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The All-New 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 Review

The All-New 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 Review

The sound of a powerful engine. The feeling of the wind rushing through the hair as one speeds up on their motorcycle. Your motorcycle responds perfectly to your every move as you turn into a tight corner. This is what the Triumph Daytona means to the motorcycle enthusiasts.

The 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is a familiar motorcycle. It is the rebirth of a legend. This machine represents the spirit of Daytona champions. It delivers fun for the new generation and provides a thrilling ride.

But is the Daytona 660 all about power and speed? The answer to this question is ‘no’. This motorcycle is a perfect blend of power and maneuverability. If you are an experienced rider looking for an adrenaline rush or a novice rider who can now afford to buy sports bikes, then the Daytona 660 is for you. Continue reading this article to learn in detail about the all-new 2024 Triumph Daytona 660.

1. A Brief History of Triumph Daytona

The 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is a return of a famous name in the field of motorcycles. The name ‘Daytona’ has a long history, dating back to the 1960s. The Triumph Daytona bikes were quite powerful and were well-known for their high-speed capability. They also attracted many riders who were looking for an exciting ride experience.
A Brief History of Triumph Daytona

1.1 The T100T and T100R: The Origin of Daytona in 1967

The first-ever Daytona bike by Triumph was revealed in 1967, known as the Triumph Daytona T100T and T100R. It was a classic road bike with no fairings, like the modern-day Triumph roadsters. The Daytona T100T came with a 490 cc parallel-twin engine.

1.2 Daytona Became a Sports Bike (1991)

After the discontinuation of the original Triumph Daytona T100T in 1974, the company released the sports bike Daytona version in 1991. The bike was known as the Triumph Daytona 1000 due to being fitted with the 998 cc liquid-cooled transverse four-cylinder engine. The Daytona 1000 could run at a top speed of 149 mph.

At the same time, another variant of Daytona was produced, alongside the Daytona 1000, with a 750 cc triple-cylinder engine. The 750 cc engine could produce a horsepower of 97 bhp.

1.3 The Production of the Triumph Daytona T595 in 1997

The Daytona T595 featured a triple-cylinder engine, along with a distinctive-style frame. It was ahead of its time as it came with a fuel-injected 130 bhp engine.

1.4 The Updated Daytona 955i in 1999

This bike was updated in 1999. The name of the bike was also changed to the Daytona 955i. It was done to make it clear to the confused buyers who thought that the ‘595’ was the displacement size of the bike. The power figure also increased to reach a top value of 149 bhp.

1.5 Daytona 600 in 2002

Triumph attempted to compete with the best-seller Honda CBR600F in 2002 by introducing the Daytona 600. The experiment was a flop as the bike had many flaws, particularly with its fuel injection system. It was shortly discontinued after two years of production in 2004.

1.6 Daytona 675 in 2006

After the failure, the British manufacturer came up with a masterpiece this time, known as the Daytona 675. It featured a triple-cylinder engine. The flaws in the previous model were completely removed for a better and smoother road performance and racing experience.

1.7 Updated Daytona 675 in 2010

It was later upgraded heavily with Öhlins suspensions and Brembo brakes for a near-perfect riding experience.

1.8 Daytona Moto2 765 in 2020

After the discontinuation of the Daytona 675 in 2018, Triumph decided to produce a Moto2 race-class bike. The engine was taken from the Triumph Street Triple 765 RS and was installed in an old Daytona chassis. This bike could produce 128 bhp of horsepower.

1.9 2024 Triumph Daytona 660

In an attempt to attract young riders to the sports bike class, the Triumph is back with its legendary Daytona 660 which we are going to discuss in detail in this article.

2. 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 Specs

2024 Triumph Daytona 660 Specs
General Info
 Maker Triumph
 Model Daytona 660
 Model Year 2024
 Motorcycle Type Sports Bike
 Introduced in 2024
 Warranty Two-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
 Service Interval 10,000 Miles (16,000 Km) /12 Months Service Interval, whichever Comes First
 Base MSRP $9,195

 Engine Type Inline Three-Cylinder Engine
 Displacement 660 cc
 Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
 Valves Configuration 12 Valves; Four Valves/Cylinder; DOHC
 Engine Management System Electronic Throttle Control
 Fuel Delivery System Multipoint Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
 Stroke 51.1 mm
 Bore 74.04 mm
 Compression 12.05
 Compression Ratio 12.1:1
 Exhaust Stainless Steel Three into One Header System with Low Single Sided Stainless Steel Silencer
 Starter Electric

 Claimed Engine Torque 50.88 lb-ft / 69 Nm at 8,250 rpm
 Claimed Horsepower 95 PS / 95 hp / 69.8 kW at 11,250 rpm
 Fuel Economy 57.6mpg

Drive Train
 Gear Box Six-speed
 Final Drive X-Ring Chain
 Clutch Wet, Multi-Plate, Slip and Assist

 Frame Tubular Steel Perimeter Frame
 Swing-Arm Twin-Sided, Fabricated Steel

 Front Showa 41mm (1.61 in) Upside Down Separate Function Forks - Big Piston (SFF-BP)
 Wheel Travel (Front) 110 mm / 4.33 in
 Rear Showa Monoshock RSU with Preload Adjustment
 Wheel Travel (Rear) 130 mm / 5.11 in

 Front Twin 310 mm (12.20 in) Floating Discs, Four Piston Radial Calipers, ABS
 Rear Single 220 mm (8.66 in) Fixed Disc, Single Piston Sliding Caliper, ABS

 Wheels Type Cast Aluminum Alloy Five-Spoke Wheels
 Front 17 x 3.5 in
 Rear 17 x 5.5 in

 Tires Brand Michelin Power 6 Tires
 Front 120/70 ZR 17
 Rear 180/55 ZR 17

 Seat Height 31.88 in / 810 mm
 Wet Weight 443 lbs
 Wheelbase 56.12 in / 1425.6 mm
 Width (Handlebars) 28.97 in / 736 mm
 Height (Without Mirrors) 45.08 in / 1145.2 mm
 Rake 23.8°
 Trail 3.2 in / 82.3 mm
 Fuel Tank Capacity 3.7 US gal / 14 L

Standard Tech Features
 ABS Standard
 Ride Modes Three Ride Modes:
 Charging Port Under the Seat
 Ride Information Display Multi-Function Instruments with Color TFT Screen

Optional Equipment
 Quick shifter Optional
 Heated Grips Optional

3. Design and Looks: 2024 Triumph Daytona 660

Design and Looks: 2024 Triumph Daytona 660
Photo Credit: Cycle World

The 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is more than just a motorcycle. It is a style statement that carries a legendary name. It is a design that perfectly combines the sleek lines that were synonymous with Daytona’s racing history. It boasts a very aggressive contemporary look. One can easily tell by just looking at this bike that it is designed for action and speed.

3.1 Classic Daytona Inspiration

As evident from its design, the Daytona 660 is a bike that has the racing DNA running in its veins. Current designers at Triumph decided to stick to the original Daytona-winning model. The Daytona 660 is fully faired, with lines cutting through the air with purpose and intent. These lines are not merely to enhance beauty. They enhance its aerodynamic capabilities.

Twin LED headlights give the Daytona 660 an aggressive look. Meanwhile, a slimmer LED tail light gives it a sporty look from the rear. The Daytona 660 must not be mistaken for being anything other than a performance motorcycle.

3.2 Modern and Aggressive

The all-new 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is not a motorbike from the past. It features modern muscle elements, ensuring a more aggressive look. The design of the fuel tank is not simply limited to the storage of fuel. The curves suggest hidden strength, resulting in improved aerodynamics.

The bodywork is slim all over the bike. It gives the Daytona 660 an aggressive stance that puts this bike in a position to launch forward. The highly functional air intake vents are not only efficiently placed; they are also aesthetically pleasing in a modern way.

3.3 Color Options That Make a Statement

The color options add to the Daytona 660’s character. Triumph offers three distinct choices: Carnival Red/Sapphire Black, Satin Granite/Satin Jet Black, and Snowdonia White/Sapphire Black. Each color option makes the bike look very different and unique.

2024 Triumph Daytona 660 Color Options
Color Option Model Cost
Snowdonia White/Sapphire Black $9,195
Satin Granite/Satin Jet Black $9,320
Carnival Red/Sapphire Black $9,320

Carnival Red/Sapphire Black

It is an intense color, which wakes up the spirit of speed and thrill. It is appropriate for those riders who want to make a bold statement.

Satin Granite/Satin Jet Black

This color scheme makes the bike look stealthy and is characterized by higher power. This coloring leaves the thin delicate lines of the Daytona 660 to speak for themselves and gives a hint of the raw power.

Snowdonia White/Sapphire Black

This color scheme prevents the bike from looking too flashy while ensuring a simple and elegant look at the same time. The dull white color of the paint ensures that the muscular bodywork and aerodynamic fairing stand out more.

Nonetheless, regardless of which color you choose, the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is sure to turn heads. It is a motorcycle that also looks fast. You get to know this as soon as you ride this bike.

4. Engine and Performance: 2024 Triumph Daytona 660

Photo Credit: Cycle World

The 2024 Daytona 660 is not only an attractive motorcycle, but it also has a newly developed engine for a truly exciting experience. It is not a usual three-cylinder engine commonly seen in most sports bikes. The Daytona 660 delivers more power thanks to the liquid-cooled 660 cc inline-three engine.

4.1 Triple the Fun and Thrill

The inline three-cylinder engine layout is quite special and provides the bike with a near-ideal balance of control and power. Imagine yourself twisting the throttle and the bike accelerating forward with a strong push that you have never experienced before. This is what the 660 cc inline-triple is capable of doing.

The presence of three cylinders gives more power as compared to a normal two-cylinder engine. However, it is also more manageable than a large and bulky four-cylinder engine. This makes the Daytona 660 more enjoyable for a ride. This bike offers fewer challenges for riders who are new to motorcycling due to its exceptional control and stability.

4.2 Power at Every Twist

In contrast to the other top-end manufacturers, Triumph didn’t aim at delivering the maximum power. The engineers designed the engine to have good low-end torque and excellent throttle response through the powerband. This means you will always have the power at your disposal. You will never find yourself in a difficult situation whether you are standing at the traffic signal or overtaking a slow-moving vehicle on the highway.

The best part about the Daytona 660 is that you do not need to take it to the extreme. This bike ensures that you feel the engine’s power even when you have not revved it high. The Daytona 660 is thrilling and reactive to even ride in regular traffic conditions.

4.3 Built to Perform

The 2024 Daytona 660 engine is not only about power, but endurance is also one of its main characteristics. Triumph has employed the best materials that are strengthened with accuracy, resulting in an engine that can withstand hard riding. Also, the six-speed gear is very smooth, making gear changing an easy job as you enjoy the ride.

4.4 A Bike for New and Experienced Riders

The Daytona 660 is aimed at a fairly broad audience of riders. The company offers an A2 license kit for young riders so that they can also enjoy riding a Daytona 660. However, the bike will ensure limited power delivery in this case. The full power is adequate for experienced riders. However, it ensures a thrilling experience without making riders feel intimidated.

If you are a beginner and you want your first motorcycle to be sporty, the Daytona 660 can be a good match. Meanwhile, if you are experienced and looking for an interesting bike, the Triumph Daytona 660 will not disappoint you with its legendary character.

The new three-cylinder power plant is the key feature of the new 2024 Daytona 660. It offers a great balance of raw power, manageability, and usability in everyday riding situations. Whether you are a professional or casual rider, you will be happy with this engine.

5. Handling and Cornering: 2024 Triumph Daytona 660

Handling and Cornering: 2024 Triumph Daytona 660
Photo Credit: Rider Magazine

The 2024 Daytona 660 is not only designed for raw power and thrill. It is also a great option for those who love to take on the twisty road challenges. It ensures rigid handling. The Daytona 660 also makes the cornering look easy and smooth as you take this bike on curvy roads.

5.1 Lightweight Advantage

One of the most significant elements that contribute to the 2024 Daytona 660’s impressive handling is its low weight. The Triumph engineers were able to keep the bike’s weight low. This bike has an overall slim structure compared to most bulky sports bikes with large fairings. It is impressively agile, helping riders to move this bike easily while cornering.

Imagine leaning a motorcycle into the corner with no effort at all and the bike turning as if it is told to do so. This is what the 2024 Daytona 660 is about. Such admirable handling characteristics make the Daytona 660 easy to ride regardless of how twisty the road is.

5.2 Confidence-Inspiring Suspension

Not only is the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 light; but it also has a sophisticated suspension system. The suspension may not be of top-end quality, but considering the price range, it doesn’t disappoint.

The Showa big-piston (SFF-BP) front forks, together with the preload-adjustable Showa monoshock RSU help to prevent harsh bouncy movements as you hit a bump or imperfection during the ride. Being a sports bike, the front wheel travel of 4.33 inches and the rear wheel travel of 5.11 inches are more than perfect for a smooth ride.

The suspension system installed in the 2024 Daytona 660 also keeps the tires glued to the tarmac, keeping the bike stable. This allows you to ride the bike more confidently as the suspension will soak up the bumps and not affect the bike’s balance.

5.3 Precise Control

Complementing the confident feel is the ergonomics of the Daytona 660. The forward riding position ensures impressive control. This position also enables you to transfer your weight while cornering, enabling riders to achieve precise turns.

5.4 Grippy Tires

The all-new 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 features Michelin Power 6 high-performance tires. These tires offer fantastic grip for most types of riding, be it wet or dry riding conditions.

The 2024 Daytona 660 offers a lightweight build, excellent suspension, comfortable posture, and good gripping tires for enhanced cornering and stability. It doesn’t matter if you have been riding for years now and are used to making sharp turns on your favorite mountain pass; or if you are a beginner who is yet to understand the feeling of leaning on your bike, the 2024 Daytona 660 is for you.

6. Comfort and Ergonomics: 2024 Triumph Daytona 660

Although the 2024 Daytona 660 is a sporty motorcycle, it does not mean that it compromises comfort. Confirming the modern ergonomics feature, this bike is built with the aggressive riding position in mind. However, it doesn’t make the ride painful.

6.1 Not Too Aggressive, Not Too Relaxed

While some sportbikes make you sit uncomfortably, the Daytona 660 is different. The clip-on handlebars are positioned just above the triple clamp. Such handlebar positioning puts you in a forward-riding stance. This is also perfect for leaning the bike into corners but not too aggressive to put excessive pressure on your wrists. Despite being a sports bike, the handle position offers adequate space for riders to grip the bars without having to fold the elbows uncomfortably.

6.2 Adjustable Seat Height

The 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 can be made fit for most riders thanks to the seat adjustability it offers. The seat height is around 31.9 inches, which is considered good in the sports bike category. For shorter riders, however, Triumph offers an optional low seat that reduces the seat height to 31.3 inches. This makes it possible for riders of different statures to have a good positioning while riding the bike.

6.3 A Seat Built for Comfort

The comfortable seat of the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is not something you should overlook. This bike has an attractive and well-padded sculpted seat for both the rider and the passenger. It allows you to ride this bike for longer hours without having to feel uncomfortable.

6.4 Relaxed Footpeg Placement

Comfort isn’t only restricted to the upper part of your body while riding this bike. The Daytona 660’s footpegs are positioned nicely, offering adequate room for your legs. Unlike most sports bikes, the 2024 Daytona 660’s reasonable legroom helps you adjust your legs slightly comfortably.

The 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 shows that a sports bike can be comfortable. Whether you go for canyon carving or riding down the highways, the Daytona 660’s riding position is comfortable. You will reach your destination while feeling fresh and ready for another ride.

7. Pros & Cons: 2024 Triumph Daytona 660

Here's a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 to help you decide if this bike is right for you:

7.1 2024 Triumph Daytona 660’s Pros

  • Exciting Performance

The 2024 Daytona’s 660’s inline three-cylinder engine is quite powerful and provides a good powerful punch. It makes the bike very exciting to ride.

  • Sharp Handling

The lightweight construction and sharp handling make the 2024 Daytona 660 to be an ideal machine for turning tight corners.

  • Good Value for the Money

Considering the price of this legendary bike ($9,195), it offers great value for the money with its decent tech and equipment.

  • Aggressive, Yet Comfortable

The riding posture it offers is aggressive, yet comfortable. However, it does not compromise the aerodynamics of this bike. It is an ideal bike for both fast-riding and leisurely commuting.

  • Decent Tech Package

ABS and three different riding modes make the 2024 Daytona 660 a desirable machine.

  • Eye-Catching Design

It offers a glimpse of good old Daytona styling while also having a modern and mean look. It is designed purely to turn a lot of heads.

  • Accessible Power

The A2 license kit enables young riders to ride the 2024 Daytona 660 with a limited power output.

  • Legendary

Named after the legendary Daytona bikes of the 1950s, it ensures a sense of quality.

7.2 2024 Triumph Daytona 660’s Cons

  • Basic Suspension

The suspension installed on the 2024 Daytona 660 is quite basic. However, considering its price tag, it does a decent job.

  • Can be Uncomfortable for Some Riders

Clip-on handlebars may offer discomfort to riders who prefer an upright position while riding.

  • Basic Tech Features

Regardless of its modern and techy look, the 2024 Daytona 660 only comes with a basic tech package.

  • Limited Storage

Being a sports bike means that it will have less storage space than cruisers.

  • Higher Maintenance

Due to being fitted with advanced engine technology, it can require slightly higher maintenance than regular motorcycles.

  • Not for the Beginners

Though the 2024 Daytona 660 is fairly tamed, it can still be a lot more to handle for beginners.

8. Verdict

The 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is a legendary bike with a rich history. It is a fun-to-ride motorcycle without being overly aggressive. Its inline three-cylinder 660 cc engine is powerful. The 2024 Daytona 660 is also an easy-to-handle motorbike and the ergonomics are comfortable making it exciting to ride on any road.

The 2024 Daytona 660 is suitable for both, an experienced rider who wants to have a bike for carving canyons or for a beginner rider seeking a sporty bike for the first time. Still, if you long for more comfort or you are a beginner looking for your first bike, there are certainly more comfortable options with a laid-back riding position and controlled power delivery.

Whether you are a novice rider or a professional one, the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 is something that attracts you. It is a type of motorcycle that excites the desire to ride it fast. Thus, if you have ever dreamed about a thrilling motorcycle, then the Daytona 660 can be your best choice.

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