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Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Racks 101 Guide

Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Racks 101 Guide

1. What Is A Motorcycle Luggage Rack?

A motorcycle luggage rack is a metallic frame that provides an even yet solid surface for you to strap or secure additional luggage onto your vehicle. Despite having a grilled design, the bars are close enough to support motorcycle saddlebags without letting them fall off. The space in between the bars makes it easier to slip the straps through when tying your belongings down. This equipment can either be attached to a sissy bar or can instead be installed onto the rear fender. Aside from its practical functions, a motorcycle luggage rack can compliment your motorcycle’s appearance by providing both a stylish and clean look.

Whether you rely on your motorcycle as a regular means of transportation or only take it out to go on long trips, a motorcycle luggage rack is useful for increasing the carrying capacity of your vehicle without taking up space reserved for the operator and passenger. If you are interested in purchasing a motorcycle luggage rack, this guide will give you a detailed overview of what Viking Bags has in stock.

2. Types Of Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Because motorcycle luggage racks are built with a universal design and can be fitted to custom models, it is possible to mount this equipment on a variety of motorcycle models that fall under the Harley-Davidson, Honda , Suzuki, Kawasaki , Yamaha, Victory, Indian and Triumph categories.

All motorcycle luggage racks are constructed from stainless steel which is polished to help ensure that the products are long lasting, waterproof, and rustproof.

Since your motorcycle luggage rack will be hanging freely towards the rear of your vehicle, they are tested for the maximum weight capacity they can handle without coming loose or negatively affecting your vehicle’s performance. The size between motorcycle luggage racks can vary which in turn affects the maximum weight capacity of the product you choose.

While every motorcycle luggage rack uses high grade steel construction as a base, they differ in their style based on the type of finish applied. They can either come in stainless chrome or matte black paint. Both provide a protective surface that protects the surface of the motorcycle luggage racks from debris, moisture, etc.

Most motorcycle luggage racks are constructed with a compact and rectangular build to provide adequate surface area while being aerodynamic to help prevent drag when you are riding at high speed.

3. Most Popular Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Whether standard or custom-made, there are motorcycle luggage racks that stand out from the others in the market. The unique examples have features that either increase their functionality or improve the riding experience.

The HogWorks Black Touring Tour Pack Luggage Rack is able to be fitted onto Harley Touring models ‘84 to current models. It is built to be lightweight yet durable thanks to the steel tubing. Besides offering extra storage space, it compliments your vehicle’s appearance by giving it a sleek and cool style.

The Holdfast Two-Up Luggage Rack is capable of being fitted onto a motorcycle without a sissy bar and is recommended for daily use. It is easy to install thanks to the latch system that allows it to be easily locked within seconds and the rack being compatible with the docking points. The leading edge of the rack has a flip design to help catch and prevent your luggage from falling off when in motion. If you wish to secure it further, there is an attachment point where a strap can be connected to help tie down the product.

The Stealth Luggage Rack for Harley Softail Tour Pack Chrome is capable of being fitted onto a motorcycle with Original Manufacturer Equipment or has an After Market Tour Pak already attached. Thanks to the stainless steel material, this product is highly durable, rustproof, and weather-resistant. This product is recommended for riders who own Harley Touring Bikes or Softails.

The Viking Voyage Tour Pack Luggage Rack for Harley Electra Glide is meant to be fitted onto motorcycles that already have Tour Paks attached. This product is made up of several strong metals including copper, nickel, and chrome. Thanks to the different layers, this product is both rustproof and waterproof. Despite it being constructed out of lightweight steel tubing, this product has a weight capacity of 10 lbs.

4. Types of Motorcycle Luggage Rack Mounts

As a motorcycle luggage rack is a convenient way to provide additional storage space, it can be easy to install or remove depending on how you prefer securing it to your vehicle. Since having or not having a motorcycle luggage rack will not affect the performance of your ride, you decide when you would like it attached. You are given mounting hardware that comes with your purchase of a motorcycle luggage rack. When mounting your motorcycle luggage rack, you either have the option of using a quick disconnect or hard mount system.

The quick disconnect system saves time by being easy to attach to your motorcycle. You are able to fasten or remove it from your vehicle within a few seconds. It is convenient if you do not use your motorcycle luggage rack daily.

The hard mount method offers a more permanent means of keeping your motorcycle luggage rack fixed to your ride. Though it takes longer to fasten or remove from your vehicle, the bolts remain sturdy when fastened tightly. Even in the face of the elements, the motorcycle luggage rack will remain in place and will not be easily loosened.

5. Tips On How To Select A Motorcycle Luggage Rack

As you continue to browse for a motorcycle luggage rack, you may have trouble narrowing down your choices. If you are presented with a plethora of options, it can be hard to determine which is the best choice for your specific motorcycle model. You may have difficulty deciding the criteria for what you are looking for in a motorcycle luggage rack and determining which ones satisfy your concepts of functionality or style. Here is a list of suggestions for how to go about selecting the best motorcycle luggage rack for you:

  • If you wish to raise the height of your motorcycle luggage rack, it is possible to purchase side brackets to serve as supports
  • For size, you can pick between slender and wide depending on how much surface area you will need to support your motorcycle luggage
  • For positioning, make sure the motorcycle luggage rack is level with the height of the driver’s seat and there is adequate buffer space next to the driver’s seat
  • Confirm that the motorcycle luggage rack is capable of carrying a specific weight and storage capacity without affecting the performance of your vehicle
  • Pick a motorcycle luggage rack that is within an acceptable price range and is designed to fit the model you own

6. How To Install Your Motorcycle Luggage Rack

At Viking Bags, you are provided an installation guide that you can download for free before or after purchasing your motorcycle luggage rack. The instructions are easy-to-follow so that the process of mounting your new equipment is quick and simple. Here is the step-by-step directions for how to install your motorcycle luggage rack:

  1. Prop up your motorcycle using the kickstand and wipe down the driver’s seat with a wet rag to at least clean the surface
  2. Use a screwdriver to undo the bolts keeping the seat in place before you carefully remove it
  3. Take the straps and slip them into the gaps in between the bars. As you pull them taut, make sure they are not tangled or twisted
  4. Position the motorcycle luggage rack behind the seat and line it up with the holes where you insert the bolts.
  5. Secure the motorcycle luggage rack by wrapping the straps underneath the seat. But remember not to stretch them to their breaking point as it could cause their integrity to deteriorate
  6. Re-insert the bolts and tighten them using a screwdriver. Make sure that the motorcycle luggage rack is not scratching the surface of your vehicle and that it is not loose when in motion

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