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Why Are Cruisers Best for Long Rides?

Why Are Cruisers Best for Long Rides?

Many people believe cruisers are suited only for light riding and short commutes. But there are plenty of cruisers suited for longer rides. This is due to cruisers being built with a relaxed riding position, wide tires, and a low seat height.

This article explains why cruisers are the best motorcycles for long-distance travel.

1. Are Cruisers Good for Long Rides?

Cruisers are classy two-wheelers often used for touring and are comfortable for longer rides. Cruisers are built with wide and padded seats that absorb shocks when traveling over rough terrain or bumpy roads, ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Cruisers have durable frames and high-traction wheels that help ensure better grip on paved, flat roads but not off-road trails.

How comfortable a cruiser is during longer rides depends on how close the saddle and handlebars are to one another. If you want to fix your posture, you can adjust the saddle’s position and height. Adjustable seats let riders of different heights get in a better riding position, making it easier to reach the handlebars, and prevent back pain.

2. Reasons Why Cruisers Are Good for Long Rides

Reasons Why Cruisers Are Good for Long Rides

2.1 Comfortable Riding Position

A cruiser’s riding posture determines whether a rider is comfortable while riding. Resting at the front of your motorcycle should be your feet just slightly ahead of the knees. This is due to the cruiser’s low-slung design and laid-back configuration.

Cruisers are easy to handle because you usually don't need to stretch your arms too far forward to grab the handles. Cruisers also have a low center of gravity and footpegs to ensure smooth riding and let you rest your feet.

Only taller riders may need to modify the handlebars, footpegs, and seat to provide more legroom and better comfort when seated.

2.2 Low Seat Height

Most cruisers have a seat height under 30 inches which makes it easier for shorter riders to plant their feet on the footrests.

Riders may stop frequently, either to rest or to visit multiple locations. The low seat height allows riders to swing their legs over the motorcycle when it is stopped or when you turn on the ignition.

Most cruisers offer plush and snug seats that wrap comfortably around your bottom during long rides.

2.3 Seat With Shocks

Lightweight riders benefit greatly from narrow hard seats, especially if they frequently stand over the saddle. A wide, cushioned seat with shocks below will better absorb impacts when traveling over bumpy roads.

2.4 Wide Tires

Although wide tires are slightly heavier than standard tires, the extra surface area helps provide better stability when traveling over slippery surfaces such as wet, sandy, or gravel roads.

Wider tires have more treads which in turn provides more traction on any road surface. The wider the tires, the more impact they will absorb.

2.5 Durable Frame

Cruisers are built with heavy and wide frames made out of steel, aluminum, and other materials. The majority of these motorcycles are made of steel, while aluminum and other materials are also available.

When struck by flying debris or another vehicle, the frame's high durability will help lessen the severity of the damage.

2.6 Windshield

Only modern cruisers have windshields. A windshield blocks wind, rain, and bugs from hitting your face, which helps make it easier to see the road ahead and reduces fatigue.

2.7 Powerful Engine

Cruiser engines provide low or mid-range horsepower and torque that makes them suitable for city travel and highway cruising.

2.8 Easy Maintenance

Cruisers need to undergo maintenance every once in a while to ensure there are no parts that are broken or need to be replaced. Cruiser motorcycles have reliable and long-lasting chains, shafts, and belts that can handle longer rides. Other modern cruisers also have tubeless tires that don’t require a lot of maintenance.

2.9 Large Fuel Capacity

To ensure you do not need to visit gas stations frequently, it is best you choose a motorcycle with a large fuel tank and good fuel mileage. The larger the fuel tank, the less frequently you will need to stop to refuel.

2.10 Beginner-Friendly

If you are a new rider and want to go on long rides comfortably, a cruiser is here for you. Cruisers are beginner-friendly vehicles that are easy for novice riders to handle yet produce adequate horsepower and torque to be fun.

Additionally, there are other engine versions from which you may select the one that would work best for you. For example, the Kawasaki Ninja 650 has a 650 cc engine, Boulevard S40 has a 649 cc single-cylinder engine, the Honda has a 749 cc engine, and the Yamaha Bolt has a 942 cc v-twin engine.

3. Best Cruisers for Long Rides

3.1 Harley Davidson Fat Bob

Harley Davidson Fat Bob

Photo Credit: @goodwood

The Harley Davidson Fat Bob has a powerful and heavy 1,868 cc engine capable of producing a torque of 145 Nm at 3500 rpm and a horsepower of 70 bhp at 5500 rpm. The high power output of Fat Bob’s engine makes it easy to travel over long distances.

3.2 Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Photo Credit: @RS Motorcycles

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a refined engine that lowers vibrations which helps to reduce fatigue on long rides and a more comfortable riding position that improves back posture.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a 349 cc engine capable of a torque of 27 Nm at 4000 rpm and a horsepower of 20 bhp at 6000 rpm. This motorcycle has a ground clearance of 170mm and a mileage of 41 kmpl, making it suited for off-roading.

3.3 Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Photo Credit: @moneycontrol

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is the upgraded version of the Thunderbird 350, including a refined engine that produces low vibrations. Despite being a heavyweight bike weighing 191 kg, it ensures good back posture when riding.

The Meteor 350 has a 349 cc engine capable of a torque of 27 Nm at 4000 rpm and a horsepower of 20 bhp at 6100 rpm. Due to having a ground clearance of 170 mm and a mileage of 35 kmpl, this vehicle is comfortable to ride for long rides and when off-roading.

3.4 Honda Highness CB 350

Honda Highness CB 350

Photo Credit: @team-bhp

The Honda Highness CB 350 produces little to no vibrations that make it comfortable to ride across long distances.

The Highness CB 350 has a 348.4 cc engine capable of a torque of 30 Nm at 3000 rpm and a horsepower of 20.8 bhp at 5500 rpm. Despite having a low ground clearance of 166 mm and a weight of 179 kg, the Highness CB 350 is easy to handle when traveling long distances.

3.5. Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220

Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220

Photo Credit: @bikewale

The Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220 is an affordable option perfect for riders working on a tight budget.

The Avenger Cruiser 220 has a 220 cc engine capable of a torque of 17.5 nm at 7000 rpm and a horsepower of 19 hp at 8500 rpm. The Avenger Cruiser 220 also has a mileage of 40 kmpl and a ground clearance of 169 mm which makes it suited for off-roading and long rides.

4. Last Words

Cruisers are often used for short commutes and city travel. However, they are also suited for riding across long distances. Cruisers have comfortable seats, wide tires, durable frames, powerful engines, and low frames that ensure optimal performance when going on longer trips. To increase motorcycle comfort you can install seats, sissy bars, and handlebars.

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