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Top Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Top Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles are becoming more popular and expensive every day. Many thieves find it easier to steal a motorbike than other vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. due to their compact shape, less weight, and ease of transportation. Also, motorbikes have substantial resale value that makes them more attractive targets for thieves. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported more than 53,000 bike thefts in 2020 in the United States, a 30% increase from 2019.

For all riders, keeping their bikes safe and secure is a top priority. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen.

Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Theft

1. Choose Parking Spot Wisely

If you are considering street parking, find a busy and well-lit area. Never park an uncovered motorcycle in an alleyway or isolated street.

Afterward, conceal your motorcycle with an inconspicuous and loose cover to disguise the bike.

Darkness is a thief's best friend. Smart thieves will be difficult to spot and can get away with their quarry without raising an alarm. Because they want to avoid causing suspicion, thieves prefer looking for motorcycles in poorly lit or isolated locations.

Make sure to secure your bike if you leave it in a garage. If there are windows in your garage, make sure they are well-secured and any entrances are locked.

2. Cover Your Motorcycle

A motorbike cover can effectively deter thieves. Thieves are less likely to risk being spotted trying to figure out what sort of motorcycle you have if it is covered. The time it takes to remove a motorcycle cover will increase the likelihood of getting caught.

If they don't have a garage, many riders cover their vehicles while they park at home. But you should also try to use a more lightweight cover for your motorbike if you leave the vehicle parked far from your house.

3. Park Your Motorcycle With Others

A thief will always pick the easiest target, especially if there are several attractive bikes to choose from. You reduce the chances of your motorbike being stolen if you leave it parked near other motorcycles.

Whether traveling alone or with other riders, you should be able to find several bikes to park your motorcycle next to. Parking your ride next to other motorbikes deters potential thieves since more motorbikes imply more people are nearby and that the riders are traveling as a group.

4. Lock the Motorcycle to an Immovable Object

Make sure you secure your bike to a fixed, immovable object if you expect to be away from it for a long time. You should also select a padlock and strong chain that will be difficult to cut with bolt cutters.

5. Install Anti-Theft Alarm

A motorbike alarm will alert you of any tampering with your motorcycle.

For your motorbike, consider installing an insurance-approved alarm system. It is worth the time and money to have an alarm system installed by qualified professionals since it can include tracking, immobilization, anti-grab, and movement sensors.

Most bikes come with an electronic immobilizer. Even if the thief tries to bypass the circuit, swaps the combination switch, or uses a key from another motorbike of the same brand, he will not be able to disable the immobilizer.

This feature can be upgraded with an extra shock sensor. This will sound an alert if someone tries to sit on your motorcycle or take apart individual pieces.

6. Install a Kill Switch

A killswitch is a simple emergency shut-off switch that turns off the engine. It is a safety feature that enables the rider to switch off the motorcycle when it is impossible to do so manually. This feature stops all of the operating systems without harming the overall vehicle.

You may want to consider adding a kill switch if your bike doesn't already have one. Make sure you are using it to turn off your bike rather than the key if you have one. Use the hidden kill switch to increase your motorbike’s security.

The benefit of a kill switch is that starting the motorbike now requires a second step. The engine won't start if you use a kill switch until the key sends a signal to the motorcycle, disabling the kill switch.

7. Use Security Cameras

Think about installing security cameras capable of taking clear photos during the day and night, intelligent motion alarms, and mobile access.

A security camera will help deter motorcycle theft if the thieves know they will be caught in the act. If the worst happens and someone takes your motorbike, the security camera footage will help the police investigation.

Most motorcycle owners have a garage. This makes it prudent to install security cameras covering the doors and entry points.

8. Use a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker will allow you to quickly locate your motorcycle if it is taken. Installing a permanent GPS tracker on your motorbike might mean that the authorities will hunt it down and find it in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Although a tracker won't prevent your bike from being stolen, it will improve your chances of getting it back. A small GPS tracker is often attached to bikes by riders. If your motorcycle is stolen, immediately inform the police that you were robbed, and they will assist you by live-tracking the bike.

Automotive anti-theft GPS monitoring devices are becoming more and more affordable. Your insurance provider may even lower the rate if you install one, making them even more cost-effective.

9. Use a Ground Anchor and Heavy-Duty Chains

When it comes to motorbike security, ground anchors and heavy-duty chains make a reliable pair. Ground anchors are the last thing a motorcycle thief wants to see when entering your garage since they are secured using bolts that are hard to remove or are fixed into the ground.

Make sure to wrap the chain through the bike’s frame along with the wheel when using a chain to anchor your motorbike.

10. Invest in the Right Locks

10.1 Disc Lock

A disc lock immobilizes the motorcycle and prevents the wheel from spinning. It acts as a deterrent when secured to the brake disc; however, it doesn't prevent your motorcycle from being lifted away. It is best to complement a disc lock with an alarm and a chain lock.

Disc locks coupled with alarms are the most effective anti-theft measures. The disc lock’s load-bearing parts and bolts are made of hardened steel, making it difficult for thieves to remove. Furthermore, the alarm will alert everyone nearby if a thief so much as touches it.

10.2 Fork Lock

A fork lock is a fairly inexpensive security device that attaches and locks around motorcycle forks.

Even if any thieves succeed in getting the motorcycle started, they will be unable to ride unless they remove the fork lock.

10.3 U Lock

The U lock is the most efficient lock t because it is hard to cut or break. The curve, diameter, and length of the U lock can vary between versions. Before buying a U lock, analyze your parking space. The shape of the lock should fit inside the wheel of the bike without leaving enough space for anything else to fit. For better protection, it is best to lock a motorcycle wheel to a fixed anchor point.

10.4 Chain Lock

A chain lock is the most practical lock since they are flexible, long, and much easier to use if attached to a fixed anchor point.

After securing your motorcycle to an immovable object, thread the chain through your motorcycle’s frame or back wheel. Do not wrap the chain around the motorcycle’s front wheel or any other part that can be easily broken.

10.5 Ignition Lock

An ignition lock allows you to lock the ignition so thieves can’t start the engine. It only takes a few extra moments to secure an ignition lock before leaving your bike. The lock plate is small and can be easily carried in a bag.

10.6 Steering Lock

A steering lock is a first-step protective measure that will discourage thieves from turning the handlebars and riding your motorcycle.

11. Last Words

Your motorbike is a big investment, which makes it important to protect. Motorcycles are often targeted by thieves, due to having high resale value. You can protect your bike from thieves by installing anti-theft devices, using multiple locks, and following the other tips discussed in this article. You can increase the motorcycle’s comfort by installing seats, sissy bars, and fairings.

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