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In What Ways Are Motorcycles Better Than Cars?

In What Ways Are Motorcycles Better Than Cars?

Some people consider cars as perfect vehicles for traveling with friends or relatives. Nonetheless, motorcycles bring an entirely new level of fun. If you are in search of more adventures and freedom, then a motorcycle is all that you need.

In terms of ease of use and peace of mind, cars can’t beat motorcycles. Motorcycles are also much cheaper than cars. They cost less to purchase, operate, and maintain. This article will explore many reasons why motorcycles should be your preferred choice. Continue reading this article to learn why motorcycles are better than cars.

In What Ways Are Motorcycles Better Than Cars?

1. Save Big with Motorcycles

1.1 More Fuel Efficient

Motorcycles are like tiny athletes when compared to cars. Though they are small, they pack so many features. They certainly weigh much less than cars. Most of them have significantly smaller engines. Motorcycles don’t drink fuel, they take small portions at a time. They consume way less fuel than cars.

You can travel more on a motorcycle with the same amount of gas than cars. This means less frequent visits to the gas station and more extra cash to spend on other fun things. You can enjoy games, concerts, and parties, or can have so much fun with the amount you have saved.

1.2 Eco-Friendly

Motorcycles are also friendlier to the environment than cars. They use less gas than cars and this translates to less emissions into the environment. This way, you are not only saving money, but you are also being good to nature and people.

1.3 Easy and Cheaper to Maintain

Cars have complex mechanisms with so many parts. They all need to be maintained and serviced over time. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are relatively less complicated. They are usually comprised of an engine, tank, frame, seat, and wheels.

First of all, fewer components can fail. Also, most of them are much simpler to access and replace. This can help you save a lot of your hard-earned money from spending on the mechanic.

Also, if you have time and energy, you can learn the basic maintenance tasks from online videos or from a biker friend who maintains his bike. You can become a motorcycle expert in a short time.

1.4 Cheaper Insurance

Motorcycles are also more affordable to insure than cars. This is because they are smaller and compact. They are also cheaper to replace or repair if they get involved in an accident. Motorcycle insurance is a must. The cost may vary based on your experience and the type of motorcycle you have.

2. Dealing with the Traffic

2.1 Easy to Park

Forget about getting stuck behind cars and moving around the roundabout for hours in search of a parking spot. Nothing beats motorcycles when it comes to parking. Being smaller, they take up less parking space.

2.2 Easy to Maneuver in Tight Spaces

Motorcycles are like ninjas in their size and ability to maneuver into tight spaces. They can maneuver in tight areas or lanes that are inaccessible to cars.

What if you are caught in a traffic jam caused by the rush hour? There are some states in which motorcycles can legally perform motorcycles can legally perform lane splitting. However, make sure to check the laws in your state). This can be very useful, especially in crowded areas.

2.3 More Agile

Imagine yourself being stopped at a traffic signal during a ride. As the signal turns green, you can easily take off in no time and get away with the traffic. This is a great advantage, particularly when dealing with stop-and-go traffic.

Due to their relatively small engines and lesser weight, bikes can accelerate quicker than most cars. You can easily maneuver even on busy roads and get to your destination faster.

3. The Freedom of the Open Road

3.1 Sets You Closer to the Nature

Sets You Closer to the Nature
Photo Credit: How Stuff Works

A car has a steel enclosure with glass windows around it. Meanwhile, a motorcycle brings you close to the nature. It gives you several good opportunities, including:

  • Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin
  • Feeling the wind blowing through your hair
  • Breathing fresh air

It is a very different feel than being enclosed in a car.

3.2 More Adventurous

Riding a motorcycle is not as easy as driving a car. It demands more attention and expertise. It’s not like riding a bicycle with the extra training wheels on. It is especially difficult for new riders.

However, as you ride a motorcycle more, you gain more experience. There is also a little sense of fear when you are new to motorcycling. The different elements when combined make riding more fun and adventurous. There is always a hint of adventure that keeps you ready for the next adventure on your bike.

3.3 Discover Places Where Cars Can’t Take You

Discover Places Where Cars Can’t Take You
Photo Credit: The Girl On A Bike

Large and heavy vehicles, especially cars, experience difficulties on narrow lanes and sharp bends. Meanwhile, motorcycles can move through congested areas without any issue. This creates opportunities to explore a whole new world of adventures. You can discover some of the previously unknown paths, beautiful sceneries, and pleasant spots that you cannot access with cars.

4. Joining the Awesome Motorcycle Community

Imagine riding a motorcycle on an open road and seeing a rider approaching from the opposite direction. You don’t know each other but he waves at you and passes a smile. Sometimes, the biker may also point at your bike and say, ‘Nice bike!’

There will also come instances when you have to stop somewhere during the ride due to some issue with your motorcycle. All of a sudden you see a rider approaching you, offering you help free of cost. He will not go until your bike starts working.

This is what a motorcycle community is all about. There is a sense of belonging if you are a part of this community. You get free smiles and free support that can make your day. There also exist motorcycle and riding clubs that you can join if you love group riding.

5. Be Unique Through Customization

For custom builders, motorcycles are like a blank canvas. There are so many ways through which you can completely change the look and performance of your motorcycle. From the paint job, handlebars, and exhaust pipes, to seats, you can change anything.

On top of it, you can also add parts to improve your bike’s capabilities. Customization allows you to redesign your bike in a way that suits your personality. You can install sissy bars , saddlebags , crash bars , backrests , fairings , and tank bags to make your bike suitable for long-distance rides.

6. Relieve Stress

Motorcycling is a very empowering experience. It provides an indescribable feeling of freedom that comes with traveling down the road. The experience of wind passing through your hair and the horizon stretching out in front of you can do wonders for easing stress.

It is not just a myth, science has proved that motorcycling helps in relieving the stress. It also releases dopamine (Happy Hormone) in your body. Research suggests that motorcycling has a positive impact on mood and concentration. So, taking a ride on a motorcycle will help to enhance your mood.

7. Important Things to Keep in Mind

7.1 Safety First

Safety must be your priority. This must be the number one rule for riders. Always wear a DOT-approved helmet that fits you perfectly. Also, wear the necessary protective gear such as a leather jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. The protective riding gear can save you from severe injuries in the event of a motorcycle crash.

7.2 Not for Everyone

Motorcycles may be an ideal and most suitable mode of transportation for many riders. However, it is not for everybody. There are a couple of reasons why. People have less protection in case of an accident than cars. Also, you are exposed to all weathers while riding a motorcycle.

7.3 Find Your Perfect Ride

There are many motorcycle categories, each designed for a specific purpose. Bikes that come with sporty and aggressive designs such as sports bikes are made to offer:

  • Better aerodynamics
  • Quick acceleration
  • Fast rides
  • Better maneuverability

Meanwhile, some bikes are large, heavy, and closer to the ground, known as cruisers. They are designed to offer comfort on long rides. Then there are touring bikes that are the heaviest among all. The touring bikes are made for superior-level comfort on long and multi-day cross-country trips.

You must spend some time doing a little research. This will help you determine the type of riding you’d like the most. After carefully considering all options, choose a category that meets all your needs. When you know what type of motorcycle you want, look for different dependable options. Taking a test ride can make it easy for you to decide.

8. Takeaway

Motorcycles offer both the flexibility and excitement that people are looking for. Starting from the passing of wind through your hair to the discovery of hidden byways, a motorcycle offers something that a car never can. Also, you get to join a friendly community of riders who share the same passion and interests.

However, you should remember that safety always comes first. Also, it should be your top priority. Motorcycles, if not handled correctly, can cause many serious accidents. If you are planning to start riding a bike, take time and undergo the required training. Make sure you wear the right protective riding gear, including a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots.

So, if you are a thrill seeker and responsible, then a motorcycle is a perfect option to explore the world in a new way.

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