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Best Guardian Bells for Motorcycles

Best Guardian Bells for Motorcycles

Have you ever felt like the universe is plotting to go against you on your next motorcycle expedition? It may be a flat tire or a heavy storm that comes up out of nowhere whenever you plan a ride on the open road. The answer to your woes may be a tiny, jingling talisman: the guardian bell. Continue reading this article to explore the best guardian bells to install on your motorcycles and to keep your rides safe and your spirits high.

1. Best Guardian Bells for Motorcycles

A guardian bell is not just a trinket to a lot of motorcyclists, it is a representation of good luck and safety on open roads. These tiny bells are usually attached to the undercarriage of motorcycles, and they serve to scare away bad luck and gremlins (creatures that are said to cause mechanical problems in motorcycles). Whether you are a veteran rider or a newbie who is just starting to get in touch with the traditions, it is fun and a meaningful experience to choose the best guardian bell for your bike.

2. Types and Styles to Match Your Ride

Guardian bells come in a variety of types and shapes and you can easily find one that suits your style and preferences. Here are some popular options:

2.1 Classic Pewter

Classic Pewter
Photo Credit: USA Biker Leather 

The most traditional bells are often the classic pewter guardian bells. It's usually made of pewter which is a combination of lead-free metals, a durable and appealing material. The unique texture not only gives them a timeless, stylish look but also makes them suitable for different motorcycle styles. The classic pewter motorcycle bells offer an elegant style and carry with them the rich history of gremlin bells with brilliant attention to detail.

2.2 Themed Bells

The themed bells are a reflection of personal preferences. In contrast to the usual pewter bells, themed bells are crafted in an assortment of designs to express your preferences and character. These bells can feature:


Photo Credit: Riders Biker Supply 

From wolves and eagles to cats and dragons, animal-themed bells let you showcase your spirit or a dear animal.


Photo Credit: Bravo Bells 

One of the most widely used themed motorcycle bells is the ones imitating skulls. The skull shape is usually associated with power and rebellion.

Religious Symbols

Religious Symbols
Photo Credit: Bravo Bells 

Guardian bells that include crosses, stars of David, and other religious symbols can provide a way to integrate your faith into your motorcycle riding experience.

Motorcycle Brand Logos

Religious Symbols
Photo Credit: Harley Davidson 

Proud Harley-Davidson Motorcycle owner? Or a fan of the Japanese brand in particular? Show your support for your favorite motorcycle brand with the emblem of your manufacturer's logo crafted on a bell.

2.3 Customized Bells

Customized Bells
Photo Credit: Guardian Bell 

The guardian bells that can be tailored go one step further in personalization. These bells will enable you to make them align perfectly with your riding and personal style, making them a perfect option for those who want to add a special touch to their ride. Here's what makes them special:

Personal Engraving

Many companies nowadays manufacture custom bells that allow you to have your name, initials, or a short quote engraved on the surface of the bell.

Truly Unique

The engraving of art or a quote will turn a simple accessory into a unique symbol reflecting your personality or indicating a memorable event.

Meaningful Gift

Bells that have customizable designs are the best gifts you can give to fellow riders. Imagine the thrill of presenting a personalized guardian bell, adorned with their name or a special message for good luck, to your loved ones.

The element of customizability adds the most value to the guardian bell and the motorcycle itself and is always cherished by riders. If you prefer custom flavors, a tiny custom-themed guardian bell will not be enough to transform the overall look of a motorcycle. Visit the Viking Bags ’ online store where you can find an array of motorcycle parts and luggage options to enhance the beauty and capability of your bike. The diverse range of motorcycle products available at Viking Bags includes saddlebags , sissy bars , crash bars , backrests , tank bags , backpacks , fairings , and much more.

3. Top Guardian Bells Manufacturing Brands

Let’s have a look at some of the top brands crafting these motorcycle guardian bells:

3.1 Guardian Bell

Guardian Bell
Photo Credit: Guardian Bell 

This brand owns the trademark right for the name "Guardian Bell" itself. They have a wide range of bells made in America, on which you will find many motorcycle-themed designs and inscriptions.

3.2 Harley-Davidson

Photo Credit: Harley Davidson 

Harley-Davidson, the world-renowned motorcycle maker, also makes specialized Guardian Bells which are among their official merchandise. These bells usually have Harley-Davidson’s signature branding, which makes them a favorite for Harley riders.

3.3 Bravo Bells

Bravo Bells
Photo Credit: Bravo Bells 

Bravo Bells is also another motorcycle bells-producing company known for the superb quality of their guardian bells. They are a one-stop shop for all style and material needs, including brass and chrome.

These are only a fraction of the brands that make one the best guardian bells for motorcycles. The value of a motorcycle bell lies in its design, material, and of course, the legend that will be most connected to you.

4. Finding the Best Guardian Bells for Sale

While searching for "best guardian bells for motorcycles for sale", be sure to browse legit stores that have a wide range of motorcycle accessories. Such shops provide a wider selection of bells and they will make sure that you get an authentic, high-quality product.

5. Custom Guardian Bells: Make it Yours

For an ultimate personalized touch, consider exploring brands that offer custom guardian bells for motorcycles. Some brands and online retailers can engrave or create unique designs that will make your bell one-of-a-kind.

The best guardian bell for your motorcycle is the one that connects with you spiritually. It can be a classic pewter bell or a custom-made one. Whatever you choose, you'll like to see it glimmering in the sun as you ride.

6. The Bottom Line

If you are done with choosing your faithful mount on a motorcycle, polished your riding skills, and the route for your dream ride has been carefully planned, you are good to go on a ride. However, every rider understands that an extra bit of good fortune will not harm them.

The guardian bell holds a special reputation among the motorcycling community and bikers' tradition that blends both the aura of charm and superstition. Whether you are a classic design lover, have a custom-made style, or prefer a guardian bell crafted by a specialist brand, there is a perfect bell out there to jingle throughout the way on your next rides.

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