Harley Davidson Luggage Racks

Harley Davidson, one of America’s most renowned motorcycle companies, has been releasing upgraded, technologically advanced two-wheelers since 1903. From cruisers to touring bikes, Harley Davidson has a vehicle in their lineups suited for nearly every possible task and satisfies the criteria of almost every rider. While most Harley Davidson models are intended for high-speed travel and planning long road trips, plenty of Harley fans solely rely on them for daily needs. These can include getting to work, picking up or dropping off a relative, or carrying belongings with you to a destination. Regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced rider, a casual motorcyclist or an avid racer, there may be plenty of occasions where you have had to rely on your Harley to transport your things. One of the best ways to secure your luggage is by fitting your vehicle with Harley motorcycle luggage racks.

Though it is possible to carry your belongings in saddlebags, motorcycle luggage racks help provide additional storage space when your vehicle has run out of room. Most Harley Davidson models do not have a luggage rack pre-installed, so you would typically have to research and look for the best aftermarket Harley racks. Luckily, you can easily find luggage racks for Harley Davidson motorcycles here at Viking Bags.

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Harley Luggage Racks Design

Harley Davidson luggage racks are constructed from a stainless steel frame covered in chrome or glossy black finish. Its base is made out of copper, while the bars are built from nickel and chrome. Along the bottom are four points that stick out where the luggage rack is connected to the motorcycle. Due to the luggage racks’ long and flat design, they are fastened on top of Tour-Pak lids. The Harley luggage racks can come in two distinct designs. The first design is a flat rack with a low height and six blade-like rungs evenly spaced apart. The blade-like rungs have a wide surface area that allows you to rest your luggage flat atop the rack. The blade-like rungs also have a somewhat curved and streamlined design to reduce air resistance when the motorcycle is riding at high speed. The second design is a semi-open cage with edges curved slightly upward to form a rim. There are also four thin round steel rungs in the center with considerable space between them. The outer rim helps keep your luggage from falling out, and the open spaces between the rungs make it possible to insert and tie straps.

Honda Motorcycle Luggage Racks Features

The best Harley luggage racks are built out of metals that ensure the exterior is waterproof, rustproof, and long-lasting. Regardless of the weather conditions and temperature, these luggage racks’ impressive durability makes them suited for trips in almost any environment. While there is less risk of being hit by flying debris due to being affixed to the rear, the luggage racks’ steel frame ensures they can withstand a lot of punishment. Harley Davidson luggage racks have a weight capacity of 10 lbs, making them better suited for carrying average to heavy loads. They can either come in a chrome or a matte black finish.

Why You Should Buy Luggage Racks for Harley Motorcycles

Aftermarket Harley Davidson parts give riders more flexibility when modifying their vehicles, allowing them to upgrade components, adjust the seat height, etc. Choosing the best aftermarket Harley racks by Viking Bags will offer a stable platform to set up and secure extra luggage. Due to how many different models and series Harley Davidson has made, the following products should be available at Viking Bags: Harley Sportster luggage racks, Harley Dyna luggage racks, Harley Softail luggage racks, Harley Street luggage racks, and Harley Touring luggage racks. To make sure that your belongings are secure and improve your Harley model’s overall look, don’t settle for anything less than the best Harley Davidson luggage racks.

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