupon Regular price$198.00


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Backpacks for Honda Motorcycles

There is no alternative for a good backpack when one wants to carry loads easily or take on the wild outdoors head on. At times, it can be the line between danger and safety for it can carry all the necessary gear that one needs to survive out there. It is the same for bikers who want to traverse through all kinds of terrains, remain safe and keep their cargo safe at the same time. They don’t want to slow down or have their cruising speed hampered with the wrong luggage every time they are on the road. There is need for space and there is need for security at the same time, everything that the Honda backpacks can give their users.

One can get these best quality Honda backpacks right here with Viking Bags, one of the largest retailers of motorcycle luggage in the world. With a wide range of products to choose from, one will find it no hardship to get just the right partner for the road. Built to be extremely spacious, these bags have ample room in the center for large items. Then there are the multiple pockets on the side that offer space for all kinds of smaller items and even elastic hold on loops for tools. Lined with rubber and canvas, these mesh pockets keep all contents dry and safe from the elements and harsh environments all year round. There are smaller pockets on the outside, zippered and padded to keep frequently needed items within accessible reach. We offer a wide range of best backpacks for Honda Shadow, VTX, Valkyrie, Rebel motorcycles.

Best Quality Back Pack for Honda Riders

Like all other Viking products, these backpacks for Honda too enjoy the presence and feel of pure Viking leather. To this the makers have added a blend of plastic, nylon and fiberglass to give them tensile strength and powers to absorb all kinds of shock. The canvas and rubber lining add to their weatherproof features and keep them safe from all kinds of climatic damage. As you can see, neither harsh weather nor rough roads, nothing can undermine the quality of these bags. Versatile and flexible, they are designed to match all kinds of rider needs on the road. Detachable brackets help attach these to the bikes when riders don’t want to carry them or when there are passengers who need the space on top.

These universal brackets hook them onto the back or side of the bikes easily, and not just a Honda either. Compact, flexible and light the Honda riding backpacks can match all bikes easily and enhance their looks in the long run. You can enjoy the superior quality of these without paying too high a price for they are very reasonably priced and come with a risk free refund option as well. All in all, they offer more value for their money along with the stamp of quality that Viking products are known for.

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