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Why Are There More Men Than Women Motorcycle Riders?

Why Are There More Men Than Women Motorcycle Riders?

The sound of a motorcycle engine coming from a distance is enough to make you feel excited. Imagine how fun it will be to ride a motorcycle. However, not everybody gets to enjoy riding a motorcycle.

For most motorcyclists, the image of a biker is stereotypical. They only picture a biker as a man in a leather jacket. There are indeed more men on motorcycles than women. However, there is an interesting shift in recent motorcycling trends. The number of female riders on the road is increasing at a good pace now.

The lack of female representation in motorcycling has historical roots. It dates back to the time when women were not encouraged to ride motorcycles. The issues that may stop women from motorcycling include old cultural values, safety concerns, and financial barriers.

Presently, the motorcycle world is opening up for women riders. The environment looks quite encouraging for them. Still, we need to pinpoint why many women choose not to ride a motorcycle.

Continue reading this article to learn why there are more men than women motorcycle riders.

1. Reasons Why There Are More Men Than Women Riders

1.1 Lack of Support

Suppose you love riding motorcycles; you enjoy being on a road trip; but when you talk to your friends and family, they don’t understand the concept of motorcycle riding. They don’t know what it means to you.

It may be because they consider motorcycling risky. They simply think that motorcycles are not for girls. This lack of support from your friends and family may lead you to quit motorcycling.

You may stop desiring to do something as exciting as riding a motorcycle.

1.2 Old Cultural Norms

In some parts of the world, there is a perception that only men can ride bikes. There are also beliefs that bikers are rebels. This stereotype can contribute to a negative image of motorcyclists.

Such a biker image can also make women feel uncomfortable about being a biker. They can think that riders do not want them around. It can be incredibly challenging for young women who are just starting to ride motorcycles.

1.3 Men and Motorcycles

Men and Motorcycles

Motorcycles have long been associated with man and masculinity. This made women feel uncomfortable and frightened about motorcycles. In certain parts of the world, women are made to think that they will sin if they ride a motorcycle.

But here's the thing: motorcycles are not only for men. They are for everyone. They are about freedom, independence, and the joy of riding down the highways. If you enjoy that experience, motorcycles are for you.

1.4 Stereotypes

We know how motorcycles are stereotyped as machines that only belong to tough men. But guess what? There are several stereotypes about women bikers as well. Here's how these stereotypes can hold you back from riding motorcycles:

Strength Stereotype

Some ignorant people believe women cannot handle a motorcycle safely. They think that motorcycles are heavy for them. This simply is not true.

Motorcycles are available in different sizes and weights. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, you can learn how to control and handle a bike through proper training.

Knowledge Stereotype

The second stereotype is that women know nothing about motorcycles. You may be new to motorcycling, but it is not that you can never learn it. You can learn at any age regardless of your gender.

You can always find an activity or a hobby that interests you. You can take training classes to master the art of riding a motorcycle. The community of motorcycle riders is always willing to teach other riders.

The "Fake Biker" Stereotype

Some riders think that women ride motorcycles only to look fantastic and different. This stereotype can be demoralizing for women.

Women can ride motorcycles for whatever reason. It can be to look cool, go to work, or for fun. 

1.5 Safety Concerns

Motorcycles are inherently considered more dangerous than cars. The risks involved in riding a bike are more significant compared to when you are driving a car. This is mainly because the rider is exposed to specific external elements, such as the weather. There is no such protection as the enclosed structure, airbags, and seatbelts found in cars.

Some people believe that women are more vulnerable to getting injured in case of a motorcycle accident. It is very discouraging for those women who want to enjoy motorcycling.

Safety measures and practical training are essential for all riders, regardless of gender. However, some female riders are highly concerned about their safety and well-being. This leads them to believe that they are at a higher risk than men, and as a result, they completely give up on motorcycle riding.

1.6 Financial Burdens

Modern-day motorcycles are very expensive. Finding your dream motorbike at a reasonable price can be challenging. Not just that, buying good-quality riding gear can also be a barrier for someone who wants to start riding a motorcycle. This is very disheartening, especially for those who are passionate about motorcycling.

Limited financial resources are a significant reason why fewer women riders are on the road than men. Financial limitations may be worse for most women than men. They may not have disposable income to buy motorcycles, and depending on their priorities, they may also not be willing to spend on something so expensive.

It must be noted that purchasing a motorcycle and riding gear is not all. A rider also has to bear maintenance expenses and training costs if he/she wants to learn how to ride safely.

1.7 Lack of Representation in the Motorcycling Community

Being a woman rider, you will find it discouraging that there are few female riders. There needs to be more representation of female riders in the motorcycling community. More female motorcycle riders will be encouraged to start motorcycling if more female motorcycle riders are on the road.

Similarly, if there are fewer women riders on the road, one may start questioning whether she belongs there or not.

It is quite discouraging to women riders who want to join the biker community. They are disheartened by the absence of female riders.

Due to the absence of a strong representation of female riders in the community, it seems that motorcycling is a boys’ thing. It pushes all those women who are interested in joining the community away. However, the landscape is changing. More and more female riders are on the road today to ride motorcycles.

1.8 Lack of Mechanic Skills

Another reason there are more men than women motorcycle riders is that motorcycles need maintenance. Women are more likely to lack the skills to repair and maintain motorcycles. Most women don’t ride motorcycles because of this. They do not want to face any trouble in dealing with motorcycle breakdowns.

2. The Changing Trend: More Female Riders on the Road

The Changing Trend: More Female Riders on the Road

Even though there are more men riding motorcycles, the motorcycling landscape is changing. At present, the number of women riding motorcycles is increasing at a good pace.

Below are some noteworthy stats and examples of how things are changing:

2.1 What Do the Statistics Tell About Women Riders?

What Do the Statistics Tell About Women Riders?
  • In the recent past, motorcycle ownership was restricted to males.
  • The current statistics show that approximately 20% of motorcycle owners are women. This is double the amount it was almost a decade ago.
  • In 2009 , women riders only constituted 10% of motorcyclists on the road.
  • The numbers started increasing gradually, and in 2012 , 12% of all motorcyclists were women.
  • In 2014 , the numbers increased, and it became 14% .
  • The trend shows that more women are starting to ride motorcycles.
  • Of all the specified age groups, young women in their twenties show the most interest in motorcycles.
  • The average age of women riding motorcycles is under 40 .
  • Meanwhile, the average age of male bikers is around 50 .
  • On average, the female riders on the road are younger than the male riders.
  • The percentage of female bikers is around 26% for millennials.
  • Talking about Gen X , 22 % of the bikers are women.
  • Surprisingly, when it comes to taking a safety riding course, almost 60% of female riders have taken the course.
  • Meanwhile, the percentage of male bikers who have completed the safety course is around 42% .
  • There are promising signs that female riders are set to dominate the future. According to analysts, 25% of the total motorcycle users could be women in the future. This is good news for the motorcycle industry and its enthusiasts worldwide.

2.2 Successful Female Racers in Motorcycle Racing

A decade ago, motorcycle racing was only considered a men’s domain. However, this is no longer the case. The number of women competing in motorcycle racing is increasing with every passing year.

These women are successfully displaying their riding skills to the world and making waves in world racing championship events. They prove that motorcycle racing is not limited to a particular gender and encourage other women to pursue their desire for motorcycling.

Elena Myers

Elena Myers
Photo Credit: Visor Down

Elena Myers is a big name in women's motorcycle racing history. This American rider has achieved milestones several times. She won the AMA Pro Racing spring road race back in 2010. As a result, she became the first woman to win this title.

Two years later, Elena Myers did it again and secured the first spot at Daytona International Speedway. Her accomplishments inspire all female riders. 

Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson
Photo Credit: Women Riders Now

Valerie Thompson is another successful name in the world of motorcycle racing. She has competed in numerous world racing championships, including the MotoAmerica Moto2 class.

Valerie Thompson is well-known for her aggressive riding style, high-speed performance, and excellent endurance. She is a perfect role model for all those women who want to go to the extreme regarding motorcycle racing. Also, for those who want to show the world that women can do great things on the racetrack.

Mikayla Moore

Mikayla Moore
Photo Credit: Ber News

Mikayla Moore is one of the young and emerging motorcycle racers. Even though she is quite young, Moore has already participated in several championships. She is recognized for her splendid performance and hard work shown to the world.

Mikayla Moore is a treat to watch on the racing tracks. It is good to see that future generations of women racers will have her to look up to. She has the potential to inspire the coming generation of female racers to continue breaking barriers in the racing world.

2.3 Female Celebrities Who Love to Ride

Celebrities are playing a massive role in inspiring female riders. They are doing an excellent job of promoting motorcycling among women. Many female celebrities are giving the world a clear indication that riding a motorcycle is enjoyable, fashionable, and daring. Also, they are making it clear that it is not only a man’s job. Here are a few examples of female celebrities who love to ride motorcycles:

Hollywood Stars

Many action-oriented movie actresses, including Angelina Jolie, Gal Gadot, and Milla Jovovich, are passionate about motorcycling.

Pink , an American actress and singer, also has a huge collection of motorbikes. She has been riding motorcycles since she was a teenager.

One of the most recent celebrities who has been seen riding motorcycles is Halle Berry . She looks so cool and comfortable while riding her bike.


Not only men but many women in the music world love motorcycles. Motorcycles are tough and rebellious, which perfectly describes Janelle Monáe , the singer with an edgy fashion sense. Another celebrity who is often seen riding motorcycles is Miley Cyrus . She is a singer, actress, and a great performer. This proves that even gorgeous ladies can ride motorcycles.

Beyond the Big Screen

The Hollywood actresses and singers are not the only huge fans of motorcycling. Cara Delevingne , a top model, is also into motorcycles. She has been seen riding motorcycles several times in public. She has also been captured on different occasions riding around the town.

These are only a few examples of female celebrities passionate about motorcycle riding. There are a lot of other female stars out there encouraging females to ride motorcycles.

3. Motorcycle Manufacturers Now Caters to Female Riders’ Needs

The motorcycle world has been slow to take notice of the increasing interest of women riders in motorcycling. Motorcycle manufacturers are gradually beginning to respond to female riders’ needs. They have started producing motorcycles that are suitable for women riders. Here's how things are changing:

3.1 Focus on Comfort and Size

The bigger size and unapproachable ergonomics are why many women riders find standard motorcycles unsuitable. Most modern-day bikes are pretty tall for women riders.

However, as of today, motorcycle manufacturers have started producing bikes with low seat heights, low power, comfortable padding, and low weights, which make them suitable for female riders.

3.2 Style Meets Function

The innovative design of motorcycles meets the requirements of comfort, and women can now find motorcycles in more diverse styles. You can easily find a motorcycle that suits a woman’s style without compromising safety. There are more options for colors and designs, so women will be able to choose a motorcycle that will suit them best.

This shift by manufacturers ensures that motorcycles are for everyone. Whether you are a road bike enthusiast or an adventure rider, there is always a perfect motorcycle out there for you.

4. Takeaway

Motorcycling is no longer limited to men dominating the roads. The motorcycle industry has noted a rise in female ridership. It is developing new technologies and policies that are friendly to women riders.

Motorcycling combines the freedom of the open road with the excitement of competitive racing. The increasing number of female riders has created interest in women's motorcycling and racing events.

One of the few limitations for female riders is the financial issue. However, there are guides available on how to save money while buying a motorcycle and where to get cheap equipment. Risk, however, should not be seen as an indication to avoid biking. We can make it less of an issue through training and riding responsibly.

The growth in the number of female riders helps encourage young women to start riding. Thus, if you ever felt like a stranger in the motorcycle world, you must know that the motorcycling dynamics are changing.

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