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Luggage Racks

Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Motorcycle Luggage Racks
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Features of Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Viking Bags’ motorcycle luggage racks have their entire structure made from high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel is nearly impervious to damage since it can suffer impacts from flying debris without suffering any severe dents, cracks, or scratches. The surface of the rungs is covered with a coating that improves the durability of the aftermarket motorcycle luggage racks but also prevents the metal from becoming rusty or suffering from water damage. As the luggage racks for motorcycles have a rigid and durable integrity thanks to their stainless steel bars, they have considerable longevity. So long as you provide appropriate care for your motorcycle luggage racks, they should be in good use for several years before you need to get a new one. Due to being resistant to rust and rain, motorcycle luggage racks are ideal for traveling in urban and rural areas or for short- and long-distance trips. Due to their compact size, they can only carry a maximum weight of 10 lbs.

Design of Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Viking Bags’ aftermarket motorcycle luggage racks have an overall rectangular shape, their outlines being constructed out of thick and round steel bars. With at least four steel bars in the middle that are spaced apart evenly, the luggage racks for motorcycles provide a flat surface that small- and medium-sized luggage bags can rest upon without falling through. The spaces in between the steel bars make it possible to weave and wrap around straps that could help tie down and further secure your luggage. Because luggage racks for motorcycles do not have any unique qualities or applications, the factor that determines a rider’s choice is their appearance. Viking Bags’ motorcycle luggage racks either come in chrome or black. They also either have a matte or glossy finish applied. The matte finish has a more muted reflective surface, while the glossy finish appears brighter under direct sunlight. The first variation of the motorcycle luggage racks has a dip in the center and the outer edges forming a rim to help prevent your bags from falling out. The second variation of the motorcycle luggage racks is a flat surface with the center rungs shaped like fan blades. The composition of the steel bars includes copper, nickel, and chrome, each of these metals contributing to the motorcycle luggage racks’ durability, longevity, and resistances. Motorcycle luggage racks are designed to be fitted on top of the rear fender, but they can also be secured atop a Tour-Pak lid. They are easy to install and can be quickly released thanks to the mounting hardware and installation guide included with your purchase.

Things to Keep in Mind About Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Because Viking Bags’ motorcycle luggage racks have a low height and weight capacity, you will only be able to use this equipment to carry smaller gear and baggage. Plus, due to the lack of built-in clamps, the motorcycle luggage racks are only a reliable form of storage if you have separate straps or similar means to keep your belongings from flying off. Before purchasing motorcycle luggage racks, carefully measure the dimensions of your rear fender or Tour-Pak lid. If the available flat surface area is too small, the motorcycle luggage may not stay in place even with all the bolts drilled in.

Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Racks Per Brand

Viking Bags specializes in creating equipment intended for several motorcycle categories from multiple well-known motorcycle companies. Viking Bags may not cover every known model or brand, but you may recognize a few: Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, etc. Because the luggage racks have a universal design, any set you purchase would likely be suited to the kind of two-wheeler you own.While browsing around Viking Bags, you should have no problem finding and comparing the following motorcycle luggage racks: