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How and Where to Hang a Guardian Bell on Your Motorcycle

How and Where to Hang a Guardian Bell on Your Motorcycle

Have you ever felt that strange restlessness when you are on your motorcycle and the open road is ahead of you? You may not see those little, unseen evil creatures hiding on the roadside, crookedly tampering with your motorcycle’s engine or puncturing the tire. The biker community has a time-tested traditional amulet meant to ward off such mischievous creatures, known as the Gremlin or Guardian Bell.

Though it is a tiny bell to be mounted on a large motorcycle, it is believed to have a bigger impact on keeping riders safe on motorcycles. You must not allow those gremlins to take over your journey and ruin your experience. However, the main question arises where on the motorcycle should you place this lucky charm to ensure optimum protection? Continue reading this article to learn how and where to hang a guardian bell on your motorcycle.

1. Guardian Bells: Warding Off Gremlins, the Road Monsters

Guardian Bells: Warding Off Gremlins, the Road Monsters
Photo Credit: Farrow Harley-Davidson 

For experienced motorcyclists, the magic of the open road is compelling. On the other hand, the awareness of the dangers of two-wheeled traveling should be the main concern. This is when the time-honored tradition of the guardian bell, also known as the biker bell or gremlin bell, comes into the picture. The gremlin bells are more than mere decoration. They are symbolic and are used to ward off the gremlins, the impish creatures that cause unforeseen mechanical failures and unexpected roadside delays.

2. Where to Hang a Guardian Bell on Your Motorcycle?

Where to Hang a Guardian Bell on Your Motorcycle?
Photo Credit: Common Motor Collective 

Guardian bells were traditionally tied to the front and the bottom of a motorcycle. The rationale behind this placement stems from a combination of folklore and practicality:

Gremlin Entry Point: Following the legends of gremlins, these characters who are to blame for unexplainable motorcycle mishaps are believed to hook themselves at the lowest point of the bikes first before plaguing their engines and mechanical parts. The guardian bell is therefore positioned near the front of the motorbike, as low as possible, and this is the point believed to be the favorite one for the gremlin to grab on.

The Jingle Trap: The tinkling sound of the gremlin bell is believed to be a sign for the rider to fix a rattling loose part but, more importantly, a way to trap the gremlins. Positioning the biker bell closer to the ground where gremlins are believed to be mainly active makes the jingle more effective.

Though these reasons have been shrouded in cultural myths and legends, the positioning still offers a bit of practicality when it comes to sound and gremlin-intercepting abilities.

Here are some popular mounting locations:

Frame: For a sturdy mount, choose a lower frame that is strong enough to hold the bell without shaking or making it too loud.

Crash Bars: In the case where your motorcycle is fitted with crash bars, they will make a perfect spot to mount the bell.

Footpeg Mount: Bikers who are experienced and resourceful may opt for a small bracket installed near the footpeg for a safe and secure mounting point.

2.1 Optimum Placement: A Matter of Preference

Though the tradition tells that the rider should mount the biker bell to a low and forward position, the most comfortable placement for you could be different and it will also depend on the design of your motorcycle. Some riders put the bell on the back of their bikes or somewhere more visible so that they can see it, reminding them of the lucky charm.

You can try out different mounting positions on your motorcycle and see where you like the guardian bell most. Nevertheless, keeping the bell secured to minimize the risk of losing the treasured charm on the road is of paramount importance.

Tradition with Flexibility

Select a place where you can easily replace or clean the components, but most importantly, a spot that evokes a feeling of security so you can enjoy your ride more.

3. Guardian Bell Hangers: A Secure and Stylish Solution

Guardian Bell Hangers: A Secure and Stylish Solution
Photo Credit: Guardian Bell 

The guardian bell hangers are designed for a classier and more secure solution to mount guardian bells on motorbikes. These brackets are designed specifically for motorcycles and can be attached to different components making them a great secure and stylish mounting point for your bell. Being made from different materials and with various designs, it is not difficult to look for a hanger that can go with your motorcycle's look.

3.1 Guardian Bell Hanger Installation: A Straightforward Process

In almost all cases, guardian bell hanger installation is a simple task. Most hanger sets usually have clear guides and the required hardware included as well. Nonetheless, if you're not the kind of a biker who does the work by himself, any motorcycle mechanic can do the installation job quickly and accurately.

4. What Do the Guardian Bells Rules Say About the Strategic Placement of the Bell?

Guardian bells do occupy a critical niche in motorcycle culture as they are considered to be a charm against gremlins, but there are no such hard and fast rules for biker bells to be placed on certain parts of the motorcycle. The traditional way of placing the motorcycle bell is at the low spot which is usually near the frame or exhaust. This purported positioning makes the bell the first thing a gremlin would snatch, which then keeps the gremlins at bay. It also makes sure that the bell rings clear, both to warn the gremlins and to produce a pleasant sound for the rider.

5. Can I Hang My Own Gremlin Bell?

Yes, you can hang your gremlin bell on your motorcycle. There are no specific guardian bell or gremlin bell ownership rules except the fact that you should not be selfish and share them with others. Here's why you can hang your own:

Personal Connection: The guardian bell is probably one of the most crucial parts because it is a symbol of safety and good luck for the rider. It is not the material value or where you bought it from that is important but the personal link you have with the bell that matters most.

Open Tradition: Unlike traditions with certain directives, the bell does not have any rules on where you get it from. It can be an inheritance from your family, a thoughtful gift from a friend, or something special you have bought at a motorcycle rally.

Empowerment: You will have an opportunity to choose the guardian bell according to your personal preference in terms of style and meaning. You can select the bells with particular designs, markings, or materials that have some personal significance, which will help you strengthen the bond between you and your lucky charm.

The Spirit of the Community: The bike community spirit is not just about receiving a guardian bell as a gift from another biker, but goes beyond that. Taking pride in being a rider and owning your bike shows your respect for the culture and bond that exists among the motorcycle community.

Therefore, be bold and put your Gremlin bell up with no shame. It is your symbol of the trip, the road, and the joy of the journey. It is a reminder that you can find good fortune on every trip.

6. Beyond the Gremlin Bell: Prioritizing Safety Measures

Following the folklore of ancient times is interesting but not the best way for motorcyclists to stay safe on roads today. A gremlin bell can be a symbol of good luck and brotherhood among the motorcycle community, but the measures that work are the ones that are proven to be effective.

Today’s bikes come with great engine power that makes them a beast on roads. Nevertheless, this power brings about a re-emphasis of the safety protocols. An appropriately sized DOT-approved helmet and protective riding gear should be your first line of defense against unforeseen dangers. Keeping a keen eye on the situation around you all the time is also essential because it helps you to foresee and deal with the changing conditions on the road.

Talking about what can add to the protection, comfort, long-distance performance, and value of your motorbike more than just the gremlin bell are the sissy bars , crash bars , backrests , fairings , touring-oriented handlebars , and new seats . You can also find the best-quality luggage bags to add to the functionality of your bike available at Viking Bags, including saddlebags , tank bags , backpacks , and more.

7. Takeaway

Though the positioning of your guardian bell is a minor detail, it can help you personalize your motorcycle with a touch of tradition. The above-mentioned useful tips regarding how and where to hang a guardian bell on your motorcycle can help you ensure that the biker bell stays firmly attached to ward off gremlins. Therefore, select the spot that suits the best on your motorcycle in terms of secure mounting, styling, and effectiveness of keeping you and your bike safe from bad road spirits (gremlins). The perfect placement is where the guardian bells give you peace of mind and the pleasant jingle that comes with this amulet of good luck.

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