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How to Keep Your Motorcycle from Being Stolen

How to Keep Your Motorcycle from Being Stolen

Just because you haven’t had your motorcycle stolen in the past, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. These days more motorcycles are stolen from various places, even well light – in front of a camera – type places.Charity rides, rallies, races, and urban areas are often common targets. While popular motorcycles are targeted, any motorcycle is at risk of being stolen because of their small footprint. So what can you do to prevent it? Let’s have a look at these few ways you can protect your motorcycle from being stolen. While there is no 100% theft-proof method, a combination of any of these will make it harder for the thief to steal it, and hopefully just make them move on to steal a different motorcycle instead.

How to Keep Your Motorcycle from Being Stolen

1. Motorcycle’s Steering Lock

This can be your first line of defense as it makes maneuvering your motorcycle difficult. It’s even more beneficial if your steering and ignition locks are separate. That way the thief will have to get through two locks before they can steal your motorcycle. This alone isn’t enough to prevent a professional, plenty of videos can be found online to show you that, but it’s a step in the right direction.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Motorcycle’s Steering Lock

He less visible your motorcycle is, the less likely a thief is going to see it as a target. An enclosed garage is the perfect place for storage, but we know that’s not always an option, so even just covering your motorcycle takes temptation away. Under a cover, it’s impossible to know whether there is a Honda or a Yamaha etc. While just by looking at a cover, you can usually tell whether it’s a cruiser or a sport bike etc, the thieves will not be able to know what kind of theft-prevention steps you’ve taken so they won’t be able to prepare for that, you are taking more theft-prevention steps than a cover, right? Also, stay away from the manufacturer brand covers as well, they might be good quality but they also tell the thief what type of motorcycle is under that cover, minimizing the guessing game.

3. Use Disc Locks

A disc lock alone is little more than an inconvenience for a professional thief but it’s already an inconvenience. If you can use two different disc locks, one on each wheel, then that means the thief will need to know how to bypass two different types of disc locks to get your motorcycle moving.

4. Don’t Go Cheap

Never cheap out and buy security items that are cheap, because they’ll disappoint you. Choose locks made from hardened steel, 5/8” or greater asymmetrical chains, and alarm disc locks. Get the best you can afford and constantly try to upgrade when you’re able to do so. How would you feel if it was stolen because you only used a cheap chain you bought on eBay? If you’re going to buy cheap items, save your money and get a beer instead, at least you’ll get a buzz out of it.

5. Get An Alarm

You should use an alarm at all times. Honestly, isn’t your motorcycle worth it? If you use an alarm with a combination of any of the previously mentioned tips, you’re really making it harder on the thieves and they will likely go after an easier target. Two or more disc locks, a heavy-duty chain, AND an alarm will scare off the common criminal. It’s unlikely that a thief will have cased out your motorcycle and so he won’t be prepared to deal with more than one theft-prevention item. Have one is good, having two is better, three is going to be tough for them to take it. The risk of your motorcycle being stolen just decreased significantly.

6. Wire a Kill Switch

If you want to slow the thief down wire a kill switch that needs to be held down when the start button’s depressed. Alternatively, when you park, you can just remove the main fuse. Even if the thief has already managed to remove the chain, disc brakes etc. A kill switch will make it impossible for him to ride off with your bike. This, however, doesn’t stop him from loading it onto a van or a pickup bed.

7. Use a Heavy-Duty Chain

Use a Heavy-Duty Chain

Instead, add a heavy-duty chain and then anchor to something that is solid and hard to move, like a light post, it will deter a thief if they see that not only will they have to break the chain but the disc lock as well. Thieves will more than likely have really good bolt-cutters so don’t go cheap on the chain. As an added tip, loop the chain around the frame and rear wheel if possible. The rear wheel in particular is much harder to take off than the front wheel. Also, avoid leaving the chain resting on the ground where it’ll be much easier to cut – it makes it more likely that a thief will be able to get enough leverage to break it. Unfortunately, there is the chance that the thieves may just bypass all of these safety items and just pick up your motorcycle and throw it in a van or truck. Using a chain will likely prevent this from happening.

8. Get A Professional System – GPS

With GPS systems now available on just about everything, including that phone of yours, why not get one that can easily be hidden on your motorcycle? It’ll be the easiest way to track your motorcycle if it ever gets stolen. There are dozens available on the market right now that will tell you the coordinates of your motorcycle within 3 feet. You can gives these coordinates to the police and they will easily find your motorcycle, unless the thieves find the GPS first. Albeit, most alarms should have some kind of GPS on them already, if yours doesn’t, you can always get one yourself.

These simple techniques will help to keep your motorcycle safer and make it less attractive to a thief so make sure you’re using at least a few of them. What are you doing to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen? Let us know!

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