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Motorcycle Seats

Motorcycle Seats
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Introducing Viking Bags Motorcycle Seats

Are you looking for the best motorcycle seat? Welcome to Viking Bags, a reliable company that can provide you with high-quality products for your motorcycle.

This section will give you an overview ofseats for motorcycles of different makes from Harley Davidson to Triumph models. You need a motorcycle seat(s) to provide a fixed place for both operator and passenger to sit down. It also determines the level of comfort for you and your passenger during a ride. Picking the most comfortable motorcycle seat with the correct surface area or weight capacity will help alleviate discomfort in your lower body.

Most Comfortable Motorcycle Seats By Make

At Viking Bags, you can look for your ultimate motorcycle seat constructed for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, Indian, or Triumph brands.

Viking Seats for Harley-Davidson:
Because Harley-Davidson models cover several categories of motorcycles, the motorcycle seats are highly customizable and diverse in design to suit the capabilities of their respective models.

Viking Seats for Honda:
Much like the Honda models it is designed to be mounted on, this motorcycle seat is designed to be both stylish yet functional. They manage to provide both aesthetic appeal as well as comfort for the rider.

Viking Seats for Suzuki:
Regarding Suzuki models, motorcycle seats are fixed low which makes it easier for shorter motorcyclists to operate while working with the suspension so that it contours around the rider’s bottom.

Viking Seats for Kawasaki:
Since Kawasaki models are renowned for being sports bikes with powerful engines, this motorcycle seat tends to be narrow in design to help with weight distribution and make it easier for you to reach the footrests.

Viking Seats for Yamaha:
As many Yamada models are suited to travel across rough and dirty terrain, this motorcycle seat has to be able to handle debris and moisture while keeping the operator in place.

Viking Seats for Victory:
Though Victory motorcycle seats are built to allow motorcyclists to ride alone, they are also designed so that you can seamlessly attach a backrest. This feature is shared amongst both factory-made and custom versions.

Viking Seats for Indian:
Indian motorcycle seats have greater freedom in how they are constructed since their seat covers, finish, and structure can be made from many materials. All this customization does not sacrifice the balance between comfort and durability.

Viking Seats for Triumph:
Triumph motorcycle seats are fitted with seat foams with a universal shape to accommodate riders of different sizes so that they can travel for long periods of time without discomfort.

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Best Motorcycle Seats By Vehicle Type

Another factor to keep in mind when searching for the most comfortable seat for your motorcycle is vehicle type. This can range from cruisers, street bikes, dirt bikes, café racers, off-road bikes, and dual purpose bikes.

Cruiser Seats:
Motorcycle seats for cruisers are positioned at a slightly lower height to make it easier to maneuver. However, this comes at the cost of your motorcycle’s luggage capacity.

Street/Sportsbike Seats:
Motorcycle seats for street bikes are elevated to a higher height to make sure there is clearance for the footrests and fairings when making tight turns.

Dirt Bike/Enduro Seats:
Dirt bikes have their motorcycle seats elevated to a higher height to lessen the amount of dirt sprayed onto them when traveling on either dry or wet terrain.

Café Racer Seats:
Motorcycle seats for café racers are positioned at a slightly lower height to make it easier to maneuver in a similar manner to the cruiser models.

Off-road/Adventure Touring Seats:
Motorcycle seats for off-road and adventure touring bikes are elevated to a higher height to help stay clear of vegetation and helps the suspension to better handle bumps in the road.

Dual Purpose Seats:
Motorcycle seats for dual purpose bikes are elevated to a higher height to help these vehicles be better equipped to travel rough terrain and backroads.

Design of Motorcycle Seats

Motorcycle seats are composed of three parts: the baseplate, seat foam, and cover. The baseplate is the foundation supporting the other parts plus the weight of the rider. The seat foam is the pad that cushions the rider’s bottom, being both soft yet durable. The cover encompasses the top of your motorcycle seat, protecting it from debris and moisture.

Most motorcycle seats are made out of steel or fiberglass to serve as the firm foundation. The seat foam is composed of padded foam that contours around the rider’s bottom yet can handle the extra weight. The cover can be made either out of vinyl or leather, the former being easier to maintain while the latter offers better comfort.

The plain black thread is the stock design for the traditional factory-made motorcycle seat. But it is possible to incorporate either a horizontal, vertical, or diamond stitch to give your motorcycle seat a distinctive look.

Covering the metallic elements of the motorcycle seat is a finish that serves as a protective coat. It typically comes in either a chrome, gloss, or matte finish that complements your motorcycle’s style.

Features of Motorcycle Seats

Each of the motorcycle seat’s parts, from the baseplate to the cover, are made from durable yet lightweight materials. Besides being easy to carry when attaching or removing, it also protects it from debris, moisture, and other elements.

The padding in motorcycle seat foam can vary in terms of shape, cushioning, and surface area to suit the needs of riders who are of different sizes. The right motorcycle seat will prevent soreness in your bottom when you travel across long distances.

Though hidden beneath you when riding, your motorcycle seat can still complement the look of your motorcycle. You can make adjustments to the stitch, design, and material to satisfy your aesthetic tastes.

Depending on the motorcycle seat, it will either be a universal fit or a custom fit. Universal fit means it is possible to mount the motorcycle seat on almost every type of vehicle and model. Custom fit can only be attached to a specific type of vehicle and model, but has more customization options.

Types of Motorcycle Seats

As you consider the best motorcycle seat type compatible with your ride’s make and vehicle category, you are able to choose from the following options: solo, 2-up, passenger, stock, and aftermarket.

Solo motorcycle seat:
This version provides enough space for the operator alone, but the baseplate has a larger surface area. It is best for motorcyclists who prefer riding by themselves.

2-Up motorcycle seat:
This version has a longer design and has enough space to support two people, but progressively gets thinner the farther back it goes. It is ideal for transporting another person due to having a designated passenger seat.

Passenger seat with backrest:
This version is similar in design to the solo motorcycle seat except that it comes with a padded backrest to provide support and comfort for the passenger.

Stock motorcycle seat:
This version is the standard factory-made motorcycle seat that is included with a newly purchased motorcycle. Though lacking in customizable features, it is easy to fit onto your vehicle.

Aftermarket motorcycle seat:
This version is a customizable motorcycle seat that can be modified to suit your preferences for style, comfort, and design. It must still fit properly like a factory-made motorcycle seat.

Viking Bags is dedicated to providing reliable motorcycle seats as well as other motorcycle-related products to help satisfy our customers. This is why to ensure that your experience is flawless, we offer a return policy to keep everything fair.

If you find there is something wrong with your motorcycle seat, return it within 30 days to be given a full refund or get a different one in exchange. Please have fun looking for a motorcycle seat and remember to ride safely!