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What Is the Safest US State to Ride a Motorcycle?

What Is the Safest US State to Ride a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle riding is inherently considered risky. The physical characteristics of motorcycles and external environmental conditions pose several risks to your safety when you are riding. The physical attributes of a motorcycle include its design and shape which is open or exposed as compared to cars. The other significant physical characteristic of motorcycles is their condition or how well they are maintained which contributes to their safety.

On the other hand, external factors, including weather woes, sharing roads with rash and distracted drivers, and the extent to which traffic rules and helmet laws are followed play a crucial role in maintaining safety on the road. Depending on the external factors, the risks associated with motorcycling can vary depending on which state you live in.

States with strict helmet and traffic laws are observed to have a safer environment for motorcyclists. The statistics of motorcycle accidents resulting in casualties and severe injuries also confirm that the strict implementation of traffic and helmet laws is of paramount importance when it comes to road safety.

Other U.S. states that are considered unsafe for motorcyclists must learn from these states that are considered a haven for riders. They not only project a better picture of motorcycling but also help greatly in reducing the number of motorcycle accidents and casualties.

Inquisitive to know about these safe states? Continue reading this article to explore the several factors involved in motorcycle riding safety and to learn about the top contenders for the title of "Safest U.S. States for Motorcycle Riding."

1. Factors Affecting Motorcycle Safety

Factors Affecting Motorcycle Safety

1.1 Traffic Jams and Road Congestion

Every single motorcycle rider fears being caught up in a traffic jam as it is quite frustrating to crawl through the traffic. The less crowded states are considered safer as the probability of accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles is less. The number of frustrated and reckless drivers and riders is also comparatively lower as everybody prefers to ride calmly in their lane and not to swerve dangerously.

1.2 Helmet Laws

If you are one of the motorcycle squids who prefer riding without a helmet, spare some time to read this because research proves that helmets play an important role in decreasing the risks of head injuries and even fatalities in motorcycle accidents.

Research has shown that states that have strictly implemented helmet laws have lower death rates in motorcycle accidents. It’s important to think of it as a shield to protect the most important part of you which is your brain.

1.3 Road Conditions

Imagine riding a motorcycle on a poorly maintained road with several potholes and bumps that also have sharp curves. Such roads are not ideal for any road user. Roads that are well maintained, free from potholes, have smooth surfaces, and are properly marked contribute significantly to improving road safety for motorcycles and other vehicles. They pose less danger, are less likely to be unpredictable, and are generally more comfortable to use.

1.4 Weather

Some motorcyclists prefer the calm and fresh feel of a morning ride. However, most riders consider dry roads and riding in the sunshine safe for motorcyclists. Rain, snow, and heavy winds can substantially reduce friction and visibility. On the contrary, dry surfaces/roads help control the motorbike effectively.

1.5 Death Rate on Two Wheels

This statistic is commonly referred to as the Motorcycle Fatality Rate (MFR) and it is considered the most important parameter in determining how safe a place or state is for motorcyclists. It shows the proportion of motorcycle involvement in total traffic accident fatalities within a certain U.S. state or a city. A low MFR means that the environment is safe for riders.

2. The Safest U.S. States to Ride Motorcycles

It is unfair to declare a single state and call it ‘the safest,’ as several states perform exceptionally well when it comes to maintaining the best standards for motorcycle and road safety. Let's delve deeper and discover these motorcycle havens:

2.1 North Dakota

North Dakota
Photo Credit: North Dakota Tourism

Having the privilege of being referred to as the state with the least motorcycle fatalities, North Dakota offers the thrill of open and wide spaces to riders. It also means you will experience minimal instances of traffic jams compared to congested urban areas, which consequently minimizes the frequency of motorcycle accidents.

North Dakota also has a compulsory law requiring the use of helmets among motorcyclists, which is vital for road safety. Moreover, the weather is relatively good in this state as compared to other U.S. states, and you get to see the sunshine more often which makes it safer for riding.

2.2 Vermont

Photo Credit: Rider Magazine

With modern society’s fast-paced lifestyle, people are looking for ways to escape the noise and pollution of the city including motorcycle riders. As a rider, you will find beautiful sceneries with places like hills and spectacular colors on trees during certain seasons. However, there is more about this state than just its beauty.

They have a fairly active motorcycle culture in the state of Vermont and, as one can expect, a compulsory helmet requirement. The traffic congestion in the state is also low as compared to other states, meaning fewer cars on the road and less chance of interference which makes the rides safer.

2.3 Hawaii

Photo Credit: Reddit

Picture yourself riding on Hawaii’s picturesque coastal highways with the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean on your side. The reduced number of cars makes it easier to ride motorcycles without worrying about getting stuck in traffic. In addition, the state of Hawaii has a similar law where riders are compelled to wear helmets to promote a safe motorcycling culture.

2.4 Wyoming

Photo Credit: Law Tigers

As vast as North Dakota, Wyoming offers many similar views, perfect for those who want to ride on open roads. This translates to fewer motor vehicles on the roads and minimizes the likelihood of an accident.

Being similar to North Dakota, Wyoming is also quite safe for motorcyclists. The rule requiring helmet usage is strict and its roads, for the most part, are in good condition. This means that the various roads in the states offer a smooth ride, especially for those who want to tour the scenic areas on their motorcycles.

2.5 Maine

Photo Credit: Motorcycle Diaries

In addition to the breathtaking views of the shoreline and picturesque lighthouses, the state of Maine cares about the safety of riders. A helmet law requires that safety helmets are used at all times while riding.

It also has a dedicated focus on traveling by motorcycle, making it safe to explore the state on two wheels. With such safety measures and Maine’s stunning views, it becomes clear that one can have an incredible time on a motorcycle and be safe at the same time.

Remember that there are other U.S. states with relatively low risk for motorcycle riders and are in the process of addressing/adjusting the laws to better protect motorcycle riders. Before starting your motorbike ride, it is always important to look for state laws and regulations.

Protecting yourself with a helmet, gloves, and appropriate clothing is the first thing before engaging in motorcycling. Therefore, prepare yourself and your motorcycle properly and begin your journey safely, bearing in mind that you are in a state that cherishes motorcycle riders.

3. Essential Safety Tips for Every State

Riding safety isn’t only limited to the above-mentioned state. No matter in which U.S. state you live, you can ensure safety if you ride a motorcycle. Here are some key tips to keep you protected:

3.1 Never Go for a Ride without a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is the foremost recommendation one can ever give to a rider. A helmet is a lifesaver. Don’t ever think about going for a ride without wearing a DOT-approved helmet that fits well. With a good helmet, one can avoid a small accident transforming into something more serious.

3.2 Properly Gear Up for the Ride

Do not take even a small motorcycle trip lightly. You must be properly geared up for every ride. The protective motorcycling gear includes a leather jacket, gloves, and pants to protect yourself from overheating and any serious injuries. Eyewear is also a must to avoid any flying debris and bugs entering your eye.

3.3 Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Shape

Regular maintenance is a key to motorcycle riding safety. Tire, brakes, and lights are very critical aspects that ought to be checked every time you are prepared to hit the road.

3.4 See and Be Seen

Always be prepared and be aware of what is going on around you while riding a motorcycle. It is also advisable to ride defensively, presuming that you are invisible to other drivers on the road. Wear bright clothing and use daytime running light during the day to be more visible to other road users.

3.5 Follow the Rules

Being a biker, it is wise to know that speeding and reckless riding are not signs of a sensible and trained rider rather it makes you look stupid. Always follow traffic rules and ride at appropriate speed limits.

3.6 Plan Your Ride Like a Pro

Before embarking on your journey, you should take some time and study your route, including road and weather conditions, and road works.

Following these safety tips and being wise can greatly enhance your enjoyment and improve your safety on the road.

4. Takeaway

There is no such thing as a perfectly safe state for motorcycling. However, some aspects can contribute to reducing the risks. It may not sound feasible to move to a state that is safe for motorcycle riding if you love to ride. You may move to a new state if you can afford it and motorcycling is your passion. However, it is not an option for most riders.

Regardless of which state you live in and ride your motorbike, you can still be safe by following all the safety protocols, abiding by the traffic laws, and staying aware of other vehicles on the road. Doesn’t matter how relaxed the traffic and helmet laws are in your state, you must be extremely considerate about your safety and wear appropriate protective gear.

Good weather is also a factor that has a positive impact on road safety, especially when the sun shines, and the roads are dry. Stay safe and always know that the choice is always yours. With the right circumstances and focus on safety measures, your motorcycle experience will be more fun, and the possibility of any risks will be lower.

Only after establishing all the safety protocols, you can enjoy your trip. To add more fun on a long-mile multi-day trip, make sure your motorcycle is well-equipped to offer good storage space and comfort level.

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