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Ways to Keep Your Motorcycle Sissy Bar From Being Stolen

Ways to Keep Your Motorcycle Sissy Bar From Being Stolen

1. Introduction

If you rely on your motorcycle to carry luggage when going on short commutes or long trips, you may need to rely on a sissy bar to carry any extra bags that cannot fit on the sides of your vehicle. Though primarily used to transport backpacks and sissy bar bags, a sissy bar is an aftermarket part with multiple functions despite its simple design. Because of their high-quality build and versatility, sissy bars are considered valuable prizes for thieves to steal and sell.

If you leave your motorcycle in your driveway or a public parking area, there is a risk that someone will attempt to steal from you. While many thieves try to steal the entire motorcycle, others settle for robbing any aftermarket parts not fastened tightly to your ride, with sissy bars considered one of them.

Though you cannot always keep an eye on your motorcycle, there are precautions you can take to better protect your sissy bar from being stolen. This article discusses possible ways to make it difficult or impossible for robbers to take your sissy bar.

2. What is a Sissy Bar?

A sissy bar is constructed from tall round steel bars welded into a large shape that forms a wide or narrow curve at the top. The top curve can either be a blunted or a pointed tip making it easier to mount baggage by the strap or catch your cargo before it falls off. A sissy bar’s tall height makes it possible to slide on multiple bags that rest upright against the steel bars. This equipment has flat mounting brackets along the bottom to make it possible to attach to your motorcycle’s rear end.

Sissy bars can fulfill several purposes related to storage, comfort, and safety. Though best suited for medium or large luggage bags with straps, sissy bars can carry almost any size bag as long as you can secure them to the steel rods. If the sissy bars are of the appropriate height, they can also function as a backrest for your passenger to recline on. Also working as a barrier, a sissy bar can provide some protection from flying debris and lessen the shock of an impact.

3. Ways to Keep Your Motorcycle Sissy Bar From Being Stolen

3.1 Cover with a Tarp

To reduce the likelihood of your motorcycle sissy bar getting the attention of any thieves, you should try not to draw attention to it. When you park your ride, use a motorcycle cover or tarp to cover the entire vehicle, including the mounted sissy bar. A covered motorcycle will make it hard for thieves to discern any of the vehicle’s features, making it difficult to determine where the sissy bar is or which shape belongs to it. Though a cover or tarp will not keep thieves from looking underneath, there should be visible signs left behind that it has been tampered with.

3.2 Use Lock & Chain

To make it difficult for thieves to remove the sissy bar, you should wrap a thick chain around the bars and use a lock to secure it after attaching it to a fixed anchor point. The chain links should be several inches thick to make it difficult for thieves to cut through with bolt cutters or similar tools. Even if the chain links do not hold, they may deter the thieves long enough for you or someone else to notice the attempted robbery.

It should only be possible to unlock the lock with a single key that remains only in your possession. Make sure to keep the lock and chain off the ground and close to the motorcycle to deny any leverage thieves could use to try and break this security measure. Possible fixed anchor points can include hard-mounted motorcycle parts, the motorcycle’s frame, or nearby rails, benches, or posts.

3.3 Include Alarm

Having an alarm that goes off if anyone attempts to remove the sissy bar from your motorcycle will alert you and any nearby bystanders of attempted theft. Depending on the type of lock you get, it could come with a built-in alarm that will go off if lockpicking tools are used or if anyone attempts to break the lock. Most alarms will either have a small separate power source or connect to the motorcycle’s battery. But to make sure the alarm works properly, check it regularly to be sure it stays turned on when you leave your sissy bar alone.

3.4 Leave Indoors If Possible

When finding a place to leave your sissy bar, try to find a secure space with a roof, few or no windows, and a locked door. At home, it is best to leave your sissy bar in a garage or a storage room, whether you plan to leave it mounted or removed from your motorcycle. The few narrow or lack of windows make it difficult for thieves to scan the inside of the spaces and locate your sissy bar. Large and heavy locked doors and narrow windows provide difficult for thieves to enter without drawing attention.

3.5 Park Motorcycles in Public & Visible Areas

When traveling or visiting locations, you should try to leave your motorcycle with a sissy bar in an open public area with lots of traffic passing by. Aside from making it easier for you to keep an eye on your belongings if you stay nearby, lots of people and vehicles passing by will make it difficult for thieves to steal your sissy bar without being spotted. The best spots to leave your motorcycle with a sissy bar are well-lit open areas close to surveillance cameras without large vehicles to obscure your view. 

3.6 Do Not Leave Alone For Too Long

Unless you plan to leave your motorcycle with a sissy bar in a secure parking space or with trusted friends or family members, it is best not to leave your sissy bar alone in a public area for too long. The longer you stay away from your motorcycle, the more time thieves have to remove the sissy bar and escape before you return. Once you lose your sissy bar, the chances of getting it back in good condition are slim.

4. Takeaway

The motorcycle sissy bar is a handy and expensive feature that would be a shame to lose. Not only would you be deprived of a versatile add-on that helps improve storage, comfort, and safety, but the likelihood of the thieves being caught and your sissy bar being returned to you would be highly unlikely. Taking the time to purchase equipment and take precautions would make it difficult or impossible for thieves to take your sissy bar, saving you a lot of time, money, and grief in the long run.

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