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What to Buy When Riding Through the Winter

What to Buy When Riding Through the Winter

If you want to ride through the winter, you need to know what to buy. Let’s have a look.

1. Gauntlet Style Gloves

You need to keep your hands warm so that your body heat does not escape. Seal the gap between your gloves and jacked wit gauntlet style gloves. You can also wear a microfiber layer under your gloves.

gauntlet style gloves

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2. Layers

When you layer up, you will stay insulated and warm. Begin with a breathable base layer. Microfiber is a good base layer. The base layer needs to trap warm air against your skin while it wicks away sweat. The top layer should be a strong, windproof material. Both nylon and leather are good for a top layer but it will likely come down to your preference here. To ensure your riding safety, your layers should not restrict your movement.

3. Half Mask and Wind Proof Balaclava

You need to stop your visor from fogging during the cold weather. Wear a half mask inside of your helmet over a wind proof balaclava. The combination allows your breath to be able to escape without causing condensation t occur.

Motorcycle Balaclava

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4. Electric Gloves and Vests

If you are going to be taking a long trip then you will want the additional protection of wearing electric gloves and an electric vest to keep your torso warm. This stops frostbite from happening because the heart can focus on pumping blood to your extremities because it is warm.

5. Upgrade Your Alternator

You will need to do the calculation to see if your alternator’s wattage is able to handle the additional items like your electric gloves and vests in addition to the lights and other electronic components. You should have some spare wattage available.

6. Street Tires

If you are one of those riders that put on sticky race type tires in the summer you will want to go back to your street tires in the winter months. They will be able to develop grip when the temperatures are lower and they will reach operating temperature faster.

Beautiful Sun Set

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7. Use Thinner Oil

During the colder winter months, you need to put thinner oil in your motorcycle. This will improve the performance of your bike. This is especially true for startup. Some manufacturers do recommend not changing the oil to a different weight so make sure to read your manual.

8. Use a Custom Fairing

If you want to direct the cold air away from your by add a function fairing. Your height and the length of your torso will determine the proper height for your fairing. If a stock fairing won’t dispel the air properly then have a custom fairing made. It’s worth the money.

9. Buy Insurance for Year Round Riding

Many insurance premiums while based on an annual policy discount for limited use off-season, which is reflected in the cost. However, if you are going to be riding your bike in the winter you need to make sure your policy doesn’t require your bike to be off the road during certain months. If it does, you will need to change your insurance.

After you make these purchases, you will be ready for winter cruising on your bike.

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